To die for love update Tuesday 14 December 2021

To die for love 14 December 2021: Aarohi, Tara, Virat struggle to get free. Aarohi uses her legs and find sharp object. She cut her rope. Tara and Virat emotionally says that you are aarohi, you can’t kill anyone. Aarohi says you both need to die but not today and free both of them. All three find way to run out. Finally Aarohi say that we need to defuse bomb.? Tara and virat try to open window and ask her its not easy. Aarohi say if death is written than better to try to save ourselves. Aarohi try to cut red wire and she shouts and all see bomb? is defused. Virat and Aarohi try to break door?. Kashyap prasises deep and say that you booked flight and going by ship?. This is called full proof plan. Deep get call that Aarohi, Virat and Tara are safe. Deep ask him to call that person to be out of raichand house.

Tara cut her hand and write deep name and cry over his cheat. Virat and aarohi stop her. Tara ask she always tried to kill aarohi and even child, why she is saving them? Aarohi say i hate you but not more than deep, who even tried to kill? his own child. She ask tara to open eyes? as deep is just used her all time. Aarohi said that she will not allow deep shadow to fall on my child. She ask virat and tara that we need to unite to kill deep, after all Dushman ka dushman dost hota hai. They all three join hand for killing deep.Virat ask his men to get alert and find deep. He see some shadow listening to them. Bindiya is shown running into room. Aarohi and Tara get her on gun? point and ask about details of deep but before that she spray into tara eyes and run away. Aarohi find her phone ?and call on numbers but find 0unreachable. Virat and tara try to stop bindiya but she sit in car and run away. Aarohi come and call on last number. Other side say that meet me at that point and get your money.

Man reach their and try to find bindiya but aarohi hit him and open his scarf. She is shocked to see kashyap. Virat hold him.
Kashyap reach to deep injured and say to him that aarohi, tara and virat did all this, please come with me, i don’t have time, my man will take you at shipyard. Deep goes with him. Aarohi, Tara and Virat come there with gun?.Aarohi confront Deep about his wrong doings and cheat. Virat say now I shall kill you. Deep try to say that Aarohi I never try to hurt you. Aarohi stop him saying you are backstabber, tara and virat snatched everything from me, but they did everything infront and you hurted me always and not even cared for your baby. Tara I loved you blindly but you tried to kill your tara.

Tara confront deep about his cheat. She tell him that I always loved? you, but you always cheated me. Deep say to tara that if you want to kill? me do it, but not before listening to that hidden truth. Tara say what hidden truth? Deep say I shall tell you alone otherwise I know Aarohi shall play game.
Virat and Aarohi warn tara not to trust deep, but tara get week. Deep hold her gun ?and take tara capative by holding gun on his head. He laugh? saying, you are so stupid tara, virat and aarohi asked you not to believe me, but you did.. Ishq me marjawana music??Virat and aarohi ask deep to leave tara..Deep say Love always save me. (pyar ne mujge hmesha bachaya hai) Virat shoot at Deep, but Deep ask him not to do again otherwise I shall shoot your sister.Tara: I hate you. (Main tumse Nafrat Karti hun)?Deep: Hate is another name of Love. Love take life and save life. (Nafart ka Dusra naam Pyar hai) (Yeh ishq kabhi Jaan leta hai or Kabhi Jaan bachata hai)Virat: I told you tara deep never loved you.Deep push tara and run away using bike

Virt: I told you Tara, Deep never loved you.
Aarohi: Deep never loved
any of us, he played with our feelings only.
Tara: He should die, I will kill? him myself.
Ishq me marjawan music?????Deep run on bike and is chased by Virat and his men on bike and aarohi and tara on car. Deep get surrounded and all three hold gun. But deep create bike smoke and run away.Deep bike get stop at bridge type thing and all surround him again.Aarohi: Now you have no place to run away. Now all your lies and cheats are over.Deep smile ?and sit on railing of bridge.Deep: How can you both Kill ?me? You both always loved and believed me. You both always gave me second chance. Uff!! this love. (tum dono mujge kaise maar sakti ho, tumne toh hmesha mujg se pyar kiya hai, hmesha mujge dusra mukka diya hai, kambhkat ishq!!)Aarohi: Wrong, love is your sheild till now, but its our weapon now for your death (galt, pyar jo tumhra raksha kavach tha, aaj vo humara hattiyar? hai)Deep: Why are you both crying? Killers don’t cry.Aarohi: You need to die for my child future.Tara: I shall not spare you, as you never loved me.Deep look tensely below and smile? and spread his hand ishq me marjawa marjawa…????Tara and Aarohi shoot? at him one by one. Ishq me marjawa, ishq me marjawan…???

Deep: People who loved me, gave me death, this is the most precious gift I have got.(jinhone mhjg se pyar kiya, unhone hi maut ka yeh kimiti toffa diya) And he fall down, with aarohi and tara dropping gun.Aarohi shout deep and see him falling and sit near railing and tara sit there.Virat see down and see deep dead.Virat: Now his game is over, no one will cheat you both in love now.Tara: Heart want to trust in love but what we get in return is unpredictable (pyar me waaffa ki khwaish karta har dil hai, par pyar me kya mile kehna mushkil hai)Tara remember deep love and cries.??Kashyap inform Virat that police may arrive at any time, we have just 5 minutes.Virat: Tara lets leave.Tara cries??: I can’t leave, deep is dead there.Virat: Stop behaving crazy, Deep was cheater, he is dead now. Police may come at any time, they will catch aarohi in charge of deep murder. Now aarohi and her baby should live her rest of life in jail.

Virat now turn towards aarohi: We shall go and hide Deep body. You wait here.
Tara and virat and his men leave on bike.
Aarohi get up and goes smriking.
Aarohi knock on door?, Masi open door and say everything is done as per our plan. And get call.? She goes from there.
Tara start pouring Kerosine. Virat ask Tara to calm down but she doesn’t stop and he slap her.Virat: Stop punishing yourself, you did right by killing? deep. Now aarohi is left, we shall kill her very soon. And we shall not trust anyone else blindly now..Aarohi: Finally our planned worked out. Our enemies believed us blindly and saw what we wanted. They know now you are dead.Deep come into lime light and smiles.??Deep: You did good acting, and now no one come in our life and we shall give good life to our child.Aarohi: Even you did good dead acting.Both hug each other and song plays ishq me marjawana…???????

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