To die for love Update Thursday 18 November 2021

To die for love 18 November 2021: Arohi says I know what you are thinking deep. Doctor says to virat you can take her home.
Tara says to Arohi I know what drama are you doing. Virat saysshe just came home. Aroiv says aroi this must be difficlt for you right. People would call you AArohi instead of tara. I mean the other day. Deep says you know a lot about this house, When did you tell her Virat. Virat says not your problem.Tara says to virat can’t believe you are the same virat who was the player. Virat says only mom and tara knew it, Who told you, Deep says I told you.

Arohi gets a call and goes out. Its chanwani. He says I have fever. I am not well. I got meds but didnt’ work. Arohi says please don’t worry. I am coming.
Arohi says in heart how do I take him to hospital. VIrat comes. Arohi says you? He says when did you come. She says I talked to a doctor for a session. He says I will drop you. Se says no I will go.Arohi sits in te car but it doesn’t start. THe tyres are punctured. She says someone did this intentionally.Arohi comes to room and says chawnai.. The entire room is messed up. Arohi says chawani where are you? She looks at all the messed stuff.

Chawani’s door knocks. He says di came so fast? Arohis sits in an auto. Arohi says someone took chawani from here? Who could do that. I hope he is fine. She sees a bracelet again.Arohi says its either deep or Tara. Or they did it together. Arohi finds chawani. she takes him to hospital. she says who did tis to chawani.Arohi brings him home. Everyone is dazed. Aroi says someone hit this kid. I brought him here for teratment. Tara says chawani my baby. Arohi says so he met Arohi too. Now he will stay here. Deep says we will all take care of him. You brought him to the right place.Arohi and tara takw chawani to his room. Tara sits with him and says you must be very tired. Please sleep. Chwani is scared. Someone throws a stone with letter in Arohi’s room. It says I know the game you are playing. Tara says now you will stay with me.

Arohi wonders who killed anjali. Who kidnapped chawani.She reads the letter that says I know your game. Arohi is scared.Arohi sees downstairs. She says Virat? Did he send this letter? Or is it deep? Arohi comes to chawani and says who did this to you? Tell me. He says I don’t know his face was covered. I am very scared. Deep adn tara are very dangerous. Arohi says I am here with you. She says I am with you don’t worry. She sings him poem and says my mom used to sing this for me. In a car accident my parents died. I feel so alone in this world. If they were here all this wont happened. Chawani says they must love you a lot.Arohi recalls when her mom used to oil her hair and Arohi said she doesn’t want oil. She says I am so alone.

Arohi gets a call. A man says there is a parcel for you. Get it before Tara gets it or you would be in trouble.Tara takes the parcel. Arohi says this is my parcel. Tara says this only has address. Not our name. Arohi tries to snatch her. Arohi shoees her and says chawani is alone and anything can happen with alone kids.Arohi runs to chawani’s room. Someone locks the door. Arohi says open the door. Tara says have fun. Arohi says what to do now.Virat opens the door and says who locked you. He looks at Tara. Tara says why would I? Anjali must be playing with chanwai. Anjali better be careful you are pregnant. Virat says you should be careful about your health. Arohi sees a toy in the parcel. Chawani checks it. He says its a chip. Arohi plugs it in TV. It has ANjali’s video.Anjali said on call kill that boy. A man begged her please don’t kill me. Anjali killed them. Arohi sees the mangalsutra in the woman’s neck. Its her mom. Arohi realizes its her parents that anjali killed. SHe is dazed. Arohi says Anjali is a criminal? Did she kill my parents? She says surekha said everything good about Anjali. Arohi says Surekha come dsit with me. Sorry i get rude to you. Surekha says you are so nice. You hepled me so many times. You were never wrong. Wrong was the guy who..Virat comes in and says surekha I asked you to pack my bag. Arohi wonders who was surekha talking about.Mausi calls deep. He says I will ask that doctor who is anjali who is arohi.Deep goes to Doctor’s cabin. He sees Virat. Virat says what are you doing here. deep says I lost my watch here. Deep says better be careful of your things you don’t get them back once you lose. Deep says I never lose what’s mine.

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