Twist of fate update Friday 1 December 2023

Twist of fate 1 December 2023:  Veera tells his goon to tie their hands and feet and rammed them with the car. He says nobody shall be saved. Prachi says you have a misunderstanding, we have come here in search of Balbira. Veera asks why did you call Police?

Prachi says my daughter is kidnapped, I had gone there to complain to Police against Balbira. She says Police found Balbir’s car. Veera doesn’t believe her and asks his goon to tie them. He asks him to shoot if anyone moves. He then sits in the car, while all the three ladies are tied with the rope. He starts the car and speeds up to hit them, when Ranbir comes there in his car and stops his car. Veera stops his car and gets his head hit on the steering. Ranbir gets down and asks Prachi what she is doing here? Prachi asks him to open the rope first.

He opens the rope. Laali says Khushi is kidnapped. Prachi says we had gone to take Veera’s help. Ranbir says you didn’t inform me and went to him. Prachi asks if he wants to fight with her now, and says they shall leave. Veera and his goon aim gun at them. Ranbir says it is good that if I had gone to save Khushi. Prachi asks do you know, where is she? Ranbir says if I had known then I had gone there. Veera says you all are with Police. Ranbir says I am a poor man and acts, apologizing to him. He then asks throws sand in their eyes and asks Prachi and others to sit. They sit. Ranbir comes to Veera and his goon and throw sand in their eyes. He drives off. Veera and his friend find their car keys not there.

Rhea tells Akshay that Prachi’s call is connected. Veera picks the call. Rhea asks him to give call to her sister. Veera says she will not be alive for long time, for betraying me. Akshay asks where are you and asks him not to do anything to Prachi. Rhea and Akshay sit in the car. Veera asks his friend to start walking and says he will not leave Prachi.

Balbira comes to the broker to sell Khushi, and shows her photo. The guy says delivery shall be done in 2 hours. Balbira asks for 15 lakhs. The guy says 10 lakhs and says he will lower the amount if he bargains. Balbira fixes the deal for 10 lakhs. Khushi asks Shakti and Tiger if they are helpless to kidnap her. Shakti says she is innocent, we have done bad with her and she is saying this. Khushi asks him to leave her to her Maayi. They laugh and asks her to sit. A lady comes there and says girl is small, she will not listen to you, don’t make fun of her.

They say sorry Amma. Khushi thinks the lady to be blind and holds her hand, and makes her sit. Khushi asks her to let her go. The lady says kids are of good heart, and asks her not to think that the world is good. She asks them to go as Balbira called them near the Pool. Shakti says what to do with this girl? The lady says lock her in the room. They take her in the room. Shakti asks if you can handle her Amma. The lady says she is Kaatiyani, though she is blind, but her sensing power is very powerful. Shakti and Tiger leave from there. Khushi gets tensed.

Ranbir asks if you are fine. Laali and bindi’s mother says ok. Ranbir asks Prachi why you didn’t call me. Bindi’s mother says she told Akshay that she couldn’t call you. He says you called Akshay, but not me. Prachi says even you know about the kidnapping, but didn’t tell me. She says I saw Khushi’s kidnapping and then I went to PS and filed the complaint. She says she got the lead that Balbira could be somewhere and was going there. Ranbir says Balbira kidnapped her. Prachi says he tried yesterday night, so surely he might be involved.

She asks how did you know about her kidnapping. Ranbir says Khushi had called him. He says he had met her in the morning and gave his spare phone to her, as she said that her phone is broken. He says I searched her location and went there, but I was late, and tells that the kidnapper changed the location 5 mins back.

Laali asks them what is their relation? Prachi asks him to drive properly. Ranbir says I have to reach Rhea as she knows where is haveli? Prachi asks which haveli, which is near the railway station and asks him to take left. Khushi comes near the lady and checks if she can see. The lady Kaatiyani is sitting still. Khushi silently tries to go, but Kaatiyani holds her with her stick. Khushi thinks how she found out. Kaatiyani says hearing the sound. Wherever Khushi goes, Kaatiyani follows her. Khushi comes to the hall. Kaatiyani laughs. She takes the sofa cover and throws on Khushi to cover her. Khushi frees herself and finds Kaatiyani standing infront of her. Khushi jumps and runs to go from there, when Kaatiyani pushes sofa near her and comes infront of her again. Kaatiyani says where you will go saved. Khushi comes out of haveli and thinks where is go?

Khushi comes out of the haveli and thinks where to go. Kaatiyani comes there and hits her stick on her leg. Khushi coughs and run again. Kaatiyani comes behind her, may be she is pretending to be blind. She follows Khushi. Khushi cries and hides behind the car. She throws stone to distract her. Kaatiyani throws the stick on her legs and make her fall down. She comes to Khushi and makes her unconscious using the chloroform. She takes the cart and keeps Khushi on it, and goes.

The goon tells Balbira, if Willson is trustable and says if she takes the girl and then don’t give us money. Balbira says we will buy some guns and then will drop Khushi to Willson’s place. The goon says ok and tells that he will get his weapon. He then asks balbira, what will happen if the guy with whom Khushi had talked, will come. Balbira asks him to come.

Rhea and Akshay are in the car. Akshay tells Rhea that Prachi might find out about Khushi’s location by now and tells that they have to reach Prachi before Veera. He says he called me Inspector and it seems he is upset with Prachi. He asks her to tell where is that place? Rhea says it is haveli, near the railway track. Shakti, Tiger and Balbira come to haveli. Kaatiyani tells that she was trying to elope, but she caught her. She says it is good if she stays unconscious. Balbira says I have to take her to Willson. Shakti says she sees everything. Kaatiyani asks Balbira to take Khushi. Tiger asks Balbira to take her in van as the name plate is changed.They leave. Kaatiyani feels someone is coming. Prachi and Ranbir come there. The goon take the Rampuri knife from other goon and asks him to stay there and tell him if anyone comes here. The goon goes inside. Prachi and Ranbir make the goon using chloroform and hide him in the car decky, while the rest of the chloroform fall down.

Kaatiyani feels someone is coming. Balbira and others return. Kaatiyani asks why did you return? She asks them to go fast. He says I came to take the keys. She says weather is going to change, go fast. Balbira goes with Tiger and Shakti. Prachi comes there with Ranbir, Laali and Bindi’s mother. Prachi asks did you see any little girl here? Kaatiyani says she didn’t see, she is blind. Ranbir asks who are you? Kaatiyani says she is caretaker’s mother. Ranbir says may be we came in the wrong haveli. She asks did you see my son Chintu? Ranbir says I thought him as kidnapper and tied his hand. He says I will bring him and says sorry. He goes. Kaatiyani asks what is that girl’s relation with you? Prachi says she is my daughter? Kaatiyani asks if she is your real daughter.

Akshay and Rhea come there. Rhea finds Ranbir’s car and tells Akshay. Akshay says we shall look for Ranbir. They hear the sound and opened the car decky. Rhea says if this guy was helping Ranbir. Akshay says we shall make him gain consciousness. Rhea gives him water. The guy gains consciousness. Akshay asks him if he is Ranbir’s friend and says they are also Ranbir’s friend. The goon lies and says Ranbir is inside. They go with him.

Balbira and the goons are about to take Khushi in the car, when the Police team comes there. Balbira and his goons hide. He recalls that the van is behind with the number plate changed. Inspector says we shall go inside. Tiger asks what shall we do? Balbira says we shall wait for them to return. Ranbir finds the goon’s car missing and even his car missing. He thinks may be this is wrong place and not the entrance.

Kaatiyani asks Prachi to tell her, and says I can’t see your face to find out and asks if you are her real mother.

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