Lost in love starlife update 28 January 2024

Ishan walks towards Shikha’s room and is about to open the door when Shikha stops him. Ishan asks if she saw a brown color file. She says no. He returns. Savi heads towards the door but runs back feeling nauseous.

Yashwant speaks to Surekha and says Savi has made serious allegations of s*xual harassment against Ayush Bharve and they can’t punish Ayush as they get huge funds from Ayush’s father Makrand and he is helping them in their Mumbai land issue, they shall make sure that Savi doesn’t reach their house. Surekha assures that she will handle Savi. Next morning, Savi walks to the living room and sits on a sofa. Ishan passes by and is shocked to see her there. He asks what is she doing at his house. Savi says even she is surprised seeing him. Surekha rushes to him followed by Asmita and Shikha. Ishan asks what is this girl doing here. Surekha says this girl came under Asmita and Shikha’s car when they had gone to a temple and lost consciousness, so they brought her here.

Ishan says she is the girl whose name is taken often in their house, Savi. Surekha is also shocked to know that. Ishan accuses Savi of trying to use his family to conspire against him. Savi says she really didn’t know how she came here. Asmita says Savi is telling truth. Ishan says she is acting on Isha’s orders. Savi warns him not to drag Isha madam in everything. Ishan says that woman has time for other’s kids and she can came from Ramtek to Pune to fight for her student but doesn’t have time for her own child. She asks what does he mean.

He reveals that Isha is his mother. Savi is shocked to learn that. Ishan continues to vent out his frustration towards Isha. Savi returns to her room. Surekha calls Yashwant and informs him what just happened. Yashwant says she should not let Savi go from there and act good with her so much that Savi starts trusting her and then she shall ask Savi to drop the complaint against Ayush, Durva, and Avni. Surekha agrees.

Savi recalls all the incidents related to Isha and Ishan. Asmita and Shikha walk in. Savi says she really didn’t know that Ishan is Isha madam’s son and Isha is not involved in whatever happened. Asmita says they know. Savi says she never thought that Ishan can be Isha madam’s son and asks why Ishan hates his mother so much.

Shikha says she never met Isha till now, she just knows that they are not suppose to talk about Isha in this house. Asmita says women are not allowed to work in this house, Ishan was closely attached to his mother and she left him when he was very small. Savi recalls Bhavani’s hatred for educated girls and says she thought it happens only in small towns. She asks if Shantanu didn’t do anything to bring back Isha. Asmita says she doesn’t know. Savi says Isha loves her students like her children, then how can she ignore her own child; there is something wrong for sure.

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