To die for love Update Wednesday 17 November 2021


To die for love 17 November 2021: Arohi says I loved and married a beast. He is just like Tara. Deep says let me get my charger. Tara says i will get it. SHe comes to the room where arohi is. The bracelet fell frmom her hand. Tara looks in the room. Arohi is hidden. Curtain falls. Tara says I knew you were here. Deep says to virat so you are marrying her for wealth? Virat says you are saying this. We were always rich.

You are the one who was picked from the road. You took our property. Shame on you. Deep says you love anjali? I didn’t know you a thug could love. Now you would say you did all that because of tara. Virat says enough. I will shove you on the street you are from. You ruined my mom and tara’s life but you can’t.Arohi says I was looking for something. Tara laughs. SHe says I think we should stop this drama. You know I know what you were looking for. Arohi says what do you want?Virat says anajli where are you? deep says worried for her. Do you think se is in trap of your love. Better don’t be late or she will go with someone else. virat says you play with girls. Are you still doing drama with your wife?

Tara says to Arohi I know what were you looking for? That precious thing. What are you looking for? Answers? You are risking your baby’s life as well. Virat loves you so much but you are more interested in my husband. You came here as Arohi. I want to tell you one thing better stay away from my husband. Virat says anjali where are you. Arohi goes downstairs.Arohi comes downstairs. Mausi says when I came here she was fainted. surekha is fainted thhere. Tara recalls Surekha was outside the room stopping anyone from going in. She fainted her.Arohi says call the doctor. Tara says she just fainted because she worked a lot. Relax.Arohi says tara doubts me. I can’t go to deep’s room. I have seen that bracelet before.Virat says Anjali please take this milk. She says I don’t like it. He says you did. She says I don’t like it anymore. Virat says anjali I was thinking we should get married this month. Everything that was my mom’s is yours. Tara didn’t like jewelry.

She only wears bracelets. Arohi says in heart that bracelet was worn by tara. she killed anjali? But why. Virat says are you listening. She says just not feeling well.Virat says please rest. He leaves.Arohi says who killed Anjali? deep or tara? Why would she kill Anjali? not for money she has too much money already. Arohi getsa call. She is dazed. She says I am coming.Arohi comes to a hospital. Doctor says a girl was hit by a truck. she is still alive. People thought she is dead. Arohi says this means anjali is alive. She can tell me all the answers. Thank God. Aroi comes to the room. She takes off sheet from the face. Its a guy. She says who is this? Doctor says its someone else.She was on this bed. DEep is in hospital disguised as a doctor taking anjali somewhere else


Doctor says to Arohi she was on this bed. Who could take her. Arohi says please find her. Ask your staff. He says let me look around. arohi goes out and looks for her as well. Deep disguises as doctor and takes anajli. Nurse comes and says doctor there is an emergency please come. she takes him. He says I forgot my phone. Let me get it. deep takes anjali’s bed but its just pillows. Deep says who took anjali from here? He looks around.Deep call Mausi and says see where is tara. Mausi says she isn’t in her room. Deep says where is virat? Mausi says he is on call.Deep comes home. Mausi says tara isn’t back. Mausi says anjali isn’t home either. Deep says everything is getting worse. Deep asks virat where is anjali? He says I dont’ know. Deep says find her. Virat calls her but her phone is off.

Deep calls his spy and says find out where is tara. Tara comes out of bathroom. She says what happened. He says you were here? Where were you? Answer me. She says you look cute in anger. Deep says answer me. Tara says I was home. Where were you? He says I went out for some work. She says I know what were you doing. What do you wanna know? Deep says where is anjali? Have you seen her? She says you were worried for anjali. I killed her. Deep is dazed.Virrat asks his men to look for her everywhere. Deep says you can’t do this. You are lying. she says why can’t I? Why are you so worried for her. You love me and you are only mine. Mausi comes and says come downstairs.

Media comes. He says police told us there will be an arrest here. Deep says who? Inspector says you will be arrested deep. Everyone is dazed. Inspector says your car hit a girl and it was your car. Come to police station. Police arrests Deep. Deep wonders who took his car. Deep says my car was stolen. She gets a call from inspector and says he is right. His car met an accident. Deep says I want to meet the girl who met an accident.Deep comes to hospital. Virat is there too. Anjali/Arohi is on bed.Virat says anjali.. Arohi recalls she replaced Anjali with herself. she left Anjali with doctor. Arohi said please take care of her every moment. Virat says anju are you okay? I wont leave anyone who harmed you. DEep says who is it? Arohi or anjali?

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