To die for love update Friday 17 December 2021


To die for love 17 December 2021: Doctor inform aarohi to be careful in future, I shall inform your husband.. Aarohi think?? whats going on in Deep mind? Doctor inform deep that she is fine.. Deep goes to meet her but aarohi is gone.. He ask nurse but doesn’t get any answer.. Deep find aarohi outside…Aarohi reach her home and think to go very far with mom and dad… She open door and get shocked to deep holding gun?, and think deep falled so down that he wanted to hurt my mom and dad..and closes door?.. Deep ask someone to throw gun?, he turned out to be virat man, deep shot his hand.. Outside aarohi get scared?, she make sound and divert deep attension.. She take her mom and dad and lock deep.. Deep say please believe me, I am the one to save you.. Aarohi goes and masi ask her to take her car? and go away.. Aarohi ask whom she is helping deep or tara/virat?? Masi say I am only saving you and your child, its upto you.. Aarohi take her car and reach someone.. She ask that person to take mom and dad.. She ask them to go..

To die for love 16 December 2021

Her dad say that your face look alike gave us so mich pain, and you save us, now I know you are our aarohi, and we can’t let you fight alone.. Aarohi say please be my strength not my weekness and she ask them to go… Aarohi decide to put deep behind jail..Virat ask tara to stop and believe me for once now 8 hours are left.. Please believe me…tara say not until I see aarohi dead body..Aarohi goes to temple and pray to goddess maa and remember all cheats done by deep.. She say that tara is not but deep is my biggest enemy, please bless me so that I can take revenge and cut her finger, applying blood. …just than knife? fall.. She think what does this mean? Aarohi think I know I am troubling my child, but please let me take revenge from deep and tara and virat!

Tara open door? and think again she is saved.. Virat say she is all alone, we need to find her..Aarohi ask goddess maa to help to chose right path: either for child future or to take revenge.. Flower fall ?and aarohi realise (how I didn’t get) and say I shall go away very far and to live for my child future, and will forget revenge…Aarohi walk on road wearing burqa, deep stop her and ask her why she is behaving like this?? Aarohi say I heard everything what you said to tara and Kashyap.. She further say you are walking on two boat and will drown for sure… You are doing this for child, I swear I will not let you see child face.. Deep hold her and say please believe me, I will not you hurt or our baby.

Aarohi uses injection? and put on Deep neck.. She remember that how nurse talked saying that this injection make paralatic for some time, they go and aarohi take injection?… Deep ask what you have done??? Aarohi say I am not killing my baby father, but just making you paralatic.. Now you shall never see me or my baby…Deep say don’t do this aarohi.. Aarohi say I was doing wrong till now but not now, you shall not see my or baby face now… She goes.. Deep say please believe me, I can only save you..

Virat scold his men and ask them to find aarohi soon, otherwise I will kill? you.. Virat ask tara to have patience.. Tara say I gave 24 hours to kill? aarohi otherwise I shall kill ?myself.. Virat say please believe me… He call someone and ask to do job.. Aarohi is walking thinking about past a few days secenes… Virat men see her and run behind her.. Aarohi hide on terrece.. Men search her and all hear aarohi voice..they run away… Aarohi think how come sound came from that side.. Kashayap say I did this.. Please come with me.. Aarohi say why should i believe you? Kashayap says Because whatever I did, I do for money?? but I too care for Baby as I have too lost it… Both goes before virat men see them…
They reach at some house, aarohi say thanks to kashyap and tell him that she forgive for all what you have done.. Kashayap say I shall go arrange everything…

Aarohi relex and see tara and virat.. Tara say you need to die, you need to go away from deep and my life… Aarohi throw pillow and try to go, but strik with dining table… Tara say you lost so soon, but aarohi pick red chilly powder and throw on them… Aarohi run??‍♀ away… Tara say Why you didn’t shoot? her?? Virat say we shall catch her as she is pregnent.. Tara repeat her lines of 24 hours (kitni bar bolegi, kaan pakk gye sunn sunn kr, iss se to kud ko maar hi le??)…Deep say if anything happen to our child, I will not forgive you aarohi.. Aarohi think that she will save her child… And she hide… Tara and Virat come there and try to find her, they go in different direction…just than aarohi phone? rings and both hear and come back.. But before that she goes away…finally Deep gets fine and he calls? aarohi… Finally aarohi pick call and ask him to stop troubling her.. Deep say please listen to me atleast for baby, you listened half truth…. Aarohi say I have no strength now, you are just like snake? who can kill their loved ones for their personal benefits… Deep say please let me tell you full truth, please one last time and meet me at Kandala cliff…aarohi think should I believe or not?

Tara is there too.. Tara has seen aarohi and is about to shoot ?aarohi, but virat stop her.. Aarohi run.. Tara repeat her lines again.. Virat say we shall kill? aarohi but not by our hands, rather by creating misunderstanding… Tara say I am not interested in your plannings.. Virat say have patience…we shall kill aarohi but letting her think that Deep killed her and letting Deep live with guilt that Aarohi killed herself and baby in her zidd… I have planned everything… Tara say why should I do this? Virat say because Deep always protected aarohi and asked time from you, and there should be big reason for this… They both fooled us with death drama And now we shall do drama but death will be sure.

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