To die for love Update Tuesday 28 September 2021

To die for love 28 September 2021: start with Aarohi in taxi and thinking what all had happened in her life and even feeling guilty. She see temple and goes to pray, she pray to durga maa and say she is feeling bad as she has killed someone. though deep was needed to be punished for killing innocent people and framing me, but you (durga maa) to killed culprits and punished them. please give me strength and now I shall live my life in betterment of nikku and chawani and his friends and will go away very far. Temple bell? start ringing aloud.

She turns to go, when panditji stop her saying, its very bad that you didn’t apply tikka and not taken prasad. She say sorry and take it. Pandit ji apply tikka and get scared seeing her forehead and say that if you are thinking that sun has rised and new day will begin than u are wrong, now you should face more problems than ever, Durga maa give you courage..Aarohi get in tension and try to call chawani but his phone is unreachable. She reaches their hostel and get to know that they are missing since 2 days. Aarohi shout on him and reach home.

At Home Virat, Roma, Prithavi and roma’s husband welcome her, thinking her tara and hug her. Roma than convey her that its bad news from London that deep is dead and we should stay silent for 2 second and start laughing aloud. Aarohi as tara throw things and shout that deep was my husband and u are doing this. Aarohi killed my deep..Roma says that she should stay calm, Deep was never with her (tara), he was only bearing her due to her (Roma). She further add that she gave deep upbringing, and he returned favour only. Aarohi cries thinking what deep said, that she don’t know truth.

Roma further says that Deep was not ready to ruin aarohi by marrying her but we forced him, after that they planned outing, so that they can kill aarohi’s brother, and deep got so angery, but we stopped him.
Roma adds that he never killed aarohi’s bhabhi and niku and never let us know, we came to know when you brought niku here.Aarohi recall all incidents related to bhabhi or Niku, and deep words that you can kill me and I pushed bhabhi and niku from clif and she cry.. and think that her bhabhi is alive and tara lied her all time?????.. she ask than why they married to deep? and Why you do not told me before?

Roma say so that you do not turn old tara..
Prithavi bring wine?? and they all drink and go, Roma ask Aarohi to mourn for 2 days as he was your husband and than back to normal.Aarohi cries in her room and recall all moments. Roma call her to give surprise. Surprise was Prithvi and Virat bring fainted Niku.Virat says see Tara. The last part of Arohi’s family is dead too. Arohi looks at Niku’s body. She is dazed. Arohi screams and falls down. She faints.Arohi is in her bed. She dreams of Niku being killed. Arohi says it was a dream. I hope he is fine. I have to find him. Chawani video calls Arohi. He says there is surprise for you.

Niku comes on screen and speaks.. He saysv how are you? Arohi is in tears. She says niku? Can you speak? Chawani says he will be fluent soon. Niku says did you look for mama? i miss you and mama. Please come back. Arohi says I am coming back soon. Chawani says deep has got to know about his mom. Please come back here soon. We are running from here. Arohi plugs in USB. Deep is playing with Niku in it. He plays and talks to Niku. Arohi smiles. Deep was kind and nice to him. Arohi says I am sorry Deep. I got to wrong. I should have not done all this to you but Niku. Thank God he is speaking now. I have to find them. Arohi runs downstairs.

Virat says to Roma they can’t find him. Niku’s dead body is hidden. Aorhi is dazed. Arohi hides. She comes to Dilip and says they killed Niku. How could they. She screams. Arohi says I couldn’t understand deep. I dont know what to live for when Niku is dead too. Dilip points at Deep’s picture. Arohi says Deep is not here with us anymore.Arohi prays for Deep’s peace. She prays for Niku too. Arohi wears a white sari. She comes to Roma. Roma says what happened to you? Arohi says deep was my husband. I should be sad on his death. i am praying for niku too. Virat says are you crazy. Arohi says deep didn’t want him to be killed but you are a beast. Virat says what are you then? Roma says if deep was alive you would have been in jail. He saved Arohi every time. Tara says he saved me too. Roma says he was selfish. I gave him everything but he kept Arohi alive. Virat says he was a puppet. Arohi says he was husband and I loved him. she leaves. Arohi comes to her room and sees the sindur. She recalls her marriage with deeo. Arohi says I couldn’t see the truth behind you.

she is in tears. arohi says I am sorry deep. sindur falls. Arohi sees a tile lose on floor. she takes it out and sees her photos with deep. Deep has hidden them there. Her handkerchief is there too. Arohi says I knew you would keep it safe. She is in tears. Arohi reads a letter. Deep wrote I am so helpless Arohi. I never wanted to trap. I know you wont believe but thats truth. I am so unlucky. I had true love but I couldn’t save her. After sending you jail I realized what I lost. i don’t know if live will give me a chance to apologize you. I am your sinner. the first time you saw me I was the same person as you saw me. There was nothing lie. I was dead without you. You gave me love and trusted me. I failed to protect you. I don’t deserve you. But I promise I will always take care of Niku.Arohi is in tears. Deep comes and says Arohi come here.. she runs and hugs her. She realizes she was just imagining it. She sees deep everywhere and runs after him. arohi screams deep.. Roma says he is dead. Arohi says he is alive in my heart. Roma says I will burn everything related to him. Virat brings his stuff. Arhohi says no please dont do this. Pleaase don’t burn things related to him. Virat burns them. Arohi screams no.. She picks out things from fire.She says deep I can’t even tell you I really love you. Roma says she will forget him soon. A man comes in. He has deep’s picture on his face. Arohi is dazed.Its deep. Arohi is shocked.

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