To die for love Wednesday 15 December 2021

To die for love 15 December 2021: Aarohi and Deep hug and discuss how they planned to fool Tara and Virat by whole drama. Aarohi ask about his wellness. They both go and meet bindiya and maasi and aarohi say sorry to maasi. Bindiya say she is proud as she took revenge from that tara by this way. Deep say now virat and tara will never trouble us they think I am dead and aarohi is in jail aarohi ask they will not get punished? Maasi ask to forget past and move on.

To die for love 14 December 2021

Tara behave carzy and talk to Deep pictures by shading blood. Virat stop her and ask her to behaving crazy. Maasi call? Virat and tell him about deep and ask for 2 crore???. Maasi say now I shall plan my life with money.Aarohi and Deep get romantic?. Aarohi feel hungry but Deep stop her from eating but say after all our rajkumari want so eat. Aarohi sit infront of mirror and both get romantic again and someone watch them, Deep worries for aarohi and baby, person who turn out to tara, and she remember how virat told about deep and aarohi plan.

Deep ask Aarohi to do packing and lets leave. He say sorry to her and tell I was helpless because of my mother but not anymore. I promise to protect you both. Tara watch them and walk in anger thinking about Deep betray. Tara get very angry? and think how deep can do all this with me? He gave most beautiful gift to that Aarohi. Virat hold her shoulder. He ask her to calm down and think wisely. Tara say Deep cheated me, now I shall give most painful death to aarohi, deep and their baby with in 24 hours. Virat ask her we shall take revenge with full proof planning. Masi joins them.

At Raichand house Masi call ?aarohi and ask about her where abouts and her well being? Aarohi tell her every thing and goes to meet Maa (her face is still not shown). Masi ask about sulekha and kashyap? Aarohi tell they are very active and protecting me by standing outside house. Masi say I know you lost much in life but now move on. Aarohi says, yes I lost because of that face but now every thing is fine.?Masi and Virat talk about their next move but suddenly realise that tara in not with them. Tara goes to kill aarohi using knife?. Virat say she left her gun?. Then he remember how Tara said, either I shall kill Aarohi, baby within 24 hours or shall shoot? myself. Tara see aarohi doing packing and is about to go, but deep come and show her dresses of girls. Aarohi say but what if baby boy come? Deep says we shall try until we have baby girl. Aarohi say but its not good omen to buy clothes before birth of child. Deep pacify her saying Tara was bad omen and she is out now. Tara think about romantic moments spend with deep and say I used to be your world and now I am bad omen.

She is about to attack, but Virat call her and ask her to relex, we shall attack them but not now. Just wait for sometime. Masi knocks on door ?and gift them Ladoos. Masi ask Deep to call doctor for Maa checkup, before travelling. Deep goes and Masi feed Ladoo to Kashyap and Sulekha. She goes to feed to Maa but realise she is in sleeping. Tara and Virat are waiting outside. Then she feed to aarohi. She think aarohi such big fool but aarohi hold gun? on her and ask about her plans as she never ate laddoo when masi denied from eating. Just than tara and virat come.

Aarohi hide holding gun? and Masi fool tara and Virat saying to search aarohi outside. Deep calls? aarohi, but masi lies that its my phone. Tara and Virat goes. Aarohi hold gun? and masi ask for forgivness saying you are going to become mother, I just wanted money, you can’t kill anyone! Aarohi say yes I am aarohi, I can’t kill anyone but ask Masi to eat ladoo for long sleep and you should learn lesson before backstabbing Aarohi and Deep.Aarohi feed ladoos to Masi and she faint, Aarohi take kashyap and sulekha inside. Aarohi call ?deep and tell him everything and ask him return soon. Just than someone throw knifes? on her. Aarohi shout deep.

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