To die for love Update Monday 20 December 2021

To die for love 20 December 2021: Tara ask but how we both will do this? Virat say as we are not alone.. Kashayap come and they both goes on flashback how virat called ?kashyap, kashyap trapped aarohi.. And all plan everything (1 week se 24 hours end nhi hue)… Deep think ?please believe me aarohi, I shall save both of us as well my baby and we all stay in hilly? areas, seeing pics in mobile…he says just hear me once and everything will be fine… Kashyap call? deep and inform that aarohi is not ready to meet him, she will kill herself and might abort child.. Deep deny his words saying aarohi can’t do or say this…kashyap ask him to go and check.. Deep say she love her child so she will not kill herself or baby, he goes from there… Kashayap say we cleared stage 1…

Aarohi come to that place and think about deep words.. Aarohi think? why my heart think to believe deep but mind says no… Tara shoot? at her, but virat say just shoot? on sides so that we can get her to that place where we planned….Someone come infront of Deep car.. People gather and create secene… Lady turn out to be sulekha, as kashyap striked deal with her to have countless money?… Deep say sorry and try to go, but people doesn’t let him go…Aarohi reach near cliff and get kashyap call?, he tell deep want to kill you, just hear that recording… Recording says deep say that I can’t let aarohi and baby go away, she can’t play with my future… Aarohi get shocked?… She think? what to do, to leave or to stay?? Finally stick to stay and listen to deep… Tara repeat her 24 hours line again… Deep ask people to take lady to doctor…

Deep aarives at same place and see aarohi standing near to cliff and think is she planning to jump?? He walk towards her and hold her hand.. Aarohi ask him to leave, when tara pull rope and aarohi fall down from cliff… Aarohi think deep did what he wanted, he killed me..he is devil.?.. Deep think why aarohi did this? Why you killed? yourself?? Ishq me marjwana marjawan….??? Deep walk towards cliff and virat send kashayp to him.. Deep try to jump when kashayp stop him saying aarohi killed? herself in her zidd.. Deep says I did everything for my aarohi, my love and my baby, now both are dead, I shall die too… Kashyap say no, she died herself in anger?, she killed your baby and herself to keep you in guilt…Baba treats Arohi and says only miracle can save her.

Deep is drinking. Tara comes to him. She says control yourself. I don’t know how can Arohi do this. The person who loved her so much, she took all his dreams. She took your baby with her too. She took her own life so you never see your baby. Deep says leave me alone. Virat says we can never find her body. There is a forest there. Deep leaves.Mausi says to Surekha I know what to do with deep virat and tara next.

Arohi wakes up. Her body hurts. She screams. A little girl says di don’t try to get up. It will bleed. She calls her brother. Her brother comes in. He puts Arohi on bed. Arohi screams my baby. The man says her stitches are bleeding. The old man says she is very strong. Anyone would have died. she has will power. The man says she isn’t going to die. She has a long journey to go.Deep is looking for something. Tara says what are you looking for? he says Singhaniya file. Tara says you need to rest. He says I am fine. Dont’ behave like I need sympathy. And ask Virat to arrange my meeting with them. Tara says of course you are fine. She is gone from our life. She hugs him and says we will live like we used to. Just us. Deep smiles. He says past doesn’t come back. Move forward in life. He leaves.

Arohi opens her eyes. She sits and screams. aroi says my baby.. She sees people dancing outside. Arohi goes to the Yodha and asks him where has she seen him before? Arohi says you saved my life. All this.. You dressed my wounds right? He doesn’t answer. arohi says how did you bring me here? And my baby.. How is my baby? Please answer me. The person who treated me must know how is my baby? Please answer me. Is he okay? The old man says you have lost your baby, daughter. Arohi is shocked. Aroho screams and cries. She says this can’t happen. Arohi says this can’t happen.Arohi comes in deep’s dreams adn says I will kill you. Deep wakes up in shock. Tara comes and says Arohi is dead. sHe is gone. Deep is going out. Tara says I will come too. Deep says you wont come with me anywhere. Deep goes to the jungle.

Arohi asks the guy you never speak. You are from city but why are you in this jungle now? He says this isn’t jungle. The city is jungle where dangerous animals live. We have peace here. Arohi says I have to go back. I met everyone. Thanked them for helping me except for you. Thank you for saving my life. I am going. He says where will you go? Arohi says to the man who took my baby from me. A man says but you are still weak. He says let her go. No one will stop her. arohi walks out.Deep is outside the jungle and says I will find you Arohi. Arohi walks in the outskirts. Deep is near her. Arohi says my child was my reason to love. You took him from me. I wont cry anymore. They will. Arohi sees Deep. She hides behind a tree.

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