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Pragya searches for her specs. Kiara asks her why she need specs in the morning? Pragya says I wear lenses in day time and need specs in the morning. Kiara says I want to see how cute you look with specs. Pragya gets emotional and recalls Abhi saying the same thing. Kiara holds her ears seeing her teary eyes and do sit ups. Pragya recalls Abhi doing the same thing. Kiara apologizes and says I love you Chasmish/four eyes. Pragya recalls Abhi telling her the same thing. She thinks there is no reason to look back, you have gone away from me, but left your precious thing with me. She says I love you Kishmish.

Tanu comes to the room and asks how can you sleep in the room when I am here? She says she has many feathers. Abhi asks her not to joke again and not to remind him of Pragya. Tanu says I didn’t take her name? Abhi says I hate her, her name and the moments with her. He says I didn’t drink coffee or messed up the room, as it reminds me of her. Dasi hears them. She comes to Abhi. Abhi says I said to leave me alone and says sorry seeing Dasi. He asks if everything is fine? Dasi says everything is fine, not you. Abhi says I am fine, and says it is the regular husband and wife’s argument. Dasi says how will you hide it from everyone that Pragya is still in your heart? Abhi asks her not to take her name again. Dasi asks why are you stopping us from taking her name? She says you are alone even when we are with you. Abhi says I am happy with my life and Tanu. Dasi asks until when will you lie and says you are calling your compromised marriage a happy one. She says you can throw Pragya out, but can’t throw her out of our hearts. She says if Pragya gave you wound, then she will heal it too. He says if you prove me wrong, then I will not call you puttar. He thinks why couldn’t I hide my feelings infront of Dasi? Aaliya hears them.

Pragya says to a Servant that they have to change the room designs. She tells King that she will tell him news that will make him mad. She asks him to promise not take punch? She tells that he is one among the six selected singer for the international album! King gets happy and says I have been waiting for this day. He asks her to ask him anything. Pragya says you have already given me so much and says they have some conditions. She says you have to go to India and stay there for few months.

Aaliya asks Dasi what she was telling Abhi, and says she won’t let anything happen without her wish! Dasi says Abhi will always love her. Aaliya says Abhi has no time for all this nonsense and says his assets has increased 10 times because of me! She says Abhi is changed now. Dasi says he is in pain and you made him a stone! She says he feels the need for Pragya and he’s always lost in her memories all day. She says he can’t be like you, and he’s hiding his pain and loves just her!

Pragya says I can’t go as Kiara is here. King says I will not go without you, and says he will get Kiara admitted into a good school. He says you have to come with me. Pragya says I will come with you to all countries and cites, but not Mumbai. King says he was a loser to lose you, and says your boyfriend was stupid to leave you. He says if you were not my manager, then I wouldn’t have punch in my life. Pragya tells him that she became the pain in his life and became the reason for his Dadi’s death. He says if he wanted to mingle, then he would have chosen her, and tells that he can’t break many girls’ heart for her. Pragya agrees and thinks if she is doing this with her return.

Dasi tells Aaliya that Abhi loves only Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to dream of this and says Tanu is his wife now. Dasi says Abhi has married Tanu, but don’t let her stay in his room or let her sit with him. Aaliya says what if Abhi hears them… Dasi says that’s why they don’t discuss this and says Pragya might return.

Kiara tells Pragya that her rocky toy was missing her. Pragya says she will keep it in the suitcase. Kiara says okay. Pragya keeps it in the bag. She says goodbye to her sweet room. Abhi is playing guitar in his room.

Aaliya comes to him and says she has a surprise for him! Purab says she called me as well? Aaliya says she has got the world’s best contract for him and you are going to make an album with an international singer! She says you will check the biggest cheque and then, I will get my royalty. Purab says I agree that the contract is big. Aaliya asks Purab to do some work rather than time pass with his wife. She goes. Purab congratulates Abhi and checks the contract. He says even Australia Mojo is there and asks him to see King’s face, but Abhi doesn’t see him.

In the flight, King, Pragya and Kiara comes to their business class seats. King asks Kiara to give her bag and says he will keep it. Kiara says no and tells about Cookie and Rockie. She tells that cookie is like Pragya. King says Rockie is like him. Kiara says Rockie is like someone else and asks Pragya. Pragya reminisces Abhi and says she doesn’t know. Kiara tells king that she will buy a toy like him. Air hostess comes and gives him coffee. Pragya thinks about Abhi and smiles. King asks Pragya to keep smiling. Kiara says Mumma is thinking about the person-like Rockie. Pragya thinks why is she thinking about him? Announcement is made that the flight will land in Delhi Airport.

Dasi calls Abhi and asks where is he? Abhi says he is coming home. Dasi asks him to take a U-turn and tells that Granny, Suwarni is coming home! Abhi gets happy. Dasi asks him to pick Granny, Suwarni from the Airport. Abhi says okay.

Kiara touches the ground on reaching India. King tells Pragya that she made her 70 years old woman. He says no more hindi movies. Pragya thinks Kiara is like him.

Abhi comes to the Security In charge, Sunil of the airport and asks him to take him inside. He takes him inside. King tells Pragya that it is the waiting lounge. Pragya says we know and asks him to take the luggage, and goes to sit there. Kiara asks should I go with Daddy? Pragya asks her to sit. Kiara says I forgot to tell Rockie and Cookie that we reached India. She tells them that they have reached india!

Pragya thinks King is Kiara’s idol and thinks he did a big favor on her by giving his name to her. Kiara asks Pragya to get some balloons for her.. Pragya asks the shop keeper. He gives her. Kiara asks for red balloons. The Shop keeper gives her red balloons. Kiara runs to King. King says you can’t run here, this is an Airport, you will go missing.

Abhi is behind Pragya. They sense each other’s presence. Tere hum hai jiye plays… They couldn’t see each other though. Kiara comes and asks what is she searching for at the Airport? She asks her to tie her shoe lace. Pragya looks on.

Abhi tells his friend that she came. He then says nothing. His friend asks him to get Dadi’s baggage.

Pragya calls King. Kiara says she wants to have icecream. Pragya says she will bring it and asks her to sit there. Disha comes to Purab’s room and takes his laptop. She says one act play, and says if I am Menka, then you have be Vishwamitra. Purab says I don’t need to be Vishwamitra and says I can see and feel you. Purab gets romantic. Disha says she made cake as Sunny in sister. Purab teases her and asks her to do something to attract him. Disha says I am going and says we will talk later. Purab says okay, and says I will taste this cake from your hand. Disha is about to make him have cake, when Aaliya comes there and asks what are you doing here, and asks him to come with her to Abhi’s room. Purab asks her to go. Aaliya still waits for him. Purab says I will be back and goes to Abhi’s room.

Abhi tells Sunil that Dadi must have gone lost and found the counter. Pragya and Abhi cross each other. Song, raat ho ya din plays… Pragya and Abhi turn towards each other, but just then, the decoration trolley is taken away from there. They miss seeing each other. Someone returns Pragya’s phone. Pragya senses she went near him.

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