To die for love Update Monday 13 December 2021


To die for love 13 December 2021: Deep says did surekha say something? Arohi says she saw you and she was scared. Why? she wanted to tell me a lot of stuff. You brought her to raichand house. You brought here there and now she is scared of you. Enough. You always lie to me. You have so many faces. What are the secrets? If you want your baby to trust you then tell me. He says a lot of people will provoke you against me. I told you in 24 hours you will know everything. It is upto you if you want to spend rest of the time with me. This of the time that is waiting for us? Or do you wanna live in these questions? Take my hand and come with me for our baby.

Tara overhears. She says deep said the same thing to me. If he doesn’t come back to me I will ruin their lives. Deep makes Arohi sleep.Next morning, Arohi sees deep making breakfast for her. He says I am making something special for you. He makes laddu for her.Virat says to Tara deep is having fun with arohi. Deep comes and says I think of future. Look at this paper. This is our partnership in India’s biggest casino. We can take this business to sky. I know we hate each other but this deal can win us big. Virat looks at the file and shakes hand. Tara says how did you do this? He says when you were doubting on me I was saving our future. I have to go. Tara says I will go with you. Deep says lets go.

Virat says deep not everything can go by your plan. He calls someone and says deep can’t have his mom at any cost. He says you will never know where your mom is. she is a trump card.Arohi wonders what was in the parcel deep hid. She sees the parcel adn sees that it is on her name. Se sees that is an explosive for a bomb. Arohi wonders what it is. Arohi get a note from surekha. Someone asks her to meet her and know all the truth.

Deep hugs Tara. Tara says I know you will never go away from me. He says be like you were. I will give you everything. Deep goes to bed with tara and gets intimate. Tara and Virat get a text. She says in heart I have to leave from here. Tara says to deep I have to meet Virat. She leaves.Arohi comes where Surekha asked her to come. She says why isn’t anyone here? She looks around. Deep and Tara come there too. Arohi says so it was your trap. They all point guns on each other. Surekha sends voice note to everyone. I called everyone here so I can show you the truth with proofs.Virat and Tara look for Surekha. Arohi wonders what it is. surekha comes towards them. A biker comes and cuts her throat. Arohi screams. she picks surekha. Tara takes the parcel and letter in her hand. sHe is dazed. she says these are Mumbai tickets.Aarohi call for ambulance ?and sulekha tell her that all plan is done Deep, I was working for him and when I said no to his work, he did this. Deep has taken gold, Aarohi say ambulance is on way. Sulekha say I am having less time and she breathe heavy. Virat ask tell us more and sulekha dies. Virat talk to tara and say I have his mother and gold, how deep found? Tara get shocked? and you didn’t even told me. Virat say because you have told to deep as you are mad in his love?. Tara say I got message and came here. They both sit in car and leave.

Virat and Tara reach one place and Ask his men about gold and deep mother. Aarohi is put on gun? point and tara and virat confront her. She says she came hiding in their car. And add that deep is behind all this. She say you can talk to him. Virat say to aarohi to call?Deep by your phone by putting it on speaker. Aarohi call him and say deep I am feeling lonely. Deep as I am coming to you and cut phone. She again call but number is switch off. Tara break things and virat’s men capture aarohi. Tara break glasses and see some thing in her phone?. Virat ask his men to shift gold and Deep mom to some other place and say that Tara is mad behind Deep, she will say everything to him. His another man inform him that tara ran away from washroom. Virat slap him.

Tara reach at some place and her sandal slip and deep hold tara, deep hug tara and try to romance with her, tara put gun? on him. Deep say that I told to wait for 24 hours, so believe me I am doing everything for both of us. Someone knock on door, Deep ask Tara to hide for us and open door to find aarohi. Aarohi hug deep and say I knew you will save me and virat come behind her.Virat confront Deep about all his lies, he recieve call and get shocked. Virat hold gun? at deep and ask where he want to leave and why he lied about casino thing. Tara hold gun? at aarohi and say I shall kill your child, aarohi hold gun? at virat and say to tara that I care about my child but not deep so think before doing anything. Deep man hold gun? at tara. (it looked just like gun is their business when they want they get it easily???)

Deep laughs??? and say you can’t win over me as all was my plan since start and spray and all 3 faint. Later aarohi, tara and virat are shown tied up and tara shout deep betrayed me again. Deep talk to them using speaker? and say I told you all that after 24 hours you all will know, and see only some time is left and all will die as i have fixed bomb? too… Deep further says that tara, aarohi and virat clear your misunderstandings and problems as after that you can’t do anything and laughs?

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