The frontliners Update Monday 27 September 2021

The frontliners 27 September 2021: The Episode starts with Anjali thinking of Vardaan and crying. Vardaan thinks I have played many games with Sid and Ishani, I have to end this game now. He goes to his cabin. He says Sid, Ishani, it will be your last tonight today, once you both are out of my way, I will get rid of Anjali, Sanjivani will be mine. Juhi asks how can this happen, someone has to go for emergency call, I have a surgery, I can’t postpone it. Sid says duty call. Ishani asks shall I go if you want. Juhi says you are recovering, fine you can go. Sid says I will go with Ishani, I know I m suspended, I will just go help, I promise I won’t do anything medically. She gives the address and says patient is critical, maybe a heart attack. She says I miss you Shashank. Vardaan looks on.

Vardaan thinks Sid and Ishani are really so good, they went knowing a patient is dying, that’s why I have thrown this trap, their goodness will kill them. Sid and Ishani find the door locked. Guards help. Sid and Ishani leave. Vardaan thinks you will be coming dead. Sid says I can’t leave you alone knowing Vardaan can do anything. Ishani recalls the staff’s words. She asks how did all the doctors get busy together. Sid says yes, no patient was assigned to you on medical grounds. She says yes, so that I stay free. They reach the patient’s house. She asks is this Vardaan’s trap. Sid picks sticks. He says just for precaution. They go inside the house and check patient. The man says I m not able to breathe. The man sees them and recalls the pic. Anjali goes to Vardaan.

He says I really needed a hug. She stops him and says Sid and Ishani came to me and told a lot about you. She tells everything.He gets shocked. She asks him is this true. She says you always had issues with dad. Sid and Ishani treat the man. The man gets the gun. He aims at Sid and Ishani. Ishani says you will be fine now. The man says you will get the heart attack doctor. Sid and Ishani get shocked. Sid asks Ishani to bend down. He throws the vessel at the man’s head. Ishani runs to Sid. The man shoots them. Sid screams. Anjali asks what are you doing, answer me.Vardaan says this is your answer, your love, my loyalty for Sanjivani. He goes. She sees his resignation letter. Sid and Ishani try to run away. Anjali asks Vardaan to listen to her.

Vardaan asks why shall I listen to you, you know me, I don’t believe in love and fairy tales, I m a practical man, yes, I wanted to become Sanjivani’s CEO, since Shashank and I had different thinking, I had a healthy competition with him, not with you, its all over now with his death, my love for you ended that competition, you taught me that relations are everything, you know how much I love you, you don’t love me, else you would have answered them, I m going Anjali, Sanjivani, CRO post and everything is yours.She stops him. She says really sorry, dad went away and I misunderstood you, I think Sid and Ishani also misunderstood you. He thinks you are strong, but this is your weakness, I will get the news of Sid and Ishani’s destruction. Ishani says I can’t run more. Sid says he is coming after us. The man shoots at them. They run.

She falls down and gets hurt. Sid says I won’t leave you alone, come on. She faints. Sid fights the man. Ishani hears a gun shot. She gets up and goes to see. Vardaan also comes there. Ishani says where is Sid. She sees Vardaan…. She gets shocked.
Ishani asking Sid to wake up. Vardaan says he is dead. He laughs. She asks Sid to get up. Vardaan says I have seen it, you have angrily shot Sid, calm down, anger isn’t good for health, see what did you do in anger. She asks what nonsense. He says we know my man has shot Sid, but he had planted proof, you will be suspected, I will inform the police that a girl killed her lover. She says I know you are behind this, you tried to ruin his reputation. He says I killed him, I admit I did everything, how will you prove it. She asks why. He says because he is Shashank’s son, until he was alive, I could have not become Sanjivani’s CEO, I will kill anyone who comes in my way, I will kill Shashank’s two children, I can fulfill the promise given to my sister, I won Ishani, you both lost.

She stops crying. She laughs. Vardaan says I think you got mad. She asks Sid to get up, is his sleep complete. Sid says yes baby and gets up. She says you plan well, but your plan never gets successful, you told your plan, we recorded it. Sid says you said we have no proof, now we have your confession recorded. She says very sorry, your plan failed, you have played a lot with people’s life, but not anymore, you would be thinking how we got saved.FB shows Ishani saying we have to fail Vardaan. She says we came well prepared. Sid says you won’t get saved today, your game is over, forever. Vardaan falls down and says everything got over, my revenge got incomplete. He throws sand in their eyes. He beats Sid. He pushes Ishani away. The phone falls. Vardaan angrily beats Sid a lot.

Sid falls away. Ishani looks on. Vardaan looks for the phone. Ishani gets the phone. Sid asks where is the police, check fast. Ishani says there is no network. Police is on the way. Sid beats Vardaan. Ishani gets network and calls police to her location. Sid says you want revenge on my dad, you want to ruin my career, you want to hurt my sister and patients. Police and ambulance reach there. Police stops Sid. Ishani gives the phone and says this is the proof. Inspector thanks them. Vardaan gets caught. He says I will be back.

Ishani takes Sid and does the aid. Tu hi meri shab….plays…. He also does aid to her. He says our life’s new phase will start. She says without any difficulty. They hug. Roshni worries for Sid. She thinks of Sid’s words. Ishani brings Sid home. Roshni cries. Sid apologizes to her. He says you have been my mum and dad. He hugs her. He says we got Vardaan punished, he is arrested, I got bit hurt, I came back fine because of your blessings. She hugs him.

Guddu says its good, how did you beat him. They smile. Ishani says I will tell you, Sid has beaten Vardaan like a hero. Sid thinks thanks Ishani, you made me understand and I apologized to mum. Roshni asks Ishani are you fine. Ishani says yes. Roshni says I will go to temple. Ishani says I need some rest, I will also go. Sid thanks her. She goes. Roshni asks him to take care. She goes to temple.

Sid says I have to tell Ishani, I have to propose her, think of something, I will go to her and she will understand, girls like masculine men, I have to go and tell her. He makes coffee and likes it. Sid and Ishani come for a date. He says I have done this for you, a coffee date at home. They have coffee. She asks what was the need for this. Sid says why to delay if there is a yes in my heart, Ishani we had stayed away from long, many people came between us and finally we are together, I want to say something, what you deserve, I can’t stay away, you gave my life a new meaning, when I got you now, I feel to make you my wish forever. She looks at him. He says I love you Ishani, will you marry me. She says I love you too Siddhant. They hug. He makes her wear the ring.Its morning, Sid and Ishani come to Sanjivani, holding hands. Juhi and everyone clap. Juhi hugs them. Juhi gives Sid’s coat to him. Sid wears it. Everyone claps. Juhi says welcome back to Sanjivani, board members have taken the charges back, you can resume your work, the OT is waiting for you. They see Anjali. Anjali goes. Ishani asks Sid to speak to Anjali.

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