Broken Hearts update Tuesday 16 November 2021

Broken Hearts 16 November 2021: The Episode starts with Rehaan and Ahana arguing. He asks her to see his room, as she likes interior designing, what does she want to change there. She says I wanted to vacate your room. He says see, I m back. Ahana says I can do this again. He says its too tough, this time I have come back with a goal in mind, listen carefully, I know you very well, you won’t be able to break this family, so pack your bags and get ready to go to Laila’s house, you are a guest for few days. Roshni asks Aarav to pick his things, they are going back to his room. Aarav says this is my room, my mom made this for me. She says she can never be our mom, you forgot our mom, how could you give her our mom’s place so easily, you have become selfish. He says I can’t forget mum, I promise, I don’t want this room. She hugs him.

Gupta comes to Laila’s house. Laila says you also believe this right, everything is fair in love and war. He says I will hit back, I will oust you from your house, I mean it, you can enjoy in your house, you don’t have many days. Laila asks him to get out. He leaves.Anant says I m really sorry, you are part of this family, its wrong to change your room without asking you. She says Ahana didn’t do this to insult me. He says you are really good, you are trying to manage the matter, go back to your room, it will be exactly as it was before. Roshni comes and says Ahana made you away from us. Yamini says no, I will always be with you. She hugs Roshni. Anant asks maid to set Yamini’s room like before. Ahana comes. She says you are misunderstanding me, why will I create a rift between you and your children.

He says I don’t want to know your intentions. She asks him not to say such a thing. He says I thought I was wrong, I never thought you would lie to me, you will behave badly with your mum, you will marry me in order to take revenge from your mum, this still happened, you did it, you are not the girl whom I married, I thought you love me, I was so wrong. She says no, I love you a lot, will you punish me all my life, give me a chance. He says first Rehaan, then that video and sending Roshni out, anything would have happened, today this room thing. She apologizes. He asks her to forget it. He says I tried a lot to make things like before. She says it will get fine. He says no, few mistakes can’t be rectified. Ahana says I have to talk about your child. She says I don’t want to listen, I will decide for my children, you won’t be able to fulfill these responsibilities, you aren’t prepared to become a mum. He goes.

Ahana thinks of Anant’s words and cries. Aarav says don’t cry, its my mistake, sorry. She hugs him and says no one is angry with me, I m not crying. Rehaan and Ahana see each other. Anant asks Roshni and Aarav to have food. Ahana looks on. She turns to go. Yamini asks her to come. She stops Roshni from going. Ahana apologizes to Roshni, Anant and Aarav.She says I thought you will get happy by getting different rooms, I didn’t know everyone will get hurt, its my mistake, I should have asked Anant first. Aarav says its okay. Anant asks Ahana to have some food. He passes the food to her. She says I want to talk to you. He asks her to say. She says in private. He says okay. Light goes. Anant asks Karan to check lights. Karan goes to check. Anant and Rehaan also go. Ahana writes her feelings. She thinks my attempts to bring happiness spoiled things, what shall I do that they trust me, I want to get them closer, what should I do.

Ahana meets Saloni. Saloni says you should have scolded Roshni. Ahana says Roshni is a teenager. Saloni says Anant has pampered Roshni, and he is saying you can’t become a good mum, pandit ji said right, Roshni came between you and Anant. Ahana says I didn’t tell Anant till now, why wouldn’t I say it, whenever I go to Anant to tell him that I m pregnant, something happens, I feel Lord is signing, that this baby shouldn’t come in this world. Saloni asks are you mad. Ahana says I always believed this baby will make my relation stronger, now I feel this baby will spoil things, once I prove I m a good mum, Anant will trust me, then my baby will come in this world, you always knew that I wanted a happy family, I will have to sacrifice this happiness for a better future, I will get an abortion. Saloni says no, everything will get fine, this baby is your biggest gift. Laila looks on and smiles. She thinks Ahana is pregnant, she gave me happiness, see how I use this pregnancy news. Laila asking Saloni and Ahana why did they hide the news, she is very happy. Ahana asks her to stop a mum’s drama. Saloni asks Ahana to promise her, she will talk to Anant. Ahana promises. Rekha says my life is getting ruined because of you. He gives her Sanjana’s letter.

She reads that Sanjana had no relation with Gupta, someone has spread the news to defame them. She asks do you think I m a fool, you have bought this letter. He asks her to take the letter to society and shut their mouths. She asks what about me. He asks her to shut up, he doesn’t care what she thinks. She says I know, revenge from Laila is imp than family. He shouts yes, I will ruin her doing anything. Ahana prays in temple. She asks Maa to give her a chance to tell Anant about the baby, else she will believe that she doesn’t want her baby to come in this world.

Maid tells Anant that Ahana is not taking care of her health, she left out without having food. She goes to kitchen and asks Kavita who had Ahana’s breakfast. Kavita says thanks, I had it, I was hungry. Maid scolds her.Roshni hugs Anant and says we will celebrate Rehaan’s birthday as always. Rehaan says its not my birthday. Anant says this day is your birthday for us, you came in our house on this day and filled this house with happiness by winning our hearts. He praises Rehaan. He asks them to have breakfast. Roshni says its party time.Ahana writes that Anant’s children is his happiness, she will try her best to keep them happy, she can try to become their mum, she wanted to tell him about the pregnancy, but didn’t get a chance, this baby will come in the world if he is also happy as she is, if he will love their baby equally as he loves Roshni and Aarav, if this baby becomes a part of this family, only then the baby will come in this world. Anant comes. He asks her to come downstairs, its Rehaan’s birthday. She says no thanks, I had to say something, I have written in this letter, read it after the party. He takes the letter and goes. Everyone celebrates the birthday. Anant keeps the letter on the table. Rehaan cuts the cake. Roshni says now Rehaan will sing for us. They all insist. Rehaan says excuse me, I will just come. He goes to Ahana and gets shocked seeing her. He recalls Ahana. He knocks the door and says I came here to give this cake, have it, its good, I m not going away anywhere. He goes.

Rehaan sings Aye dil na kar…… everyone smiles. Roshni dances with Rehaan. It starts raining. Ahana stays in her room. Anant sees the letter flying out. He goes to pick it. The letter gets spoiled by the rain. He goes to Ahana and says your letter… She asks did you read it. He says sorry, I couldn’t read it, it flew by air and got in rain, you tell me what was written in it.

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