To die for love Update Monday 27 September 2021

To die for love 27 September 2021: Deep looks for Tara everywhere. Tara comes. Deep says where did you go? She says thank God you are here in front of me. She hugs him. He says what are you saying are you okay? She says yes. Tara says I feel free from that Arohi and everything. She says I will tell you something very important. Deep gets a call and says whatt.. I am coming there. Deep says Tara I have to rush somewhere. Its very important. Tara says we have to go back India. He says why? She says I will tell you deep leaves. She says I will go home and meet everyone in the home.

Chawani says to Nikyu get ready we have to go. Niku writes in book mama. Chawani says I don’t get what you are trying to say.Chawani says don’t worry your mom will be back we will dance together. Niku laughs. They both dance and play together. Tara comes home. She says I will celebrate today. I will live my memories back with deep. How dare that Arohi live with deep and sleep with him. I will burn everything. She takes her luggage out and burns it. She takes out Arohoi’s passport to burn it too. Deep meets Steve. He says you wanted to talk about something urgent. Steve says the gun I gave you is not licensed. Please return it. Deep comes home and says Tara where are you?

Tara is breaking stuff in anger. She says Arohi is dead. Deep says what are you doing. Arohi says that Arohi is in London. She called and challenged me. Deep says what.. She said she will send me back to Inida. Deep says what.. He says the one I met was her. Arohi says she said she will kill me. i will kill her. Deep says where do we have to meet her? She says the location. Deep leaves. It was Arohi. Arohi says I will come with you. She can harm you. Deep says I know waht i am doing. Arohi says we will kill her together. Deep says you can’t kill someone here. Arohi says you are not taking me because you want to save her. Deep says are you crazy?

he leaves. Deep comes to location where Arohi called him. Deep says Arohi where are you? Arohi says deep I am here. She says you thought you are so clever. i am here in front of you. He says Arohi? Arohi recalls she came to the road when Tara gave her injection. She called Steve to give her meds and water. He says I work for anyone who gives me water. He called Deep so Tara couldn’t talk to him. deep says then where is Tara? Aorhi says I came to London with you. I was me living with you all this time. Deep says you are lying. She says yes I lived with you every moment. I stayed in your house as Tara. She tells him all that she did. She says you thought I can’t play your game on you? Your sins could never be forgiven. I made you shoot Tara. I lied that I love you. I hate you with every inch of em. How many proofs do you need?

I dont’ care how pure is your love but all I know is that you have lost. I wanted you to love so that I can break you eternally. She says I only hate you and my hate is pure. Deep says you played your game well. Then where is Tara? Aorhi says don’t shout. She tells him how she has locked Tara is a closet. Tara said I wont leave you. Arohi put tape on her mouth. She says you thought you could give me poison and I would die? Arohi gave her the same injection. Tara said you can’t even kill an insect. Arohi injected it in her but stops. Tara says you can never be as brave as me. Arohi locked her in the closet. Arohi says you took everything from me but you I wont kill you. You will live and suffer every moment. I will kill the monster who started all this.

Arohi locked her. Arohi says you will never know where your Tara is. Arohi says you sent me to jail even after knowing what happens to a woman in jail. Arohi recalls all that happened to her. arohi grasps his collar she says I have died then why did you come to my life. But now I am here in front of you. I will take my revenge. He says i have no regret of what I did. I did it for my family and that was my faith. Now tell me where is Tara. Arohi says you will never know. He says you are not the Arohi i knew. Arohi puts gun on his chest. Deep is shocked Arohi shoots Deep. She recalls moments with him. Deep reaclls the life he lived with her. The gun falls from Arohi’s hand. Deep falls down. Arohi says my revenge is done. She leaves. Deep closes his eyes. He dies. Pankti sees someone in mask. she runs from there. She looks for Ahan everywhere. Pankti is confused. She sits down and cries Ahan.. she realizes she was dreaming all this. She is in car with Ahan. He says what happened? She says nothing. He says its a beautiful city right?

She says yes. Thank you so much for all this. He says we will have fun here. Vikram says to Manav do you know where kyra works? He says yes she wants to be independent. He says why can’t you work in JNT? She says I want to work on my own. He says you are stubborn like Ahan. Roma says to Virat and prithvi what you thought? You will plot all this I wont know? Virat says I dont’ know what you are talking about. ROma says I have do some much for this empire. I will rule this. Whoever messes with me will die. Prithvi says you killed Vedika. she says yes i did. She came in my way. Prithvi has recorded it. Virat says come in. Police comes in. Roma says how can you do this. Virat says you will pay for it. Police arrests Roma. She says leave me. Prithvi says pay for your sin now.

Police takes her. Aorhi says where am I. never thought I would do this. I wish deep never came into my life. It would have been so beautiful. I would have married Vishal. I wish i could see the devil in you, I wont have been here today. I loved you and you ruined my life. You killed my bhabhi too. I killed you I had to. i ended what you started in Shimla. She says where is my bag? She looks for it. She says where is my passport. How will I go back to india. Arohi sees a man talking on phone about Ahan and Pankti’s concert. He comes to her and says why are you crying? My name is Viranj. Here is my card I am indian. arohi leaves. Ahan proposes Pankti in a street of london. arohi calls Pankit. She says I need your help. Ahna says I am coming. Lets go to consulate. Arohi says thank you for being here. Pankti says we are coming don’t worry. Tara calls arohi. She says you thought I would die?? Where is deep? Arohi says i wont ever tell you. If you loved him you would have known he is dead.

Tara says that can’t happen. Arohi says your shivering voice guves me peace. YOu lost. Tara says you can never go back to India. A man stops Arohi. Tara says these are famous killers here. they will kill you. arohi runs from there. These men surround her. Pankti and aHan come. They run. Arohi says they were here to kill me. They are Tara’s men. Ahan says lets go from here. Pankti and Arohi run from there. Arohi says thank you for your help. Pankti says what have you decided next? Arohi says I will go away from Niku and Chawani and go away from here. Ahan gives her all her documents. Arohi says I would have been so worried if you two weren’t here. Arohi says I saw Viranj here please be careful. She leaves. Ahan and Pankti come to food street. He says lets eat something. she says why is Viranj here? He says don’t worry I am here with you. They enjoy in streets on London. They shop am enjoy food. Viranj comes to them. He says you here? He says yes. He says you will have so much fun in concert here. Everything will be so good. Your hotels are ready.

Ahan says thank you. Ahan and Pankti come to a shop and buy things. Pankti says what was arohu saying about VIranj? He says Viranj can never do anything wrong. He says don’t worry. I think he is genuine. arohi didn’t say anythign bad. Pankti says we can’t trust him much, We just met him. A man steals her bag. Ahan runs after him. Viranj joins ahan. They all run after the man. Pankti says my passport is in the bag. Viranj takes the bag from the man. He says be careful. Ahna says thank you so much. He says I am here for you both. Tara calls Arohi. Arohi says you have been defeated. Your thugs couldn’t kill me. Tara screams in anger. She says you can’t go anywhere because you don’t have passport. Arohi says you dont’ either. Police here will serve you. See how you go to jail for killing Deep. You will be easily caught. Tara says what. Arohi sends Tara video of her killing deep. Tara screams no.. Deep. She screams. Police comes outside.

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