These Streets Update Thursday 26 August 2021

These Streets 26 Aug 2021: Sangeet starts. Asmita sits with Ridoy nd Paro with Shan. Ravindra performs. A girl says Asmmita could find a better guy. Paro and Shan come to perform on dilbar.Nevi gets a call. She goes out. ASmita sees her and follows her. NEvi says don’t call me today is my son’s sangeet. You have to handle Aru. If he runs like last time I wont laeve you. Asmita says I have to find out who does he talk to.

Paro comes close to Shan while dancing.Asmita says next performance is of Nevi and Moushmi. Nevi says no it isn’t our turn. Moushmi says it’s okay lets go. ASmita says let me keep your phone. Nevi reluctantly has to give her phone. Nevi and Moushmi dance on dola re.Asmita comes upstairs with Nevi’s phone. She takes the number from it and calls from another number. SOmeone picks. She hears the same song on the call. Asmita sees downstairs.

She can’t find anyone with phone. Asmita says who could it be? She checks her messages. Nevi comes and holds her hand. She takes her phone. Nevi says what are you doing on my phone? She says I had to make video to record the dance. You look tired. ASmita leaves.Asmita says to aditya I sent you a number from Nevi’s phone. Find out who that is. Shan sees them talking.

Ridoy says Asmita this is for you. He sings for her. HE starts dancing. While dancing he falls from stairs. shan runs towards him but he faints.Ridoy is on bed. Shan says why did you have to do these stunts? Doctor says he isn’t fit. You have to postpone the wedding. Nevi says you are so injured. I don’t want this wedding if ti isn’t good for you.Bua says even doctor is asking you to stop this wedding. Ridoy says what is she saying.

Nevi says he is right. If this wedding harms you then I can’t accept it. Ridoy says what are you saying.. She says I am right. All these things that are happening you and Asmita being together might not be right. Asmta leaves. Ridoy says you hurt her. Why did you have to do this. He breaks things. Doctor gives him anti anxiety injections.Asmita says I feel so bad to Ridoy. I hope he understands my intentions. I don’t know what to do.

I can’t marry Ridoy. Khurana says Chanda was seen near a road. Asmita says nevi is behind all this.Bua says this game is going as I planned. Paro says there should be no more drama. Beauty says Chanda is under my control and I will keep an eye on Asmita. Countdown has started. You will Shan’s wife in a few days. They will be paid back for what they did to me.Ravindra says to Shan here is your suit. He asys where is mama? Ravindra says she is confused if Ridoy should get married or not.

But you are getting married. Shan looks at Asmita’s pictures. The song tarap tarap kay plays. He burns all her photos.Shan says I and you have no relation. You will be Ridoy’s wife only. I wont let you hurt and kill him. This is what fate decided for us. I will lose you forever.Chanda puts her hand on the candle. She says I wont move until you unite San adn Puchki. I will lose trust in you if they are separated.

Ridoy says I am fine. Everyone thinks this wedding isn’t good. Do you think the same? Shan says are you crazy? There is no such thing. He says you know you are my strength. I know you will fulfill your promise. It is 12. I know you will get me asmita married. You will see me dead if don’t get married. Shan slaps him and says it is my promise that I will bring Asmita to the wedding.

Shan comes to Asmita. He says this is bridal dress for my brother’s wife. I am asking you for something for the first time in life. If you say no to marrrying Ridoy you will see my dead face. Please marry him.

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