To die for love Update Monday 16 August 2021


To die for love 16 August 2021: Deep says what blood is this? He sees her bruise. He says how did you get this? This bruise looks deep. Arohi pretends to faint. deep dresses her wound. He says tell how did you get this bruise? She says I will tell you everything. I came after you when you were looking for Kesari. I ran after her and had a gun. She turned my gun and my bullet hit me. He says why didn’t you tell me? She says can’t we end all this blood and all? He says are you Tara? She says promise me you won’t kill anyone again. He says for mummy ji and this family if I have to kill someone I will. He leaves.

Arohi brings Dilip to Kalyani. She says thank you Arohi. Kalyani and Dilip are in tears. Kalyani says I never did anything wrong. He nods. Kalyani holds his hand. she says I wont leave them who did this to you. She is in tears. Arohi says I am sorry that you got stuck in all this. Kalyani says you brought me this moment. Dilip fill her hairline. Kalyani is in tears. Arohi says stay strong. Lets go before someone comes. Kalyani says I can’t get you in trouble. Roma comes there and says Tara what are you doing here? Arohi says look at my dad. What have you done to him. He is this way because of you. I would have killed you.

Roma says deep and virat will handle her. Arohi says I brought dad here so she gets ashamed of what she did. Kalyani hides her face with sindur. Roma leaves.Virat says lets go ask Kalyani truth. Deep says Tara doesn’t want blood in this house. Virat says its okay if she wants that. Take care of her will like that. Roma says I am glad to see Tara like this. Virat says yes its time to celebrate. Roma says my both sons are so nice. They drink together. Arohi looks at them. she says I have to do something. Deep gets a call from Maya’s phone.

Its Arohi she says its me Kesari. If you want this phone and the proof in it release Kalyani. Bring her where I ask you to.Next morning Roma says that Kesari is blackmailing us. Virat says I will kill that kalyani. Arohi says are you crazy. We can’t kill her here. Virat says we will take her out and kill. Deep says if we kill her Kesari wont give us that proof. Virat says she is just fooling us. Arohi comes to her room and calls as Kalyani again. She says come before I take this phone to police.Kesari says last time asking, do you accept the proposal? Virat says how dare you. Deep says we accept it. She says then come alone. Virat says I will go too. Roma says deep is right. He will go alone.

Arohi says to Dilip don’t worry i won’t life your wife die at their hands. I will helpe her she helped me too. i don’t know what to. Dilip gives her a gun.Deep gets ready with his gun. He says protecting this family is my faith.Deep is leaving. Arohi says my hand really hurt. He hugs her and says I will be back soon. Arohi hugs him and says I am really scared. I hope you don’t kill anyone. He says for mummy ji I have to do this. I have to kill that Kesari and Kalyani.Kesari comes to the place. She calls Deep adn says are you alone? He says yes I am alone. Give me the proof. Kesar says you will kill me if I come in front of you. She says come under that tree. Leave Kalyani alone there. deep says give me proof first. I am coming. Deep comes to her. They point guns at each other. kesari says leave Kalyani first. Deep says you think you can go from here? You will die. She says you can’t close my ways.

Take this proof, leave Kalyani and get out. Kalyani walks towards Kesari. Deep picks the proofs. Kesari says lets go. she turns back and Virat shoots her from a distance.Arohi takes her behind a tree. SHe says mausi I wont let anything happen to you. Deep says to Virat why did you come here. Deep says we had to catch her. Deep stops Virat. He says don’t do this. Lets go from here. Virat syas I will kill her. Deep takes him from there.Arohi says I am sorry i couldn’t save you. She says I don’t mind dying. You took me to my husband. Kalyani dies. Arohi screams and cries. Mausi.

Virat and Deep come home. They enjoy wine. Roma says i told you when my kids are together our enemies will die. kalyani is dead.

Arohi comes to dilip and cries. She says I promise you but i couldn’t save her. They killed my brother, his wife and son. And now they killed Kalyani mausi as well. She cries and says I am really sorry. They don’t deserve to live. She picks her gun. Arohi says I won’t leave them. They took everything from me. I will kill them all.Virat says I wish I could have killed Virat as well. Dilip tries to stop Arohi. Arohi says I will kill them today no matter what. They don’t deserve to live. Arohi comes to hall. Deep says lets see the proof in the phone. Arohi says enough you have celebrated enough. Arohi shoots at Virat. Deep stops her and says what are you doing. You were taking your brother’s life? Roma says have you gone mad? Arohi says why are you asking me. I am trying to leave my past behind but you all keep bringing it in front of me.

Virat says kalyani was our enemy. She did this our papa. how could I leave her? And you wanted to kill me for her? You can’t be my sister. She says you are alive because you are my brother and I really love you and that is why I shot in the air. Why don’t you all understand. Deep says Kalyani paid for her sins. Arohi says i left the path of killing people. If you all wanna do this then go kill everyone.

Virat says you are so weird. We all promise we will do what you want. Please calm down. Arohi says okay.Roma says yes calm down. Lets see whats in this phone. Deep opens the phone. It just has Kalyani’s video talking to someone. Arohi says she fooled us. She is doing what we did to Arohi. Roma says how does she know what we did to Arohi? Deep says Kesari can tell us all the story.

This is all related to Arohi. Virat says she has to die. Arohi says you just promise you can’t kill anyone. Arohi says in heart thank God I controlled my anger. I shouldn’t have done this.Chawani calls Arohi and says Tara has ran. Arohi says where did she go? Tara comes and takes her phone. She says here is Tara.Chawani gave Tara food. She pretended like she is dead. Chawani and kids get scared and tried to take her to hospital. She runs from there.Tara takes out knife and says open the door tara. He tries to break the door. Tara tries to stab Arohi. Deep breaks the door and comes in. There is just one Arohi/Tara there.

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