Wedding planners update Tuesday 21 December 2021

Wedding planners 21 December 2021: The Episode starts with Preeti calling KT to tell Nandini’s truth. She gets his number off. She worries. She says why do I feel that something wrong is going to happen. KT thinks I will win Nandini’s trust and get close to her, I will find out why she came back after 17 years. Nandini asks KT to take her to destiny building. He says its an inauspicious place, people say that …. She says its suicide point, we don’t listen to people, later it was called lovers point, the building didn’t complete till now, we can go there and revive memories. He says of course. She thinks you will jump down and die, your family will mourn for you, your fight with Preeti will be blamed.

Preeti says it means Nandini is going to do something, how shall I find out where is he. FB shows KT coming to the office. Preeti says you are late, you lie a lot, I feel embarrassed by your lies. KT says I m habitual to get late, I can’t see you upset, I have installed GPRS system in my car, you can track me anytime, you get friendly with the technology. FB ends. She says car GPRS…KT and Nandini reach the building. She thinks its time to take revenge for Ravi, you will die and people think you committed suicide. They go to the terrace. She says I won’t let you die this way, my life’s motive will get over, how will I stay alive then. KT looks down. Nandini holds him. She says I forgot you are scared of height. He says no, I just feel dizzy, I m KT the superstar, I m fine. Nandini says you were the superstar before. He asks why did we come here. She says its time to take revenge for the past. He asks revenge, what are you saying. She says one should fulfill the last wish of the dying person, if I fulfill the killer’s wish then. He asks what. She says I want you to give your life today. He asks what are you saying. She pushes him down. She says good bye Keertan….

KT falls down and dies. Her imagination ends. KT asks where are you lost, what did you think now. She says I m just thinking. She thinks of Ravi. She tries to push KT. Preeti comes there and shouts KT ji. She runs to KT and pulls him away from the edge. He asks what happened. She hugs him. She scolds Preeti. She asks KT to make Preeti leave. Preeti says stop the drama, I know you got to know about our drama. KT asks what are you saying. Preeti says yes, she didn’t drink that wine and acted to faint, she had removed the camera tape, she knew we are acting, she is very smart and dangerous, don’t know why did she come here, she has made college Principal shut his mouth by threatening him, we can’t keep her home. KT says you are right, Nandini, you do good drama, your game is over, pack your bags and leave.

Nandini says you think I will easily leave if you say, never. He says I couldn’t understand you, you would refuse to my love and run with someone else, you are so dangerous. Nandini smiles. KT says I don’t know why did you come, what you want to do. Nandini says you will never get this answer. KT says I don’t want the answer, just leave the house and never come away. She says Arjun is living there, if I live, he will also go with me. He says he is my son also. She says he will stay where I tell him, its your house, your decision. Preeti says she knows Arjun is your weakness, make her out of the house. Nandini says think again KT. She calls Arjun and says pack your bags, KT doesn’t want us to stay together. Arjun says okay, I will stay with you. Nandini says Arjun will leave you, you decide it now KT, you won’t get Arjun ever. KT recalls Arjun and says I can’t lose Arjun. Preeti says she knows this, so she is waiting to strike her, don’t let her stay in the house, she is using Arjun, don’t know what is her motive, just make her out of the house, I promise, we will talk to Arjun and convince him, please listen to me, just make Nandini out of the house. KT saying I know your concern, Nandini is wrong, but I m helpless, I can’t live without Arjun.

Preeti says Nandini knows this, she is playing with your emotions. He shouts yes, I m emotional, try to understand, this is KT, I m a foolish emotional man, who can go to any extent for family, Arjun is my son, he will stay with me. She asks him to understand Nandini’s motive. He says Arjun will stay with me, I accept if Nandini stays with me. He leaves. Nandini says I know how to break down KT. Preeti says a new fight will begin now, your truth has come out, you won’t hurt KT, I will protect him as a shield. She leaves. Nandini says its time to kill your husband, your life will be colourless as well like mine, it will be just darkness in Tibrewal house.

KT comes to Arjun. Arjun asks why are you doing this, I was hoping that my mom and dad will be together, but you asked mom to go away, why can’t I stay with you both, why am I so unlucky. KT says you are not unlucky, I can do anything for you. Arjun asks can you leave Preeti for me and make mom your wife to complete our family. KT says I can do anything, but not this, sorry. Arjun cries. KT asks can you accept Preeti as your mom, it will also complete our family. Arjun says Preeti is your wife, she can never be my mom. He goes away. Preeti looks on.Kushala asks Shivraj to buy a land for Arjun. He says when KT introduces Arjun as his son, we can announce about the news. Shivraj says its great. He asks Sushant to check the land around the temple. Sushant says it will be good. Kushala asks him to buy the land. Sneha says Neil is also a son of this family, Kushala doesn’t consider him. She says Kushala is like my elder sister, she will understand, I know Arjun came after 17 years, so she wants to give him all the happiness, but I feel really bad when she doesn’t think about Neil, is this right.

Shivraj says Sneha is saying right, we forgot that Neil is also the son of this family, Sushant we made a mistake. Sushant says its nothing like that. Kushala asks how can you compare Neil with KT and Arjun, you know Neil isn’t our blood, we know Sneha adopted him from her sister, why is she demanding her rights. Sneha says but I have accepted him as my son, is blood relation everything for you. Kushala says yes, blood matters the most, we did a lot for Neil, don’t expect more. Sneha cries. Nandini comes and says I was showing old albums to Arjun, I got KT and Shivraj’s pic. Kushala says its Kuldevi puja puja. Nandini says why didn’t Arjun and KT do this puja. Kushala says we forgot, we will keep this puja tomorrow on Makar Sankranti, we will call the press there and cover the puja, I will call the pandit there. KT says fine. Nandini says I will tell Arjun. Preeti asks why this suggestion now. Kushala says Nandini saw the pic and suggested it. Preeti thinks Nandini is targeting KT, I will not let her succeed. Nandini thinks KT will end his life, Preeti can’t do anything. Preeti thinks what does Nandini want to do. KT comes. Preeti hugs him and cries.

She says Nandini may hurt you, I m scared. KT asks her not to worry, very soon Nandini will be out and Arjun will be with them. She asks him to wait. She goes. Nandini throws things. She says Preeti saved KT today. She gets Ravi’s ashes pot. She says I will not lose, I will not leave KT. Preeti ties a protective thread to KT. She says this will always protect you, promise me, you will never untie it. He promises. He says I don’t need this, because you are my protective shield, I m worried for Nandini, she is fighting you. He asks her to smile. She smiles.Nandini and Arjun get ready. She says you look the best, 10 on 10. Arjun hugs her and says thanks, love you. He leaves. She says Arjun is a fool, KT didn’t let me leave the house because of Arjun, Arjun has become KT’s weakness and my strength, see how KT will die today because of his foolishness.

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