To die for love Update Friday 13 August 2021

To die for love 13 August 2021: Roma slaps Maya and says how dare you doubt my daughter. Arohi says she is doing all this because I know her secret. She wants to insult me so I stay silent. but i wont stay silent now. I will tell everyone. She shows them her video of being romantic with Prithvi. They were talking ill of Tara and Roma. Deep says Maya you called mummy ji witch. She gave you such a good life. Virat says if you were not my aunt I would have killed you. And you Prithvi.. Roma says if my sister is so unloyal she would do this. Maya says I did so much for you. I acted like a puppet. I ruined Arohi’s life for you and I am selfish. You are the most selfish woman in the world. Roma says let her speak.

This is the last time. Get out of this house Maya. Arohi says get out of here. Maya says Prithvi say something. How can you do this? Arohi grasps her face and says I will burn you if you are seen near this house. Get out. She kicks her out of the house and locks the gate. Arohi recalls when Maya said I will burn you and locked her in the trunk. Arohi says to on the gate you deserve this for your sins. Maya is in a shock.Arohi does arti. She says thank you God. This was the first major step.Arohi meets Chawani. He says Kalyani is inside. Arohi hugs Kalyani. Maya is recording their video. Arohi says how are you? She says good. Arohi says tell me you didn’t know who I was? She says no I got to know about you when I came out of jail. I got to know same people ruined our ,lives. Arohi says what did they do to you? What papers do they talk about? She says I am Dilip Singh’s first wife. Arohi is dazed. Maya says I will show this video to Roma and she will know its Arohi not Tara. She falls down. Arohi runs out to check. She sees Maya.

Arohi and Kalyani run after. Deep says what if Maya tells anyone about Shimla? Virat says we should kill her. Deep says we can’t keep killing people. Roma says Deep is right. Maya needs a lot more from this house. She would try to come back. SHe wont tell anyone. She calls roma. Maya says she is coming. Roma says what? You are not coming back here. She hangs up. Maya says what should I do? Roma says go and find Kesari. Find her instead of Maya. Maya calls Deep. He says please don’t disturb me. Maya says they will kill me. Deep says who? She says i am in jungle. Kalyani and.. Her phone cuts. Deep says Kalyani and Kesari are trying to kill Maya I think.Maya is running on the road. She comes in front of a truck. Arohi says stop. Give me that phone. Maya says I will expose you. Deep and Virat are on their way. Maya comes in front of a truck and it hits her hard. She falls down.

Maya is lying on road all bleeding. Arohi says you got punished this way I never knew. This justice is done by God. He does justice every time people like you ruin lives of people like us. You did so bad to me. You fooled me into thinking you are Deep’s mom. You deserve this. they will all pay for their sins. Maya says you will bad days as well. Your countdown has started. I told them you are Arohi not Tara. No one can save you. Deep and Virat are on the same road looking for them.Deep and viraat see Kalyani. She says you can’t catch me. She runs from there. Deep says that means Kesari is nearby too and so is Maya. Maya says deep is nearby. No one can save you. Arohi sees deep at a distance and hides. Deep sees maya. He says who did all this? Kesari right? She says not Kesari.. She..

She points and Arohi. Arohi hides behind tree. Deep says did Kesari run there? Maya says proof. He says what proof? She points towards her phone. Deep sees the phone. Deep is about to pick the phone. Arohi hits hi head and he falls and faints. Arohi runs from there. Kalyani is running and Virat is after her. Vira catches her.deep in subconscious mind shoots. It hits Arohi’s blood. Deep later comes to Virat and says Kesari was somewhere here as well. i couldn’t see her face. She got hit by a bullet. Virat takes Kalyani with her.Arohi comes to house and cleans her blood.Virat throws Kalyani in Roma’s feet. Virat says here she is. Virat says where is Tara. Arohi is cleaning her blood. She hides her hand under sari. Virat comes and says Tara Kalyani is here.Deep says to Kalyani tell us where Kessari is. She says Kesari is here.

Deep says what? laksh slaps her and says where is Kesari? She says this house is mine. And look at this coward son of your Roma. He can’t even slap properly. This house is mine and dilip is my husband. Virat says what are you saying. Kalyani says your mom took my husband from me. Roma says how do you call him your husband? She was against my husband as well. She did all this to him. Kalyani says you liar. Virat says shut up. Stop lying. She slits her wrist adn says where is Kesari? Deep says let me handle her. Virat says shut up.

Adhi says you can’t make a puppet anymore. He shoots himself. Devi was pretending all this. Kesar calls home. Virat takes the phone and cuts it. Virat says how can you do all this to devi? She did so much for you. Kesar says I am a mother and I can do anything for my child. Virat says devi and adhi are married. no on can part them. Kesar sits there in tears. Virat says your plans have failed. Devi sent these fruits for you. She considers you her friend. Virat says shut up I don’t like this all.Virat says aren’t you enjoying all this Tara? Arohi says i enjoy seeing her in pain. But you know blood worries me. She goes to her room. Arohi says I don’t know what to do. How will I get out of trouble. Deep comes in. she says I don’t wanna come downstairs. I can’t see blood. Deep says I am thinking about Kesari. She ran with a proof. Once In find her I will kill her. Arohi says don’t talk about killing or I will go back to my past self. He says calm down.Deep sees someone’s blood on a cotton. He says whose blood is this? Arohi is tensed.

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