A magical love story Update Sunday 15 August 2021


A magical love story 15 August 2021: The Episode starts with Aman asking Roshni to stop using Chotu. She says no, Chotu has seen the snake, maybe the snake has hypnotized him like it did to her. Aman says I want to know the truth, not any stories. Roshni says I always told the truth, please trust me. He says fine, Aliya is Haiwana, she attacked you, why is my mum in the hospital. Dadi and Phupi ask him to listen to Roshni. Aman says its our mistake, Ayana will protect our family, my mum needed her, and she left her, I m Jinnat King, the most powerful jinn, my powers can’t save my mum, why, because I trusted Roshni.

Dadi says Roshni is Ayana, she can’t be wrong, what’s the reason Roshni, tell us. Roshni says Salma was in trouble, she called. Aman says you left my mum. Roshni says sorry, Parveen told that I can go to my mum. He says she told and you have left her, we have seen her state, she needed your protection, you didn’t call you and left, you always make mistakes. He gets a call from doctor. Doctor says Parveen slipped in coma, we don’t think she will ever come out of coma. Aman drops the phone. Dadi and everyone ask what happened, is Parveen fine. He cries and goes to Roshni. He says I told you not to leave my mum and go, why did you do. Roshni says Salma wanted money, I tried to arrange it. He says oh money, its always money in your story, money comes fast for you, I brought you here and changed your fate, but I couldn’t change your class.

Roshni asks what are you saying, doctor called, what did he say. He says he has told me about my mum, its none of your business, Parveen was right, that upbringing will show affect. Roshni says Salma’s life was in danger. He asks what about my mum, you could have informed me, she was weak, she disliked you and you left her alone. She says we have gone through this before, its not like it appears, trust our heart connection. He says mum’s connection is with the first heartbeat, doctor said Parveen is in coma and will never recover, you don’t deserve to be here, don’t call me Khan baba again.

Roshni cries and says you love Parveen. You are reacting like this, but we will… He says we are you and me now, you leave this house right away. She says everything will get fine. He says my mum is in coma, some mistakes have no forgiveness or punishment, our relation is broken, go and never come back. Saiyyan…plays…Aman takes Roshni out of the house. Their moments are recalled. Salma comes and holds Roshni. Aman asks Roshni to never come back. Paas aaye….plays…. He shuts the door. Roshni breaks down. They recall their moments. Salma pacifies Roshni. She says I will go and talk to Aman. Roshni says no, you won’t go, I can’t tolerate your insult, he doesn’t want to see my face, I will fulfill his wish. Salma says don’t say this.

Roshni says relations happen between equal people, he made a favor on me, he insulted me before also, every girl should select self respect than love, one who can’t respect you can’t love you, I will never go to him, everything is over.Aman driving somewhere. He thinks of Roshni and Parveen. He stops the car. He gets angry and turns into a devil. The car flies and falls down. Aman cries and sits there. Kahani hamari….plays…. Roshni and Aman stay sad. They think of their moments. Roshni gets her hand burnt while boiling the milk. She cries. Baazigar comes to Aman. Roshni bakes the cookies.

She gets heartbroken. A year passes. Salma is ill and sees Roshni upset. Roshni pretends that she forgot Aman. She runs to take care of Salma. She talks cheerfully. Salma smiles.Roshni says my loan will get passed and I will soon have my bakery. Aman beats up a guy at the club. He goes. Roshni buys medicines. She thinks I will get a bus ticket in this money, I have a box left. She sees a lady begging. She thinks to go home by walk. She gives the money to the lady.A black cat comes out of the soil. It disappears. Aman calls Baazigar. He leaves from the club in his car. The black cat lies there. Aman comes to the hospital. He says I m waiting for you to open your eyes, its been one year, I hate Roshni and myself, I hate myself that I believed Roshni, she broke my trust, she wasn’t suitable for me, please just once, open your eyes, I promise I will never leave you alone. He gets sad and leaves. Kahani hamari…..plays… Roshni comes there to see Parveen. Aman passes by. Roshni cries. Nurse greets her.

Roshni gives the cookies box. Nurse says you are getting this gift for me since a year, I don’t even your name. Roshni says I just want to know her state, knowing my name isn’t imp. Nurse says her state isn’t better, you come here every day and pray for her, how are you related to her. Roshni says I m not related to her, but she is related to me. Roshni leaves. Aman doesn’t see her. Watchman asks him to take the car ahead, an ambulance is coming. Aman leaves in his car.

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