To die for love Update Wednesday 29 September 2021

To die for love 29 September 2021: Arohi runs and hugs deep. she says you are alive. I knew you would come back. He shoves her. She is about to fall in fire. Deep holds her. He says the wound hasn’t healed yet. Roma says deep you are alive. I knew Arohi wont be able to do anything. We were so worried when we got to know about Arohi. She was locked in a closet. Deep is silent. He recalls when Arohi shot him.. He woke up and got his bullet out. Roma says you went through so much. we were making Tara believe that you are not alive. She never believed that you are not alive.

arohi will face her consequences. Deep says Arohi has died. For me. Don’t ever discuss her again. She is nothing to me. Roma says Tara you deep is here.Roma sasy to Tara you can live with Deep. But I have a condition. You wont tell him we were celebrating. Arohi says why don’t you kick him out if you hate him. Roma says I am the only one who knows about Deep’s parents. Arohi says are they alive? Why you lied him all his life. Roma says for my family. you have to spy on him and tell me everything. She leaves. Arohi ssays I have to find deep’s real parents.

DEep comes to Dilip. He says papa ji I am alive. Arohi showed me both life and death. She did so wrong with me. I always protected her but she tried to kill me. I loved her and she hated me.. This new deep is only made of hatred. I will only live for this hate. Arohi says I have done a sin. I will fix what I did.Arohi comes to deep. He dresses his wound. Arohi is in tears. She says deep let me help you. He stops her hand. She says arohi did all that to you. Why are you punishing me instead? She tried killing me. i will kill her. I know whats in your heart. You said we will start a new story of our love. What happened now?> He says I hate this face that always betrayed me. dont’ try to play these games with me. She says take this knife and cut my face. He says stop this drama. this new story new love.. I said all that to Arohi in London. How do you now? She says Arohi told me on call. She said she loves me.

DEep hits on wall. Arohi says eyour love gave me life. I wont mind even dying for it now. Arohi says deep stop and listen to me please. He leaves.Deep recalls Arohi shooting him. He hits the punching bag over and over again. Arohi comes. He says why don’t you leave me alone. She says please eat something. He throws the food away and says you are fooling me? First you showed my heart love and then shot me? How much drama would you do Arohi? Arohi is shocked. What happened? you thought I don’t know anything? you thought you can fool me? I am not crazy? You shot me here on heart and now bringing this food to kill me. Now whats in this food? She sayss I did all that. I am really sorry. He givves her gun and says kill me now. shot me in head and kill me this time. Arohi says leave me. He says don’t worry about me. Arohi says I can’t do that. I am sorry I made a mistake. I thought you were with these people. But you protected me and my family. You never killed anyone.

You saved me. I should have loved you instead of hating. I couldn’t see it but I really love you. He says just shut up. Better not talk about love. Arohi says I will say it every time. He says you just wanna know where you bhabhi is thats why you are doing this drama. You will see my dying everytime. I will hurt myself. She says please don’t do that. I dont know where chawnai is. Niku is killed too. You can’t go away from me. He says you will see me dying every day. I am a very bad human. I only believe in hatred. She says don’t harm yourself kill me rather. Tell your family about me. He says I have no sympathy for you. i don’t care about anyone. Arohi says please don’t do this. He says I wont own you nor will I tell anyone. You will stay here. She says please stop. He says I hate you and your face. Arohi says stop. He shoves her. Arohi falls on pillar. Her lip bleeds. This was Taara.

ACtual arohi comes out and says deep stop. Tara says deep doesn’t love me anymore. She will have to pay for her sins. She can never be Tara.Arohi comes home and recalls what deep said. she says I dont’ know what to do. What should I do? I couldn’t see reality. I have to find Chawani and bhabhi too. Deep comes in. His hand is bleeding. Arohi says how did this happen? Where were you? Let me dress it. He shoves her and eats his food. Arohi puts juice on table. He breaks the glass and says gp away from me. she says I can never go away from you. He says I will hurt myself and you will be responsible for it. Arohi leaves.

Virat says to Prithvi you knoww Roma. She can leave us anytimme. We have to make a new plan against her. Roma meets minister. He says I need your help in getting that society clean. You have to help me. I helped you too because you accepted your sin. She syas I never did. my son wanted me to say it so I did. Virat says forget that recording. I will get that society cleaned. Minister says I think Deep can do this. Arohi says to Dilip i have to do something. Give me any clue. I want to win him back. I want to show him he needs love. I want to give him love. I want to find his family. He can’t speak. Arohi gives him a paper. She says can you try to write. The paper falls from his hand. He points towards his locket. Arohi recalls she saw a locket in Deep’s trunk where he stored Arohi’s stuff.

Roma says deep minister wants to get that society empty. He says people there are innocent. Someone must be leading them. Minister says Manosh. deep says consider it done. Arohi comes ot her room and takes out all that stuff. She says its too late Deep. I couldn’t see your real love. She sees the locket. Arohi says this lockket is related to Deep’s parents. Deep brings in the man. He says please don’t kill me. The man says please let me go. I wanted to help those poor people. Deep says get the papers signed before I sign your death certificate. We want that place empty. Arohi comes there. Deep puts gun in his mouth. Deep says get that place empty. Arohi says Deep leave him. Virat says Tara you stay out of it. He calls somoene and says I will count till 5 after that you shoot hhis family I will shoot him here. The man says please don’t kill my family. I will get the paper sinned. Deep says here are the papers. He leaves. Arohi goes after him. Arohi says how can you do this with those poor people and for that Roma. Deep says stay out of what I do. She says how can you take homes of those poor people. I am responsible for all this. I will make you the deep you were again. He says better stay out of my life. He leaves. Deep sees all his stuff out. He says how dare you take it out. Arohi says this locket.. This is related to your past. I promise I will bring your family back to you soon. Deep puts all stuff on floor and tries to set it on fire. Arohi says what are you doing are you crazy? He shoves her and burns it all. He takes the locket from her. He says don’t take my parents name again. He leaves. Arohi see the ashes in tears.

Arohi comes to temple. She says to pandit ji you told me my life would be twisted. Please help me. He says what can I do? She says I want to remove this darkness from my life. He says you have to pray God for it. Arohi sits in the temple. Arohi says that locket brought a shine in his eyes. I want to keep it alive. I don’t know what to do. He hates me but I don’t know how to help him. Please show me a way out. A flower falls. Arohi says this means I should do what my heart asks me to. Arohi says I will make him the deep he was.Tara comes to Maharaj. She takes out her knife. She says I will tell you a secret. THe one living here is Arohi. She locked me in a closet and shot Deep. He says what are you saying. Let me tell Roma. She says no don’t. You haev to help me so I can take revenge from that Arohi.

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