To die for love Update Friday 20 August 2021

To die for love 20 August 2021: Arohi says okay i will go and get sonography done. He says I couldn’t give you time. We will go together. She says okay we will go together. He says I have taken time from the best doctor of time. Arohi says I am getting checked from a doctor. Deep says no we will go the best doctor. Arohi says let Virat comee home. He says I wont sacrifice my child’s health. We will go there.Deep says to Arohi close your eyes and tell me what do you see. Arohi says i am really worried for Virat bhaiya. He says Virat can fight circumstances. Lets sleep now. Arohi sleeps. At night, she gets a call and goes out. Its chawani. He comes out.

He says I was really worried for you. Arohi says deep is taking me to a new doctor. He says tell me the name. Arohi says i don’t know the name yet. Chawani says don’t worry. Deep sees Arohi’s shadow in the garden. He comes there. Chawnai hides. Deep says what are you doing here at this hour? She says I wanted to breathe in fresh air. I came for walk. deep says I know everything. She says what? he picks her up and takes her to room.Deep says to Arohi get ready. We are going to the doctor. He says if Arohi’s bhabhi and newphew are alive and I have to kill them will you let me? she says no. I am sick of murders and everything. He says I knew you would say this.Arohi sees picture of Niku and Ritu. She says I wish they were alive.

Arohi calls Chawani and says is it done? He says yes done.Prisoners make fun of Virat. He fights with them.Arohi gets ready. She hears deep talking on call. deep says he has fever and you didn’t take them to hospital? Take him to the hospital i am taking tara to. Get him the best treatment. Arohi wonders who is he talking about.Arohi and Deep come to hospital. They sit in waiting area. Deep gets a call. Chawani texts Arohi a video of thugs beating Virat in jail. Arohi smiles. The thugs feed him cockroach like prisoners did to Arohi.Arohi and deep go to the doctor. Arohi is worried.

Deep takes Arohi to the clinic. Deep goes out and says please check my wife. Deep goes out. Arohi comes out she sees Deep in another patient’s room. Deep says I will brings medds. Will he be okay? Doctor says he will be fine. Deep says who is he talking about? Arohi sneaks in. Its a little boy. Arohi wonders who that is that deep is getting treated. Deep goes out. Arohi looks in. Its Niku. Arohi is shocked.Arohi recalls Deep said he killed Niku. Doctor takes Niku somewhere. Arohi runs after him. Deep is looking for Arohi. Arohi gets in the room with Niku and locks the door. The man says someone took the baby’s hand and went inside. Deep says who is inside.

Arohi hugs Niku and says are you okay? I am your Arohi bua. I really missed you. Everything will be fine. No one can take you from me. She says you have fever. Where is your mama? He is just silent. Arohi says is she okay? Niku steps back. He runs away from her. Arohi says Niku stop. Deep comes in the room but Niku ran from the back door.Arohi says Niku its me bua not Tara. Please stop. Arohi runs after him. she says I am your arohi bua. See my phone, you used to play games on it. I am your arohi bua. I am alive. I ran from the jail. Niku recalls Tara killing nikhil. He is silent. Arohi sees Deep. She puts hand on Niku’s mouth and hies.Arohi sees Virat in the same hospita. She is scared. She hides beneath a bed. Arohi says what should I do? She hides with niku. Deep is looking for Niku.

Deep sees Virat and says how did all this happen? He says because of you. You couldn’t get me out. The same girl who was involved in the video against me did this. They hit me. Find out who she is and who is supporting her. deep says I came here for Tara’s checkup. Virat says I know where she goes. you wont let me come out of jail because of it is your benefit. Deep says don’t say that. I will get you out very soon. Deep looks for Niku. Arohi runs with Niku. She says please go home with me I will explain everythign. Niku runs. Arohi looks for him everywhere.Virat gets his dressing done. He says to constable these wounds will heal and I will become your senior again. You will pay for all this. WIll you help me? He says sir I can’t do this. He says my mom can get your promotion done. Constable says what will I have to do? Laksh says find out people who attacked me. He says they came from outside and posed as prisoners. Laksh says I will find them. Find about the girl and kidnap her. My mom will help you. I want to know who used her. Who invited her in the party.

Niku’s caretaker asks him who took you? Niku is silent. Arohi picks a scissor and tries to attack the man. Deep comes and says Tara what are you doing. You said you don’t want to see blood. Niku says in heart I knew this was tara not by bua. Arohi grasps his collar and says you lied to me. You said you killed him how is he alive. Why did you fool us.Constable brings thugs to Virat. Virat beats them and says who gave you money to beat me? He says she didn’t tell us name. She juts gave us money. Virat says tell me or I will shoot you. He says we will tell you. Deep called us and asked us to do this. Virat is dazed.

Arohi says tell me where is his mom? Is she alive too? Say something. Where is Arohi’s bhabi. What is going on. He says I can’t tell you. She says you are protecting that Arohi. Because you love her. You fooled us. He says I can’t tell you anythign right now. He asks caretaker to take the child from here. Arohi says he won’t go anywhere.Virat says Deep? He says yes. Deep asked us not to take his name ever.Deep says leave the child. Arohi says I will take this child with me. Deep gives niku back to caretaker.

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