Twist of fate Tuesday 20 September 2022

Twist of fate 20 September 2022: Pallavi says now it is Ranbir’s turn, I will blindfold him. She blindfolds him. Prachi recalls Rhea asking Ranbir to identify her with Gajra smell. Shahana asks Prachi why is she angry? Prachi says Rhea has done cheating, and says she has worn it intentionally, so that Ranbir could identify her, and she can boast about their love etc. Ranbir comes to Shahana, then Prachi. He goes past Prachi and goes to the other ladies. He comes to Rhea and touches her Gajra in her hair. He is about to hold her hand, but then goes back and comes to Prachi and Shahana.

He then comes to Prachi and touches her face. Rhea gets angry. Pallavi and Aaliya are shocked. Ranbir says this is my wife. Everyone claps for him. Dida is happy. Ranbir takes out his blind fold and sees Prachi. Prachi looks at him. Shahana smiles. Dida is happy. The lady says now he will be punished. Shahana says as per the games rules. Ranbir says I am ready and needs to be punished when I have done a mistake. Dida says I will pick the chit. Aaliya says I will take out the chit, and asks her to pick the other chit. Dida asks Vikram to let her pick the chit, and asks Aaliya to pick it later.

She picks the red chit shocking Rhea, but the chit falls down inside. Vikram asks her to pick something else. Dida says ok and picks yellow chit. He says the guy and the girl shall dance with each other. Shahana says someone play the music. Ranbir bends down on his knees and forwards his hand. Prachi holds his hand. They have a dance while the song plays….

Aaliya and Rhea go away from there. Shahana gets suspicious and thinks they are upto something. Aaliya goes behind Rhea. Rhea takes out the papers. Aaliya asks why you didn’t come? Rhea says what should I do? She says he did this intentionally and left me alone again. She throws her gajra. Shahana sees the gajra thrown by Rhea. Rhea says Ranbir wanted to hold Prachi’s hand, so that he can call her as his wife. She says it was easy to separate them, but it is practically impossible to keep him away from her, as he loves her. She says they have to separate them legally now, before he announces our marriage as illegal. The lady appreciates their dance and says I haven’t seen such a dance before.

She tells Pallavi that if she had met Prachi before Rhea, then she would have got Ranbir marry her, and says it seems they are made for each other. Prachi goes from there. The lady says Prachi might have felt bad. Dida says why she will feel bad, Rhea would have felt bad. Ranbir and Prachi feel for each other. He comes to her and asks why you didn’t give me your mobile number, I tried calling you. Song plays…..

Rhea and Aaliya come out of room and seeing Shahana outside. Shahana says I have lost the way, while going to washroom. She goes and thinks Rhea is planning against Prachi, I will ruin her plan and will show her that I am Prachi’s sister.

Ranbir asks why do you go without talking to me? Prachi says there shall be an answer for all the questions and asks why he acts innocent. Ranbir asks what do you mean? Prachi says you could have contact me and knew that I am at badi maa’s house. She says I can see your face clearly and asks him not to act infront of her. She says I know you well now. Ranbir asks what did you know? Prachi says when the right time comes. Ranbir asks when and says if anyone talks to you then forget about trusting self.

Prachi asks him to ask his Mummy, why she is not telling anyone that she is his wife. Ranbir asks if she feels bad when people call her as Rhea’s husband. Prachi says it doesn’t matter to her now. Ranbir says it is difficult to know what is in your heart? Prachi goes away from there.

He comes back to the party. Rhea asks Aaliya to get ready with everything and she goes to talk to Ranbir. Prachi feels bad and sits somewhere. Pallavi comes there and recalls the happenings. She gets Aaliya’s call and tells her that she is going to her room and don’t want to spoil Rahul and Renu’s anniversary. Aaliya comes there. Prachi comes to them. Aaliya says you have become mannerless and asks why she don’t want her sister’s happiness. She asks what she wants right or revenge. Prachi says I am here, as I don’t want anyone to live peacefully here.

Aaliya asks what is this foolishness? Prachi says if I had shown my foolishness, then would have made Rhea land in jail. She tells Pallavi that Aaliya wanted her to send Rhea to jail. Aaliya shouts. Prachi says I am going on the right track and says I will get Rhea handcuffed if I see her doing anything wrong. She says Buji wanted Ranbir to be with me, but Rhea will not feel good, and asks what to do.

Pallavi asks her to stop her drama. Prachi asks her to say what she shall do, what she wants or Buji wants. Pallavi says what I want. She says you have become mannerless and says I am your saas, and asks her not to forget their relation. Prachi says I haven’t forgotten it, but you have forgotten it. She says I didn’t do anything wrong. Aaliya says you have done drama and danced with Ranbir.

Prachi asks did I keep that game and rules, I didn’t do. She tells Pallavi that if will announce Rhea and Ranbir’s marriage in someone’s anniversary. She says you planned to cheat and made Rhea worn gajra so that Ranbir could identify her, and then her illegitimate relation is announced. She says when you called me as your bahu, then why do you want Ranbir to kiss Rhea. She says when I don’t have any rights, then how I will fulfill my responsibility.

She says I am your bahu, Ranbir is your son and it is sin to make him kiss Rhea infront of everyone. She says I have saved you from doing a sin and says she can’t expect this from Buji. Aaliya shouts. Prachi says when saas and bahu are talking, you shall not interfere and says if you interrupt me then I shall tell who is an outsider. Pallavi asks her to be in her limits. Prachi says if you do cheap things in my Buji’s influence then it is wrong. Pallavi says you shall learn manners and behavior. Prachi says she has learnt manners and thought of elders, and says I didn’t let you get arrested when I talked about Rhea’s arrest. She says I could prove you wrong too, but I didn’t and this is called manners. She says I know what I shall do and what I shall not do and says this is called limitations.

She says the values are in my blood and with whom, I don’t have blood relation, I see them with the same sight too. Aaliya tells that I want to see how she will look when she talks about manners, values etc. Pallavi says she will not go. Aaliya says Rhea will throw her out, and tells that she will take Prachi’s signs on the divorce papers. Pallavi asks if Prachi will not read the papers. Rhea says Prachi’s drink will be spiked and then Prachi can’t understand anything. Pallavi says this is wrong, how can you let Rhea do this?

Rhea comes to Ranbir and says you knew that I have worn Gajra for you. She asks him to answer her. He says I know that came to fight with me. Rhea asks what is going on between you and Prachi. Rhea says I wanted you to identify me and then why did you call Prachi as your wife. Ranbir says I am not a cheater and says I don’t like betraying anyone, and says if you try to betray anyone, then I will never support you. He warns her. Rhea says you are lecturing me on cheating and says you told that Prachi is your wife, why? Ranbir says Prachi is my wife.

Pallavi says you should have stopped Rhea. Aaliya asks if Prachi’s words influenced you. Pallavi says half of the words of Prachi was true, if she wanted then she could get any of us arrested. She praises Prachi and tells that she is supporting truth. She says I am afraid. Aaliya says she can’t get anyone arrested as there will be no relation with us.

Pallavi says this is wrong. Aaliya says see that your relation will end with Prachi. Pallavi says we can do it straight way. Aaliya says don’t think it as her goodness, but her magic. She says she told so much infront of guests, if not infront of Police. She says Prachi doesn’t care about her sister, Ranbir and you and asks her to let her do what she is doing. She provokes her against Prachi. Pallavi recalls taking promise from Ranbir. Aaliya thanks her. Rhea asks then who am I? Ranbir says you are a mistake, if you want to hear. Rhea is shocked and opens her mouth.

Ranbir telling Rhea that she is a mistake. He says just like I am mistake in Prachi’s life, you are mistake in my life and says we are caught in a complicated triangle, where you love, don’t love you. Rhea says I don’t need to hear our life philosophy and says I will tell you the fact, says we are married and your parents love me and regards me like their bahu. She says Prachi had confessed and came here to feel you rejected. Ranbir asks what do you mean? Rhea says she don’t know the motive behind her words and asks him to find out. Shahana comes there. Rhea says did you hear us? Shahana says no. She says I came to keep an eye on my good sister’s bad sister. Rhea asks her to just get out.

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