To die for love Update Tuesday 16 November 2021


To die for love 16 November 2021: Deep gets Mausi discharged. He says I am sorry. I know I wont let anything happen to you.
They come home. Deep says Mr. Kapoor you here? He grasps deep’s collar and do you have any shame? You did fraud. Another man says my cheque bounced too. Deep says let me check. This can’t happen. He calls manager and says all shareholders are here. They are saying their cheques are bouncing. Manager says your wife Arohi withdrew everything. Your account has zero balance. Deep says arohi.. Both are and tara come down. Tara says I am here. Why are you looking at her? Deep says you withdrew all the money from the account.

To die for love 15 November 2021

She says why would I do that? Arohi says banker said Arohi did that so of course its you. Police comes in. Inspector says deep we have to arrest you. Deep says I need to make a call.Arohi says to Tara its so much fun. Tara gave Arohi everything and Arohi withdrew.All the shareholders speak against deep. Deep says you will get your money. A man sys here your wife is. Take money from her. ARohi says to deep I can help you. He says are you arohi? She says no. She says I am Anjali sharma. I have a lot of money. I can give you all of it back.Deep you just have to sign these. This means that your company will be in my control. If you agree I will give you 10 crore.

Tara says deep dont’ sign them. Arohi says you don’t have enough money. He will get arrested. Arohi says deep you did this for money and see what I did. Tara says deep don’t sign them please. Deep signs the papers. Arohi says thank you. He says don’t be over smart You think I signed these papers and you won.The lawyer comes and says law gives 15 days to get the cheques deposited. Only after that anything can happen. All shareholders leave saying they will come back after 15 days.Deep tears the paper apart and says I did all this for money and you did this to know the secret of your face.Arohi comes to her room. She says maybe anajli knew everything wanted me to know. She calls inspector and says I need your help.

Arohi goes out. She collides with a baby. The girl gives her a flower.
Arohi asks inspector about the accident. Inspector says her face got damaged badly. Arohi says can I see the footage? They see the footage and see that someone shoved her in front of the truck.Virat says on call that blue file is very important. I have to find it. It should be at Anjali’s house. I wont let anyone else have it. I will have to go to anjali’s house. He calls Arohi. Tara overhears all this.Arohi picks the call. Virat says where are you? She says going shopping, I will come back. He says no worries. Virat goes out but the door is locked. He says who locked it? Someone heard me talking. He knocks on the door. He shouts open the door. Tara says stay locked there. I will get that file before you. I will know what game are you playing.

Arohi comes to Anajli’s house. Tara comes thhere. Arohi hides. she wonders what is tara doing here? Tara looks for the file. arohi is hidden. Virat opens the closet and sees ARohi. He says anju what are you doing here? Come out. You said you are going for shopping. She says I forgot my credit card. he says you were inside? She says I came here and heard a noise I was so scared. So I hid inside. Virat says who could it be? She says maybe I got scard when you came in. He sys dont’ be scared. I am always with you. Her hand is bleeding. Virat says how did this happen. She says nail in cupboard. He says you are pregnant please be careful.

Virat says to ARohi see there. He picks the blanket. Arohi sees the black cloth. He picks it. Virat says what is this jacket doing here? I threw it away. I don’t like it. Arohi recalls the man who shoved Anajli was wearing that jacket She says in heart I will know who is Anajli’s murderer. Virat says lets go. He comes back in and picks the blue file. Virat leaves. Virat comes too. A nail stabs in Arohi’s hand but she stays quite. Virat comes. Tara takes the file and jumps out. Virat comes in. He looks for the file but can’t find it.The maid says to arohi your blood. Virat brings in the doctor. He says please see if we would need stitches. Tara says anjali are you okay? The doctor dresses her wound. Virat says thank you for coming. Deep says you didn’t tell anjali how you got this bruise? Virat says I wont let this happen because I will take care of you. The maid says yes take care of her.

Virat stares at her. Virat says I know anjali I have made a lot mistakes but I realized that my sister made me do all those sins. I wont want to do them again. You are the most important person in my life. Tara is a beast. She doesn’t let anyone live around her. Arohi says if you find her will you take her to jail? He says she should be stabbed right away. Tara is angry. Virat hugs Tara nad says lets go. He takes her out. Tara is angry. Arohi says in heart he cares for Anjali but Surekha said something else. What is deep’s plan? What is tara’s connection? I have to solve all this.

Arohi brings breakfast. Virat says why are you doing all this. surekha says she made this meal for all of you. Arohi says she welcomed us in her house we should do this. I am part of this house now. He says come sit. arohi says let me get my meds.
Arohi comes upstairs and sees the room of Tara. Everything is same. Arohi says you did drama only deep. You can’t do anything else. I have to find the file. Arohi looks around for the file.Deep says virat you have delayed your wedding so much. Better do it earlier. Virat says i am sure anajli is anticipating.Arohi says where is that file. Arohi opens closet and sees the same jacket and bracelet there. she says its the same that person was wearing. Was it deep? He killed anjali. he gave me her face. But why.

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