To die for love update Tuesday 24 August 2021

To die for love 24 August 2021: Deep says what happened when she ran from jail? Khani says police went after her and killed her in encounter. Deep says where is her dead body? She says I don’t know I was in jail. Arohi says thank God. i am sure not deep believes I am dead.Arohi comes to Roma. She says doctor checked me and told me my baby is in good health. He asked about his dad. I said he didn’t come because he wasn’t ill. Roma says he was working all day. Hear the news. It says Virat will be released today. Roma says see what he did. Arohi is dazed. She says Virat is coming back. I am sorry happy. I will meet him. DEep says I will come with you. Roma says let siblings celebrate together. We will prepare celebrations. Arohi says I wont let this happen.

Virat says to commissioner thank you for helping. He says its okay. Arohi comes there. Virat says tara.. She hugs him. He says I missed you so much. Where is your husband? She says home. Commissioner gets a text. He is dazed.Roma says send commissioner a pretty gift.Virat comes out. All media is there. They have the video. Virat says this is a conspiracy. Inspector arrests Virat again. Commissioner says we have to do this Virat. We have media pressure. Arohi says leave my brother.
Roma says this is what you did? How did this video go to media. Who made this video? Deep says I don’t know how this happened. Roma says you are so useless because of you my son’s life will ruined.

She slaps him. Roma says someone came to my house and recorded this video. I want my son here or I will shoot you. She slaps him again. Roma says get out and do something now.Arohi says to Virat someone from home helped that girl. Who recorded that video. Virat says i know who that is. Arohi says tell me I will kill him. He says I will tell you once I am out. She leaves. Virat says before telling her I should be sure if I am telling deep’s wife or my sister.Arohi comes to Deep. Deep says how did the video go viral? Who did this? She says I did. He says you? She says yes you think I do everything. You think I am responsible for all this. My brother is in jail and my mom is stressed. You don’t care. You keep asking me questions. You leave me alone all the time. Tell me where is arohi’s family.

You went to meet them today. He says you want to know who did I go to meet? I went to meet the girl who was in jail with Arohi.Arohi says what did she tell you? Is Arohi alive? He says I need to fix your mood before telling.Deep takes Arohi somewhere. She says where are we? He has planned a date for her. He says I am doing all this for you after so long. Miss the old times? Arohi recalls when deep took her for the same date.Deep says when Virat is out I will take out on holiday to shimla. Arohi is dazed. He says shimla is the place where we had so much fun. We trapped that Arohi. They sit down.

Waiter gives them drink. He says this juice is very healthy for you and baby. Arohi drinks it. He says you wanted to know why I kept Arohi’s family alive.Their life is worse than what arohi spent in jail. She says I am coming from washroom. Aorhi is in tears. Deep picks the glass and says it will tell me if Arohi is alive or not.Aohi wonders what deep is upto. She realizes her glass wasn’t ther when she left the table. she calls chawani and tells him. Arohi says get Tara’s fingers on the similar glass and I will replace it with the one deep has before he sends it for testing. Arohi looks for the glass and deep comes. She sees the glass and hides it. Deep says what happened?

She says you never make me happy. He says what happened? She says I want my fav cake. He says I will bring it. She says no I wanna eat right now. He says okay I will bring it.Chawani comes to Arohi and shows the the glasses. He says i got Tara’s finger marks on it. Arohi says thank god. He says go and replace it. Arohi goes upstairs. Deep follows her. Arohi pretends like she is looking for her ring. She replaces the glass.Deep says your gift. He holds her and says give me sometime. Arohi and deep eat the cake.. Arohi faints after eating the cake. Arohi says he gave me something in the cake.Arohi texts chawani. Deep takes her to room and says you need rest. he takes the glass out.deep gets a call. Chawani says I will tell you a secret.

Your wife is fooling you. Deep says who are you. Arohi changes the glass. It breaks. She collects it and comes back to her bed. Deep comes to room and sees her asleep.At night, Arohi is asleep. Deep comes and throttles her. He says you have to die. I will kill you. I should have killed you in jail. You thought you could fool us. Arohi wakes up and realizes she was dreaming.Arohi hears deep saying what was the result of test? He says what the hell. I want those results at any cost. Arohi says what is he talking about.Arohi comes after him. deep says good morning. Did you have a good sleep? I will make all your life pretty. I will fulfill all my promises in sometime.

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