To die for love Update 18 Wednesday August 2021

To die for love 18 August 2021: Roma says this is why she left and is hurt. Arohi comes back to her car. Deep calls her. Arohi turns off the phone. Roma says bring her back here.Chawani says if they get to know who you are they will kill you. Lets go from here. Arohi says I can’t give up. They killed my family. I will ruin their lives. I can’t run from myself. Chawnai says they will come here. Aroho says I wont go anywhere.

Roma says where is Tara? she says virat did deep bring her back? Virat says deep couldn’t find her. Roma says what are you doing here then? God and find her.
Arohi comes home. Romaa says deep told us those report and said you can’t be a mom. Arohi says do you trust a piece of paper or your daughter? He is fooling you. He doesn’t want to be a dad and face his responsibilities. Virat leaves in anger.Virat comes to Deep and points gun at him. He says why are you both fooling us. Deep says is she back? Virat says this is your plan. You are using Tara. Deep says she can’t be pregnant. I dont’ know why is she lying. Even if we have a child everything will remain yours. Virat says that’s like a brother. Arohi overhears and says I have to do something and make them fight.

Deep says to Arohi why are you doing all this? Arohi says don’t lie. You can’t be pregnant. Arohi says are you ashamed to be my child’s father? You still love Arohi. Deep says she is dead. Why are you lying about this child. Arohi says I can’t be pregnant? He says look at these reports. SHe says he is a doctor not God. arohi says I am pregnant but if you don’t wanna be a father then wait for my next step. He says stop.Virat says to Prithvi nothing is right. If Tara is pregnant that child will always be a danger for me.

arohi calls Virat from the man’s number and voice and says I am your well wisher. Your sister is pregnant. Deep is lying. He wants your wealth. Arohi says done with Laksh. Have to prove those reports wrong.Arohi sends Roma a voice note. Arohi says mom you are a mother as well. I am not being loved when I am pregnant. He doesn’t want to accept this child. I am going to hospital and I will get a medical report that I am pregnant. Then I will get my abortion done. You all will be responsible for the death of my child. DEep says she is fooling. Roma says shut and go there. Save my grandchild.

deep comes to hospital. He looks for Tara. Doctor shows her reports and says Tara is pregnant. She is going for abortion. Deep says how is that possible. Deep says dr. Shrivastav told us she can’t be a mom. Doctor says miracles do happen.Deep says where is Tara. He looks for her. Arohi is in the OT. Deep comes and says stop. This abortion won’t happen. Aorhi says why? He says you can’t kill this baby. Arohi says you don’t want this child. I have taken my decision.She leaves in anger. Arohi recalls she asked the doctor that her married life is in trouble. She wanted to save her life. And asked him to make report. He said I cant do this. Arohi said I will make this video viral in which you harrassed this nurse. He said sorry. She said say sorry to this nurse. And then make report. Nurse said to Arohi you saved us thank you. Arohi says we women have to fight for ourselves.

Deep stops in front of Arohi’s car. He says please I want to apologize. I want this child. I trust you completely. He hugs her.Arohi comes home. Roma hugs her and says how could you do this. Arohi says none of you trusted me. So I went for abortion. ROma says don’t say that worried. God gave you both this happiness celebrate it. She says Tara your birth changed ourlives. This child will be equally lucky for us. I will announce in the party that this child will be owner of half of my wealth. Virat is angry. Deep says what about Virat. Roma says its just half. He will understand. He has to.

Virat comes to his room and breaks stuff in anger. Arohi comes in and says Virat you heard what mom said. she will make my child heir. deep handled the business and in future my child will handle everything.Party preps are going on. Virat says to Prithvi we have to stop mom from doin all this. We have to do some incident that will make mom forget about this decision.Roma says Tara will do the pooja. Arohi does the pooja. Deep recalls what happened in the hospital. Virat nods at Pritvhi. He moves the fire rod and it falls on Arohi. Deep saves her. Everyone is dazed.Deep says are you okay? She says I am fine. Roma says thank God you are fine. Virat says Deep you were taking Arohi’s name. Roma says Arohi? Why did you take her name. Arohi says I told you he loves Arohi. He sees Arohi in me. Deep says Tara calm down. Arohi says you love that Arohi. He is a cheater. Deep says I was worried. Arohi says I don’t wanna talk. She goes to her room.

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