To die for love Update Tuesday 17 August 2021


To die for love 17 August 2021: Tara said to Arohi you thought you can become Tara? I will kill you. Arohi tries to run Tara says it won’t be easy.Deep says Tara wants us not to kill people. But we have to kill Kesari. She can harm us. Roma says don’t tell her about Kesari.Tara says to arohi i will kill you in pieces. Arohi says you can’t kill someone who is dead.Deep knocks at the door. Arohi says deep I am in washroom I will open in a while. Arohi puts hand on Tara’s mouth. Deep breaks the door and comes in. Arohi hugs him and says I was so scared. He says are you okay? She says I don’t know why I wasn’t feeling well. Deep sees broken stuff in the room and says what is all this? She says I was angry. He says I want to talk to you. Arohi says I want to stay alone for some time. Deep leaves. he is about to open the closet. Arohi recalls she hit Tara’s head on the wall and she fainted. Arohi locked her in the closet. Arohi says deep what are you doing.

Please leave me alone.Arohi throws up. Deep says are you okay? He calls roma up. Roma says what happened? Arohi says I dont’ know. she faints. Roma say bindya bring lemonade. Roma smiles. She tales Tara downstairs. Roma says Tara is going to be a mommy. Virat says what.. Everyone is happy. Roma says this child will bring happiness in our lives. Tara comes out of the closet.Roma says the heir of this empire. Virat throws the sweets in anger when Roma truns around. Arohi sees him. Tara opens herself. She tries to come downstairs.

Roma says to Arohi you have to control your anger. Arohi sees Tara in the balcony. She says I want to rest in my room. Arohi runs upstairs and takes Tara back to the room. Tara says you took my husband from me I will kill you. Arohi slaps her nd says shut up. You took my life and my family from me. I will take everything from you now. Tar says I will kill you. Arohi says I am not the old Arohi. She grasps her face and says I will burn you with the fire you turned me into. Even your mom couldn’t recognize that I am not Tara. Arohi says these tears will remind of your sins. Great that you came here otherwise how would you know that I am pregnant of your husband’s child.

Deep says to Roma we should get Tara tested from doctor once. Arohi says don’t you trust me? Aren’t you happy? He says its not like that. I thought you would need medical attention. She says how can I lie about my child. You men don’t value our feelings. he says please listen. She goes upstairs and brings her bag. Deep says what are you doing? She says i am leaving this house. Roma says what happened? Arohi says my husband doesn’t trust me why should I staty here. Roma says stop what happened? Arohi recalls she gave Tara injection. She locked her in the luggage bag.

Deep says I just asked her to get the checkup done. Roma says you need checkup. Arohi says deep isn’t happy about this child. That is why I want to go from here. Deep says I won’t let you go anywhere. DEep says why is the bag so heavy? Arohi is scared.Arohi changes this topic and says you broke my heart. I will leave this city and only come back when my child is born. SHe snatches her bag from him. Arohi says maharaj put this bag in the car. Deep says I am apologizing. Arohi says you don’t love me. I am a burden to you. You are tolerating me because of my mom’s favor. He loves Arohi. He doesn’t want this child because of her. She says put this bag in the car.


Roma says deep what did she say? Deep says I only fooled Arohi. I only love Tara. Roma says go and stop her.Virat breaks things in anger. Prithvi comes. He says mom called that child heir. I am the owner of this house and deep is from the streets. Pritvhi says I am with you.Arohi drives the car and leaves. deep calls her and says stop. She says don’t come anger me or I will kill myself. Deep says I don’t know what to do.Arohi brings Tara back to Chawani’s house. She throws water on her face. She is roped. Tara says how dare you. I will kill you. Chawani says you should have brought her in trash can. Arohi says you stay here and I will have fun in your house. I will break your family. Tara says they are very clever. You can’t fool them idiot. Arohi says we will see what can we do.

Arohi calls Virat in a man’s voice. She says I am your well wisher. Your family is taking your rights from you. Your mom’s heir is about to be born. VIrat says who are you? Arohi says I am well wisher only helping you. Your mom’s so called son Deep is taking everything from you. Virat says shut up don’t fool me. Arohi says he can do anything. He wanted to keep you away from that house. Deep is your real enemy. Virat says who the hell is this. Arohi says to Tara see how I burn your house.

Deep is looking for something. Virat comes and says what are you looking for? Property papers? I know everything. DEep says what are you saying? Virat says you thought you can fool me? Deep says what are yoou trying to say? Virat syas you are plotting it all against me. You want to take this house from me. Deep says how can you even think that. Virat says you are here with a reason. You want to take my wealth from me. He is about to punch deep. deep stops his hand and says you are drunk. Go from here. Deep slaps him. Virat says how dare you. You proved that you are a blo*dy traitor. See what I do to you now. I will send you where you are from.

Roma says what is wrong with Tara. Deep can only handle her. Virat says enough. You are always sayin deep. He isn’t your child. I am. I want to ask you something? Roma says sure. This is my house and you called deep’s child your heir. He wants to take everything from us. Who am I? Deep says you are everyone in this house. No heir is coming. Tara can never be pregnant. This is truth. Arohi is on the gate. Deep says he is changing his plan now. deep says tara can never be pregnant. Arohi is shocked.
Deep says I was looking for these reports. Roma says whats in these reports? They read it and are dazed. Arohi wonders whats there. Deep says I took her to a doctor 5 years ago. He said Tara can never be a mom. Tara was dazed. deep says I was worried how can she be pregnant that’s why I said we have to take her to hospital. I don’t know why is lying. I hid this all from you because I didn’t want to hurt you. Arohi says now I know why Tara was laughing. What will happen now.

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