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Wedding planners 13 December 2021:The Episode starts with Nandini asking Arjun to take the necklace to Tarun and mortgage it for loan. He says but Shivraj had gifted this to Neelima. She says I m doing this for you, just do what I said. She calls Rati and says Arjun will meet Tarun tomorrow. She tells her plan. Rati smiles. Nandini says I have to make Preeti fall in KT’s eyes. Preeti sees her children’s pics. She shows the childhood pics to KT. He says you are lucky to see their childhood, and also refresh those memories by pics, I didn’t see Arjun’s childhood. She asks him to talk to Nandini and ask for the childhood pics. He says I don’t want to talk about it. He asks her to talk to Nandini, she is Arjun’s mum. She tells about Juhi’s pic. She says parents do a lot for children. She says such things happened with Arjun also, you would know if you talk to Nandini. He goes.

She says I want to heal your wounds, when you and Nandini get together and unite, then your wounds will heal. KT comes to Nandini. She says I knew you would come. He says I want to see Arjun’s childhood, will you show it to me as Arjun’s mom. She asks him to come in. She shows the photo album. She shows Arjun’s childhood pics and shares stories. He laughs. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays… KT smiles. Preeti sees him smiling and smiles. Nandini sees her and thinks of her revenge. Priyanka calls Preeti and asks for Neil. She says ask Neil to call me, I have his imp assignments. Preeti says okay. She goes to Neil and akss him to call Priyanka. He calls Priyanka. He asks why did you trouble Preeti. She asks don’t you want to talk to me. He says you are going away. She says I had called to say that I m not going, you are very imp for me. He asks really, did you see Kusum’s happiness, how will you tell her, don’t lie, its too late. She asks him to come home tomorrow and know if she is saying the truth.

KT comes to Preeti and asks her to wake up from sleep, he has to talk to her. He tries ways to wake her up. He tickles her feet. She wakes up and says don’t do this again. He laughs. He runs after her. They fall on the bed. They have a moment. He says I wanted to thank you, I spoke to Nandini on your saying, I got to know a lot about Arjun, I felt like I have seen Arjun’s childhood, Nandini told me how much he missed me, I feel good, thanks. She says I m glad to see you happy. He says kids are such, I love kids, we should have kids, there should be many kids in the house. She asks what, our kids. He says I meant lovely kids, I mean Neil will have kids, I told our kids by mistake. He laughs. She says you always keep smiling, it looks good. He says I m happy that my smile keeps you glad. He goes. She thinks I have to explain my heart that you will never be mine.

Its morning, Preeti washes her face. KT comes. She says sorry, your toothbrush fell down. He laughs and says its fine, if we get angry on small issues, then clothes will be jealous, don’t worry, we won’t get stressed, else we will get wrinkles, I have made a secret formula, I made aloe vera and kesar pack, it will make me look good, I will make one for you also. He goes. She says he has become old KT now, cheerful, superstar KT, I wanted this, that he becomes joyful like before.  Arjun coming to Tarun at the bank. He says I want loan. Tarun thinks he is KT and Nandini’s son. Arjun gives the necklace. Tarun says okay, show your id proof. Arjun says I don’t have it. Tarun says we have to confirm if you are over 18 years. Arjun says I m 17 years old. Tarun says sorry, you have to get your parents for their signatures. Arjun goes away. Tarun says listen, take the necklace. Rati comes and says you forgot the tiffin today, wow, whose necklace is this. Tarun says KT’s son got it.

KT says I will make til papdi for Preeti, she used to love it, but stopped having it. He tells the story. Neelima says ask some servant to make it. KT says no, I want to make it for her, she does a lot for me, you can help me by guarding the kitchen, Preeti shouldn’t come here. Sneha says sure. KT says I love you mom. Neelima says love you too. They go.Rati asks are you sure, he is KT’s son, why does he need money. Tarun says yes, why did he come here. She says you should go to Preeti and tell her, he would be in stress about his parents. He says we should not get into their matter. Rati says you should do this to get raised in their sight, you will be blamed later, you don’t forget that Preeti is Mrs. Tibrewal now. He says yes, I will do something. Rati calls Nandini and says our plan has worked.

Tarun meets Preeti. She asks how are you. He shows the necklace. She asks how did you get it. He says Arjun got this to office, he wanted loan, I asked for ID proof, he left it and ran away, I will go. He leaves. Preeti calls KT. He says sorry, I can’t answer your call, I will meet you personally. Preeti asks Sneha for KT. Sneha says KT went to office. Preeti says fine. Nandini looks on. Neil comes home. He sees Kusum sitting sad that Priyanka isn’t going abroad. Kusum asks Neil to come. Neil asks what happened. Kusum shows Priyanka coming with a foot sprain. He says she got hurt. Neil recalls Priyanka’s words. He thinks she had fractured her leg to avoid going to US. Sneha says necklace is nowhere. Everyone worries. KT says relax, necklace would be at home itself. Nandini says we will check CCTV footage, we will know who had come and who left. Shivraj says right. They check the cctv footage.They see Tarun with the necklace. Sneha says even Rati came to meet Preeti, she was pressurizing Preeti to give a job to Tarun in our company. Neelima says Preeti wants to make place for her children, she just wants the money. Preeti says Tarun didn’t steal, the necklace is here. Neelima asks how did you get this necklace. Preeti says I want to answer KT in private. Neelima says its easy to do magic on KT, you have to answer us. KT asks Preeti to tell the matter in front of everyone.

Preeti says listen to me once. Neelima says it will be easy to convince KT, we will make a fake story to save your son, its enough. Preeti says my son didn’t do anything. Neelima asks who did it. Preeti says Arjun did. They get shocked. Preeti tells them everything. Nandini says enough Preeti, how dare you blame my son, Arjun was with me all day shopping. Arjun says you are blaming me to save your son. Neelima scolds Preeti. Arjun asks KT can he steal something, answer me. KT says I know you can’t steal, Preeti would have some misunderstanding. Preeti says Tarun told me. KT asks did you agree to that, we can’t trust Tarun, the man who can’t respect his mom, how can you trust him. She says my son isn’t wrong today, he came to give me this necklace. KT says Arjun can’t steal it, what’s the need.

Preeti says maybe because I stopped you from giving him 30000rs, you should explain Arjun. KT says Arjun doesn’t need money, you stopped me from giving 30000rs, I gave him 60000rs, he doesn’t need money. She asks do you know the result, you are spoiling him, you are mature. She says Nandini, you should explain the value of money to your son, and show him the right path. Nandini says don’t cross your limits. Neelima says we all know your upbringing, your son had thrown you out of your house, I feel your lecture on upbringing is a joke.She says Preeti doesn’t like Arjun, own blood is own, stepson is stepson. Preeti asks KT does he think she is against Arjun. KT says no, I trust you completely. Neelima says you mean Arjun did the theft. KT says no, I trust Arjun and Preeti also, Preeti loves Juhi and Tarun, I m sure she cares for Arjun also, what we feel from heart can never be a lie, I can blindly trust Preeti, she can’t lie. Preeti thanks him for trusting her. Neelima says prove that your son didn’t steal it.

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