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Shrishti helps Sameer to walk . She helps him get seated on a bench near a garden. She was concerned about the bleeding on his mouth. Shrishti asks why the man was beating him. Sameer says he stole his purse. Shrishti asks why he did so but she wasn’t ready to accept Sameer’s fake story.

Sameer says it was a ladies purse and he wanted to gift it to Preeta. Shrishti was moved at Sameer’s concern for her sister. She was also furious and asks Sameer the person who did this to him. Sameer was alert, he screams out of pain to get her attention. Shrishti returns to him concerned and helps him walk back home. Preeta holds a ball in the hall and wonders if Karan left the ball to spy on her.

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She decides to hide it somewhere and she ends up throwing it into a vase. She was irritated by the thoughts of Karan and wonders what goes into his mind. She then thinks she didn’t call Karan since he can do anything against Prithvi. Tapsee gives a thumbs up to Karan while she hugged Prithvi. Karan sees Preeta’s call and asks her to spit the bitterness which she holds. Preeta tells him to shut up and Karan ends the call. Preeta dials his phone number again. Prithvi takes Tapsee into his car. Karan recieves Preeta’s phone call again, she was furious as Karan has cut her call. Karan flirts with her from the other side. Preeta says she wanted to say that he before she could complete her sentence, Karan says he already knows what Preeta wanted to say. He teases her that she wanted to say “I love you to him. Karan tells Preeta that his dating calendar is full already. Preeta was helpless. Karan jokes that he even has to wear a veil on valentine’s day to avoid kisses from girls. Preeta asks if he never understood whatever she has trying to convey to him till today. Preeta warns Karan to stay away from Prithvi, she understands that Karan has been doing something against Prithvi. Karan watch Prithvi drive Tapsee away from the venue. He tells Preeta that his mission has been accomplished and only the climax is left. Preeta tries to inquire what he has done, but Karan smiles promising to tell her when he comes back home. Karan vows to never let Preeta connect with Prithvi. Sameer was at the Arora house and Shrishti brings an antiseptic for him. He denies getting it on as it burns a lot. Shrishti promises to tell him the reason as to why she was annoyed with him in the farm house. Sameer agrees but screams as soon as she rubs the cotton but Shrishti hugs him. Sarla comes home and was suspicious. Sameer explains to Sarla that it isn’t what she has been thinking about. Prithvi brings Tapsee to his room. As he helps her to have some rest on his bed, Tapsee drags him along. Sherlin arrives at Prithvi’s house excited that he must be alone at home as his mother went for engagement shopping. She decides to surprise him and unlocks the room with the pair of key she had. She was shocked to see Prithvi with Tapsee in bed. Prithvi stands up at once while Sherlin comes to slap Tapsee hard on her face. Tapsee also returns the slap.

Prithvi tries to explain but Sherlin slaps Prithvi calling him a cheat. Tapsee questions Prithvi as to who is the girl to hit him. Sherlin says she is his girlfriend and has the spare key of the house. Tapsee tries to stop Sherlin who turned to leave. Outside, Sherlin tells Prithvi to explain it to his new girlfriend who she truly is to him. Tapsee leaves home after an argument with Sherlin. Sherlin also leaves calling Prithvi a cheat. Shrishti explains to her mother how someone beat Sameer on the road. She tells Sarla that Sameer was injured and as she tried to apply an antiseptic he screams, so she hugged him. Sarla was serious and tells Sameer to go and see a doctor. He leaves. Karan was looking for his ball. Preeta was going inside when he calls her to freeze. Preeta inquires about the drama he created and how Karan is now waiting for the outcome. She was sure it will directly affect her life. Karan smirks then asks her to beg him before but Preeta doesn’t oblige. She taunts Karan that he must have gone to meet some girlfriend. Karan holds Preeta’s hand and asks if she is jealous? Preeta says she is happy with her personal life. After they share an eye lock, Karan confesses he went for some important task and not to meet any girl. Preeta turns to see Tapsee walk into the Luthra’s house crying. Karan was shocked to see her. Rishab asks Tapsee if there is some problem. Karan goes to handle the situation and says she came to meet him. He offers to take her to his bedroom, Rishab brings Karan aside and says there are other places in their house for him to speak to Tapsee. Shrishti tries to go away from the hall. Sarla questions her as to what the truth is. Shrishti thinks that her mother is unaware of Sameer’s feelings for her. She wonder as to how she can tell Sarla about it. Beeji also comes there. Shrishti explains that whatever she told Sarla is the truth. Sarla questions Shrishti if she and Sameer are only friends or is there something else. She adds that she has never bound her daughters for any of their decisions and thoughts. Sarla also says that everyone share their feeling with them but Shrishti doesn’t. Sarla complains that Shrishti has a mistrust issue with her since if she had once informed her that Sameer is a friend she will have accepted it. She also says that Shrishti must get a little serious and decide what she wants in life. Beeji agrees with Sarla and tells Shrishti to decide something about her life.

Karan comes to Tapsee and asks her about the end of the story. Tapsee says that Prithvi has a lady at home, and a girlfriend. She tells Karan that she stands nowhere and doesn’t want Prithvi. Karan tries to convince her but she leaves annoyed with Prithvi. Preeta watches Tapsee leaving angrily and thinks she might had fought with Karan. Rishab stops her and offers to help her if there is some problem. Preeta asks what Karan did to her. Karan lies to Rishab that Tapsee felt bad because of an incident. Rishab assures his brother they can solve her problem. Karan was tensed as he watch Rishab trying to find information from Tapsee as to why she is crying. Karan was worried this might ruin his game plan against Prithvi. Preeta watches Karan and thinks Karan must have done something wrong to the girl. Tapsee was furious and says she neither wants a solution nor Prithvi. Preeta now looks towards Karan furiously. Prithvi follows Sherlin in his car while she drove away. Preeta and Rishab ask Karan why the girl mentioned Prithvi’s name. Karan lies to them that the girl is a little bit crazy. Rishab strictly tells him to be clear. Karan makes up a story that he had a breakup with the girl and suggested him to have an affair with Prithvi. He then hurries outside taking a phone call.

Karan was angry with Tapsee for mocking him and ruining his plan. He was obsessed of his status and decides not to speak to her again. He then remembers Prithvi’s deterrence that Karan won’t be able to stop his engagement. Karan was even angry at Preeta as she didn’t know about his attempts to save Preeta.

Karan calls Tapsi and convinces her that only she loves Prithvi. He also says that Preeta is only performing an arranged marriage with him. Tapsi was angry and wasn’t ready to hear another word about Prithvi. She angrily cuts the call.

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