Twist of fate update Monday 16 January 2023

Twist of fate 16 January 2023:  the goons hearing the sound and tells that they heard some sound. They tell that they shall see the girl who is going from behind door. The goon tells his boss that the girl gave him 10 Lakhs rs.

The boss slaps him and asks him to think that they would have got crore of rs, if they have contacted her family. Rhea is upset to have given money to the strangers and calls Aaliya from goon’s mobile. Aaliya sees Spam number and doesn’t pick the call. Rhea messages Aaliya.

Aaliya reads the message and calls Rhea. Rhea tells Aaliya that she had gone to the hotel room, when the goon had taken Mihika somewhere. She says he wanted to sell Mihika for money. Aaliya says we want Mihika anyhow.

Rhea says I got trapped, but I was saved anyhow. She tells that we shall lie to Sid that Mihika is with us, and tells that she is very frustated and tells that Prachi’s bidaai song will satify her. She says I am coming to see you ruined Prachi. The goon comes there and kidnaps Rhea, telling her the price/ransom amount is updated.

Prachi asks Ranbir to go to side and wait. Prachi asks him to keep some distance with her. He says we will hide together then your friends will not see us. Prachi asks friends. He says goons or you do the same thing, kills the person. Prachi asks him to be quiet. She sees Shahana while Ranbir sees Aryan. They argue. Aryan sees goon going near Shahana.

He runs to her and takes her away from there. Prachi and Ranbir also come out. Prachi says we have to save Rhea. Ranbir says first we shall save ourselves. A guest lady asks Aaliya about Prachi. Aaliya says she goes missingb at 12 am. She goes to Pallavi and asks where is Prachi. Pallavi says I didn’t see her since much time. Aaliya says it means she went out of the party, and says all guests are searching her. She instigates Pallavi against Prachi. Dida says Prachi knows what is her responsibility and asks Aaliya not to spoil everyone’s looks. She says may be she is in kitchen. Pallavi asks Dida to call Prachi and tells that if she has gone out then I will not leave her. Dida says she will scold Aaliya if Prachi is at home.

Rhea asks goon, how dare you to bring me back. The goon tells that she could go, as they let her. Rhea asks what about your ethics. The goon says you can’t ask who has left her family girl here. He says you are a bad girl. The other girl says we slap such woman. Rhea twists his hand and says she will break his hand, and tells that his value is nothing. She comes to Mihika and asks if she is enjoying. She says you cursed me so badly that I have to return. She asks the goons to take her away from there, else she will vent out her anger on her and they will lose 15 lakhs.

The goon asks if we are your Servants to follow your orders. He tells that your value might be above us, but less than Mihika, she is sold for 15 lakhs and you have given 10 lakhs for yourself and your money is gone. Mihika laughs and says now I understood why you didn’t get Ranbir Bhai. She tells that your destiny is bad, and tells that Ranbir is with Prachi. Rhea slaps Mihika and attacks her. Mihika tries to protect herself. The goon separates them and take one of them from there.

Dida comes to kitchen and asks Sid about Prachi. Sid says he is not here. Dida asks about Rhea. Dida says Prachi must have closed the door. Sid thinks Prachi and Shahana went behind Rhea, she must be transferring Mihika somewhere. He goes. Aryan and Shahana come to the car. Ranbir and Prachi also come there. Ranbir says we are safe. Shahana says I called you for help, but how will you save? Ranbir says we will ask them to give their guns.

Abhay says we will threaten them. Prachi asks them to think real. Ranbir says I would have joined Police if I had known about handling the goons. He tells that he has Police costume in his box. Aryan takes terrorist’s costume. Prachi asks what you will I wear? Ranbir asks Aryan to give the terrorist clothes to Prachi. Aryan says she will not look good as terrorist. They go and get ready in the costume. Ranbir asks Prachi to be there, and says he don’t want them to think her weak girl. Prachi says she will help them.

Rhea asking the goons to let her go and tells that if she goes by herself then will ruin their lives. The goon asks why she is so arrogant. waiter says she is foolish. The goon says Mihika was right, Rhea was foolish to give money. He tells that either you are mad or your destiny is bad. He says who comes back here after going out. Waiter says bad destiny girl and small thinking girl comes.

Rhea throws the cartoon on him. The goon asks her to sit. Mihika asks the goon to let her go, and tells that she will ask her brother to give him money. The goon refuses. Shahana comes there and aims gun at him, says you are under arrest. The goon runs. Ranbir comes infront of him. The goon says how can this happen?

Mihika says nobody is here? The goon says it seems I have seen dream with open eyes. Ranbir kicks him and snatches his gun, says they came for real. The goon runs saying Police. All the goon hear and go out to see. The boss tells the goon that they shall think about their safety first. rhea asks goon not to move, else she will shoot. She shoots, but bullet was not there. The goon tells that there is no bullet. Rhea pushes him and runs.

Prachi thinks Ranbir left her here, and took Shahana inside. She says she has good experience of handling the goons. She says if she shall kill mosquitoes here, they are partying there, she will also go as Rhea is in trouble. She sees goons coming out and hides. Dida calls Prachi and asks where is she, as everyone is searching her.

Prachi tells her everything. Dida asks shall I call Police. Prachi says we have called Police and asks her to handle at home. Sid says why Prachi is going to rescue Rhea. Dida says this is the difference between Prachi and others. She says she needs Prachi to be taken to Pallavi and gets an idea. Prachi thinks she needs confidence which she has. She goes and hides again seeing the goons. The boss asks the goons how did the Police reach there? They aim gun at Ranbir and Shahana. Ranbir and Shahana hide.

The goons doubt if they are Police or not. Shahana asks Ranbir to go and fight with them. Ranbir says we are fake Police and will die. Shahana says if we hide then they will understand that we are fake. Ranbir says they shall do hero entry and asks the goons to hands up. They hands up and ask if they are real Police. Aryan brings the goon there and asks where is Basanti. Rhea and Mihika brought by the other goons. Ranbir says Mihika. They throw something in air and hides.

Ranbir and Aryan open their eyes. Aryan tells that he is a big terrorist and came to blast the bomb. He says he will count till three. They all come out, but starts running. Prachi is standing at the door in disguise of Basanti. She asks will you not welcome me? The goon starts poetry. The boss scolds him. Ranbir tells the goon that the girl is his, and then tells that they all are under arrest.

Prachi comes to them. Ranbir opens his mouth. Rhea closes his mouth. Prachi asks the goon to drop the guns. They are about to keep the guns. The boss stops him. Ranbir asks if he will obey her sayings. Prachi asks Ranbir if he is jealous of her. Ranbir asks Shahana to give him gun. Shahana tells Prachi that they don’t have gun. Prachi asks the goon to give him gun, but he refuses. Ranbir says they shall escape from there.

The boss fires in the air. Ranbir says it is enough of acting, now we have to show them action. He beats up Aryan. Aryan asks why are you beating me. Ranbir asks him to get beaten and act to die. Goon tells Boss that Policeman is beating terrorist. Ranbir asks Shahana to take guns from them. He asks Aryan to pretend to die. The boss takes out knife and keeps on Prachi’s neck. Ranbir removes his moustache and tells that he is ready to give anything.

Aryan says we will do anything. The boss says they are fooling us. Shahana says even gun is fake. Aryan pleads infront of the boss and snatches gun from Rhea. Rhea thinks it is waste gun. Ranbir tells the goons that they will die. Aryan checks and tells Ranbir that the bullet is not in it.

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