A new life update Sunday 10 April 2022

A new life 10 April 2022: Angad and Kabir going to see Amrita. Pritam leaves. Kabir collides with him and shouts. Amrita comes out. Angad asks what was the need to meet Meera in this state. She says no, not because of Meera, a man had entered ladies washroom. Kabir says maybe the one I collided with, I didn’t see his face but I will identify him by his clothes. He asks Angad to take care of her. Pritam is leaving. Kabir looks for him. Kabir says maybe he left. Angad says we will take Amrita to the doctor. Amrita says no, I m okay, take me home.

Dada and Dadi meet Krishnakant. They ask him to answer, his friendship with Guneet is since childhood, they all love Meera a lot. Krishnakant says I respect you both like I respect my parents, I don’t want to say anything to insult you. Apa interrupts. He signs her to stop. He says Guneet slapped me, he didn’t leave any possibility now, Meera’s marriage won’t happen with Angad.He asks Apa to arrange food for them. He goes. Apa apologizes from his side. She says give him some time, I trust my God, he will make everything fine, Meera will become your family bahu if its written in fate. Dada ji blesses her. She cries. They leave. Guneet asks Soni to help him in work. Soni is on call. She sees Amrita coming home. She shouts and goes to see. Guneet and Nimmo also worried.

Guneet asks what happened to her. Angad says she got unwell, they went to meet Meera. Amrita drinks water. Nimmo asks did you take Amrita to meet that ill-mannered girl. Amrita says its not his mistake, I asked Meera to meet, I wanted to make a try to fix things. Dada and Dadi come home. Dada ji says nothing can get fine. Nimmo asks where did you both go. Dadi says to meet Krishnakant. Dada says he isn’t the same person now.Guneet says he also insulted you both. Nimmo says you both didn’t do anything, they insulted you. Guneet gets angry. Nimmo says you want to convince them, go and fall in their feet. Amrita says we went to join hearts, self esteem doesn’t go in that, we tried to save the relation. Nimmo says fine, you tried well, no one will do anything now, no one will meet Meera or Krishnakant, even if he comes to request, Meera will never become our bahu, enough, either me or that Krishnakant, you choose now. She asks Amrita not to put herself in this matter, her real responsibility is to get little Karan into the world, not Meera, the baby is their life. Amrita says your Karan is fine, life will really come back, I will take good care of the baby. Amrita hugs her. Meera gets angry on herself. She throws the things.

Apa stops her and says I will tell you the truth. Krishnakant comes and stops Apa. He sees Meera’s hand bleeding and consoles her.He says not all truth is true, Guneet slapped me, do you want me to fall in Meera’s sight by telling the truth. He goes and does aid to Meera’s hand. He asks her not to hurt herself. Meera cries. Apa says truth has a fragrance, it can’t hide, I will stay silent that you don’t fall in daughter’s sight, but if its about Meera’s happiness, then I won’t stay quiet. She goes. Amrita thinks of Pritam and is stressed. Angad gets sad seeing Meera’s pics. Kabir cheers him. He asks him not to take it on his ego. Angad says you have seen what she did. Kabir says our parents fought her dad. Amrita gets milk for them. Angad refuses. She says Karan is asking me to tell you, to have the milk. Karan says he will have it for my sake. Amrita says no, he will have it on my saying. Angad cries and drinks the milk.

He says don’t get Karan in between. She says we can’t even move him away. He says we have lost much, everything changed because of me, I lost the job and this happened, I promised Karan that we will handle the responsibility, but I have failed for this family and Meera. Amrita consoles her. Nimmo comes and says I m worried for the family, how will we run the house, your dad’s shop is shut, you don’t have a job, we don’t have Karan, what will happen now.everyone going to see Dada and Dadi arguing. They laugh. Nimmo asks them to end their fight now. Dadi jokes on Dada’s fatness. Dada winks to Dadi and they smile. Nimmo asks them to come.

Amrita thanks Dada ji. Dada says Karan used to say, when there is smile, then there is life. Amrita imagines Karan. Its morning, Nimmo, Kabir and Guneet try to fix the pipe. Dadi takes a pic. Kabir says my concentration is spoiling. Angad gets sealant. He says Satpal uncle has come. Guneet says he is my supplier, he would have come to ask for money. Guneet goes to Satpal. Satpal argues and asks for his payment. Amrita asks Angad to go and see. Angad asks Guneet what’s the matter. Guneet asks him to go.

Amrita asks Nimmo to talk in low tone, Guneet is talking to someone. Angad says I have to find a job, its tough. Dadi asks Kabir to get the hospital job in Karan’s place. Dadi jokes on Kabir. Kabir imagines himself as the ward boy. He shouts no. Satpal asks shall I die if your Karan died. Everyone comes and hears them. Satpal asks did I kill Karan, I want my money. Guneet says we shall talk at the shop. Satpal says make my payment, you always say the same, it was Karan’s job to treat people, it was his job. Kabir says don’t drag him in this. Satpal says your dad is bringing him in between. Guneet says I m in trouble, I request you, give me some more time. Satpal says I fold hands, beg to someone, take loan, mortgage your house, but pay my money.

Kabir says throw money on his face. Satpal says throw it if you can. Dada says give us some time. Satpal says I will come to take my money. Nimmo cries and says we lost the respect, why did Kabir shout on them. Kabir says everything will be fine. She throws slipper at him. The water pipe breaks. They all stand under the water raining. The neighbors joke on Guneet. Amrita sees Guneet sad.Amrita goes and talks to Karan’s pic. Karan appears. He says when people are alive and get scared, think they are dead. She says everyone is worried for the troubles, its getting tough, you have seen how helpless Guneet and Angad have become. He says I m seeing everything, mum’s tears also, I m scared that my family will turn into ashes before getting my ashes, you have to do something. She asks what shall I do. She says I can’t work in this state, what shall I do. He says you have a solution, we have kept the bonds saved for tough times. She says you bought it. He says we bought it, get the bonds from bank locker and solve the family problem, don’t tell mum.

She says yes, but Nimmo won’t let me go alone, I will ask Angad to go, no, he won’t like it, I will go with Kabir. She asks shall I get it for sure. He says yes, it was for the family. She says it has your memories. He says I m in your heart. She smiles.Dadi comes and when I see you smiling alone, I feel Karan is around, talk to him that your baby hears his voice and knows him. Amrita hugs her. She says I will go for my checkup and come. Dadi asks her to take Angad’s car. Angad asks his friend for some loan. He gets angry. He gets Meera’s call. Meera asks can you meet, I want to meet. He says yes, where to meet. She says get the engagement ring and gifts which I gave you, I will also return the gifts. He asks what, fine, old gifts are also like fresh wounds, I will come. Meera gets angry. Naveen and Sneha try to talk to her. Meera sees Angad’s pic. Meera asks Sneha to shut up. Apa comes. She asks did you talk to Angad. Naveen says yes, they are returning their gifts. Meera cries and hugs Apa. She says Angad spoke to me rudely. Sneha says you also spoke to him rudely. Meera says he changed in a day, he is misunderstanding me, at least Amrita tried, he blamed my dad. Apa hugs her.

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