To die for love Update Monday 23 August 2021

To die for love 23 August 2021: Caretaker takes Niku. Arohi says he won’t go anywhere.. Niku.. Deep says forget these things Tara. Arohi says I will kill him. You go and take care of that Arohi’s family. She goes from there. She says I will find you niky.Constable says to Virat ddeep left the hospital. He says I wont leave him.Chawani says to Arohi why would deep keep him alive? Deep doesn’t say no to anything to what Roma wants. I think he isn’t as bad as he looks. Maybe he has a nice heart. arohi says he is a devil. You can’t understand him. He only does bad things. There must be some game behind keeping my family alive. I feel like Niku was brought in front of me to realize if I am Tara or Arohi. My Niku thought I was Tara. I have to find him. Why did he keep Niku alive? What is he doing to him?

Virat says to constable give me my phone. He calls roma. Roma says how are you? He says I was hit here. She says tell me who did this. Virat says get me out of here. She says deep is trying. He says mom you have to do it yourself.Arohi comes back home. She recalls everything that happened. She says what is Deep trying to do? Arohi comes to her room. Its all dark. She opens the light. Deep hugs her from behind. He says love’s light is enough. He comes close to her. He says tonight is night of love and romance and of promises that weren’t kept. He lits candles and comes close to her. Arohi says what promises? He says don’t be so hasty. She says first tell me why is that kid alive? Why did you hide it from me. He says you are only asking about niku I thought you would ask about his mom as well. I can’t tell you about them because I don’t want you in trouble. For our baby we have to away from tension. Arohi says don’t tell but I can tell mom. she stands up.

Deep holds her and says stop Tara. Don’t bring mummy ji in it or I will have to kill Niku. If i do that all of that sin will go to our baby. She says you still love Arohi because you care for her family. Deep recalls his moments with Arohi. Arohi says did I say right? He says how do I tell you Tara that Tara never talks like that. She says what do you mean? He holds her and says if you were Tara Virat would hve known my now. He caresses her face. She says I didn’t tell Virat because I don’t want him in more trouble. If something happens to niku it would affect our child. He says I thought you did that to save your husband. Thats why I was saying these are not Tara’s words. She says I don’t want another problem in the house. You are not the old house. that Arohi lives in your heart thats why you took Arohi’s name. He holds her hand and says yes I took Arohi’s name not because i love her. But because you re not Tara. Arohi is dazed. She says who am i then? Deep says Arohi. Arohi is shocked.

She leaves his hand. Arohi laughs and says Arohi.. Deep says don’t laugh. Whom are you laughing at? At me, yourself or Arohi? She says my doubt is not right. You kept that kid alive because of Arohi. You might have kept Arohi alive as well. You see Arohi in me. Why. You are looking for enemies that we moved from our way. Arohi.. Right. you see arohi in me. Deep says in heart this is right that I am looking for Arohi. Eyes say that you are Tara but heart says you are Arohi.

He says before looking for Arohi in you I would have killed myself. She says I wont let that happen because you are my husband. I loved you the most in my life. She takes wine. Deep says you can’t drink because you are pregnant. I loved you all my life and always will. I will live all my life with you with our baby which will have no fears. You wanna know why I kept niku alive. I felt like if Arohi ever comes back and attacks us we can use Niku as bait. Aorhi says verry nice. you forgot that dead people don’t come back. you kept him alive because he and his mom are related to Arohi. You love Arohi.I feel like you don’t think Arohi is dead. deep says in heart yes I don’t believe and I will go to jail to find out.

Arohi calls Chawani and says Deep is going to Khani. She knows everything about jail. She knows what happened to me.Deep calls in jail. Inspector says she is dead. Khani was with her. Deep takes Khani’s address. arohi is scared. DEep says to Arohi till morning everything will be clear between us. THere will be no hidden truths.Deep hugs Arohi and says till evening we will know each other better. Arohi says in heart I have to stop deep from finding Khani.Deep is leaving. Roma stops him and says where are you going? He says for work. Roma says Virat is in jail is there something more important? Deep says inspector said no to his bail. I have sent application in court. Roma says if you can’t get him out till evening I will do that. Deep says I will do everything.

Roma calls home minister. Arohi takes the phone. She says deep doesn’t care about Virat. He should do all this not you. Roma says where is he? Arohi says I don’t know he is going for his personal work.Deep comes to Virat. He says see who is here. DEep says I am trying my best. Virat says you did all this why would you let me out.Arohi comes outside Khani’s house. She calls Chawani.Deep says trust me. He says I can only trust you if you get me out. Deep says I will do my best.Arohi and Chawani are outside Kahni’s house. Deep comes there as well.Arohi knocks but hides. Deep is inside. He comes out with Khani and says who kncocked? She says must be kids. Deep and Khani go back in.Arohi says I saw deep’s foot print on the door. CHawani says what will happen now? Arohi says Khani knows everything about me. I don’t know what is she telling Deep.Deep asks Khani there was a girl with you in jail Arohi. What happened to her? He gives her a lot of money. Khani says she was so scared in beginning. she was locked in dark room but came out of there as well. She became so strong. Once a minister tried to use her. She ran from his house and blackmailed him. Deep says that means she ran from jail. Arohi hears it.

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