These Streets Update Tuesday 17 August 2021

These Streets 17 Aug 2021: Asmita says I did all this for you so that you don’t have to be with this label of culprit.. He says I what? Asmita leaves. Shan wonders what did she mean? He says I have to find out what did she mean?

Shan comes to Asmita and says you have to tell me the complete thing. How am i culprit? He says I don’t know what are you talking about. Go from here. Someone pulls her hand. She says shan leave.. it’s beauty. Beauty says first name of Shan on your mouth? He is brother of your husband to be. Do you pull every man to you like that? Asmita is angry. she wonders she has heard accent. Beauty says Shan is only Paro’s. She says I can answer you but I don’t wanna disrespect an elder. Beauty says stay away from Shan. I will get you kicked out of here.

Asmita says you are so classless. She leaves. Beauty says I have to keep an eye on her. she can’t be seen near Shan anymore.

Everyone is in jagrata. Paro asks Shan to dance with her. He drops her.. Paro falls on floor. She says shan you dropped me on the floor? Pick me now. Beauty picks her up. A woman says the jagrata stopped because of her this isn’t a good sign. Asmita says in heart please show me a way out God.

Asmita gives gifts to poor people with Shan. He says you have to tell me what you meant. You can’t hide it from me. She says I dont’ understand what are you saying. We will talk later. Shan holds her hand adn says enough. Explain me what it meant. She says when did I say that? He says my Puchki cant lie. They recalls their childhood. Asmita says why would I say that? Ridoy comes and holds Shan’s hand. Asmita smiles.

He says come I wanna show you something. She says what? He says please come. e takes Asmta inside. Ridoy brings Asmita to nevi. She says these are our family bangles. Asmita says in heart how long can I put up with all this. Nevi makes her wear the bangles. Asmita sees the bangles that the kidnapper was wearing. Nevi says do you like them? asmita says yes. She says these were mine now they are yours. Asmita says I have to find out who the other person is in all this. Why would she kidnap her own husband?

Asmita comes and gives the bangles to Khurana. Khurana says only you saw these bangles how can they be used as a proof? This can’t work in the court. She says we are close to explain it. I have to find that man. Khurana says you are being emotional. We need a witness or we need nevi to confess or we need Aru to come and tell everyone himself. She says I will find a way out to solve this case.

Shan is driving. He says I have to find out what she mean by saying i am the culprit. I have to to go to her place. He comes outside her place and sees Asmita in uniform. Shan is shocked. Asmita goes home. He says why is she wearing police uniform?

Shan sees Asmita is uniform. He tries to enter the house. Pathan baba comes on door. Shan says pathan baba. He says I am glad you didn’t forget me. Shan hugs him in tears. He says after so many years, it feels so good. He says I am seeing you as Chanda’s dream. She always wanted you to be a big man. You have come forward in life. Shan says yes. He says Puchki and chanda gave a lot of sacrifices for you. He says Puchki has to answer me a lot of things. He enters the houe and sees someone’s back in police uniform. He turns her back.

Beauty says to Nevi asmita is into shan more than Ridoy. Inquire about how she is.
The one in uniform is someone else. She says yes? Asmita comes. she says what are you doing here? He says you were in uniform. She says it would have been my friend. Her name is Riaa.

Nevi says these are just misunderstanding. Asmita is a really nice girl. Beauty says but your son is handicapped. Why would she say yes to Ridoy? She only said yes for money.

Shan says to asmita what is going on? What did you mean my culprit label. She says don’t you know the answer. You are on bail. You were accused of killing your father. Your mom.. He says are you marrying Ridoy to prove that my mom is culprit? You are doing wrong. She says so are you. Let’s see who is making more mistakes. You may go now. I wont stop you. Shan leaves.

Ridoy says to nevi why are you going with pandit dates? Nevi says I am going to temple. We can’t do any mistakes. Nevi sasy to Shan where were you? He says our for work. Nevi says stay home and see that Ridoy doesn’t go to meet Asmita. Nevi leaves. Ridoy says I met her one month ago on this date. I wanna go to meet her. Shan says but mama said you can’t go. Ridoy says I have to go. ASmta comes near temple. A constable tells her that Asmita comes there every day at 1. Asmita says I have to find out why she comes here.

Nevi comes back. Beauty comes with shagun. It is full of gold. asmita’s parents brought small presents. Pandit ji says call Shan and Ridoy. Servant says they’re both not in room. Nev says where are they?
Ridoy and Shan come to Asmita. She says what are you doing here? it is tilak. Nvi calls them but they don’t pick up. Ridoy says today is special. I fell in love on month ago. Asmita says but nevi said we can’t meet today. He says this necklace is for you. May I make you wear this?

Nevi says to Ravindra they aren’t in room. Where could they be? BEauty says where are they? What’s happening. Call Asmita. They might be at her place. Beauty says to Khurana when you left was that girl with Shan?

Beauty says that girl is after Shan. I am sure Shan and Ridoy went there. She is using both Ridoy and shan. Ravindra says stop saying all that. Beauty says let’s go to her place and check. Ravindra says okay.

Ridoy is making Asmita wear the necklace. It isn’t locking. Ridoy says sorry.. He says Shan please help me. Shan locks the necklace. Everyone comes outside. They are coming upstairs. The necklace isn’t locking. Doorbell rings. Ridoy says let me check. Shan is with Asmita.

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