To die for love Update Tuesday 21 December 2021

To die for love 21 December 2021: Arohi sees Deep and hides. He says why do I feel like she is close? Arohi runs. She screams. Deep hears her voice. Arohi comes back to the village. Deep comes there and looks for her. Arohi is locked inside a door. Yodha comes adn says this isn’t your home. Deep says I am looking for someone and I will find her. Yodha says but you will have to face me before that. He fights with deep. Arohi looks outside. Deep says did some girl come here injured? He says yes a girl came here injured. But she left. She isn’t here anymore. deep says what happened to her baby? Yodha says the baby died. Deep leaves.

Yodha comes to Arohi and says after years I have sen someone who has same will power as me. I will teach you to be a fighter like me.Baba gives Arohi medicine. Arohi says to Yodha please teach me how to do this. I want to take revenge from people who did this to me. They always fooled me. she tells him everything.Deep says is Arohi alive? I have to find her.Arohi says to yodha I want to be strong like you. Someone no one can stand in front of. He says are you ready for this? She says yes.. He says okay go and stand there on one foot. No one will help you. Arohi falls. He says you can’t even stand properly.

Mausi stops deep and says where were you? He says who are you to ask me that? Mausi says you can’t treat me like servants anymore. Deep says I paid you more than you deserved. This house is mine. I can kick you out anytime. Deep is leaving.Mausi asks her man did you follow deep? he says yes. She says we have to control deep and show him that there are other players too.Yodha says no one will help her. Let her keep standing there.Virat asks deep about the deal? He says answer me. Deep says stay out of my business. Virat hits him. They hit each other. Tara stops them. MAusi fires in the air and says stop.

Mausi says keep standing there. You two trusted me and I used you. You are very useful to me. Do what I ask. Tara says how dare you threaten us. Deep says we paid her and she thinks she can rule us. Mausi says you wanna know what can I do? One phone call and your story is over. Deep says she is only scaring us. Call who you want to call. She calls someone and says start the work. Deep and Tara are fainting. Mausi says if you listened to me this wont have happened., Poisoned injection will make you like a dead body. She asks her men to pick her up.Yodha says to Arohi today is your first training day.

Yodha is training his trainees. He asks Arohi to pick drums and fill them with water. She says these are so heavy. He says so is your revenge. Arohi takes the drums on her shoulders.Virat Deep and Tara are in store. Tara says I will keep her. she was feeding on our leftovers. I wont leave her alone. Mausi comes in. Virat says how dare you. Mausi says keep tied up there. Your hands can’t move. You all look like insects. Don’t stare at me Tara. You can’t scare me. The game has changed. I have your control. Deep says you think you can stay alive after all this? Mausi says better care for your life. How long will you survive here? You wont get food or water. No one knows where you are. There is just one way. If you listen to me I can get you your life back. Come with me Deep. There is a work for you. Deep says I don’t take orders. Specially from my servants.A man comes in and stabs Virat’s thigh.

Virat screams. Tara says how dare you. I will kill you. Mausi says deep if you don’t listen to me, they will have to keep screaming like this. I wont injure you because you have to come with me. But these two insects will die here. The make takes out another dagger. Deep says stop. Don’t harm them. i am coming with you. Mausi unties deep. Deep leaves.Virat says to Tara is deep fooling us with her? Tara says he can’t do that.Arohi comes back with drums. She says I can’t do this. You are making me do all this and people are practicing with weapon. I want to learn them not this. i don’t have much time. Yodha says so you are hasty? Come with me. He punches a wood and breaks it. He says now do the same. Arohi punches but it only hurts her. She says do you have boxing gloves? He asks a kid trainee to break it. He breaks without anything. Yodha says good. He says you saw. The kid never gave up the wood had to. You can’t do all this. You are wasting time. You only talk big. Arohi says I will do what you ask me to. He says then go and fetch the water.

An old woman comes to Abhi (yodha) and says she is weak. She can’t pick that weight. He says I know but she doesn’t have time. Arohi sees baba teaching a little girl about Ma Durga’s weapons. He says Ma Parvati became Ma Durga to kill Maheshasur. She is inside every woman. You just need to know about power and you will be like ma Durga. And then you have every weapon to kill the devils. Arohi practices with other trainees. They all hit her and she falls down. Arohi says I should be given a weapon to protect myself. I am not an expert like you. He says your weapon is within you. You don’t know how to use it. remember the person who played with your life and gave you all this pain. This of all that and bring your weapon out. Baba teaches the little girl the weapon is within us. We don’t need another sword. Arohi hears that. She says I can’t give up. I have one reason to live. End Deep’s name. I loved and trusted you. You took everything from me. I wont leave you. She makes a scarecrow and says you will be in front of me. I will see my enemy in you.

The little girl brings food for Arohi. Abhi stops her and says she wont eat or drink until she breaks all the woods. Arohi is trying to break all the woods. He says don’t miss the target. Your real target is a living moving human. Abhi does arti with rest of the trainees while Arohi tries to breaks the woods. Arohi breaks all the woods. Abhi says well done. He gives her first weapon and says I will teach you tomorrow how to use it. Arohi stabs it in Deep’s scarecrow.

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