Bitter sweet love starlife update Thursday 11 April 2024

Pammi and Guneet come to Kunal’s house. Pammi argues with Aaji. Aaji says its okay, soil won’t stain your clothes. Pammi angers her. Aaji throws water at her. Guneet says Kunal won’t keep you here if he knows you started fighting here.

They go to Kunal. Pammi hugs Vedika. She says I got peace seeing you. Guneet says Pari has grown up. Pammi hugs Pari. Kunal looks on. Pammi talks to them. Pari asks how did your clothes get wet. Pammi complains about Aaji. Bobby says she is so cute. Pammi says Bobby told me what all happened here, Vedika are you fine. Vedika says I m okay. Pammi says I will stay here until you all are here. Kunal worries. Bobby says it will be fun. Pammi says we will start with Rakhi. Guneet says ask Kunal. She says no need, I have decided it, I will stay here. Everyone smiles. Pammi says go and get ready, its celebration time. Kuldeep comes on video call. Pammi dances. He sees Vedika. Kunal asks Vedika not to get scared. Vedika dances with Pammi.

Kunal hugs Vedika and Parisa. Bobby says we will have dance and Masti everyday. Kuldeep messages Kunal and writes what nonsense is this, Pammi can’t stay in penthouse. Aaji applies the tilak to Vijay. Pammi says I will tie Kuldeep’s Rakhi to Kunal. She asks for Nek. Kuldeep says I have already given a lot. Pammi gets sad. Vedika signs Kunal. Kunal gives her the envelope and takes blessing.

Vedika also ties rakhi to Bobby and hugs him. Vijay gives a toffee to Aaji and says you have done a lot for this house. She says its my family also. The neighbors also apply rakhi to Vijay. Mrunal and Vandu tie the rakhi to Hemant. Vedika ties the Rakhi to Kunal. They sing I love you song. They click pics and smile. Vandu encourages Hemant and says we will save the house. He says I will try my best to get the house papers back. Vijay looks on.

Vandu hugs Hemant. She calls a friend and asks for a job. She says if I get a job, then I will get a salary. Vedika comes. She asks how are you now. Vandana says this never happens, we are also shocked by this incident, my dad is a violinist. Vedika says relax, no need to give any explanation, what do you do. Vandana says I m a singer, I was looking for a job now. Kunal comes and asks Vedika not to talk to anyone. He taunts Vandana. She says my dad has apologized to you, you got police home.

He says I took the police back. He argues with Vandana. She says I hope you don’t get so helpless, I can’t curse you. He says I don’t take the curse. He takes Vedika with him. Its morning, Vandana prays. Kunal comes and calls her out. She comes out and sees his family. She asks what happened. He says theft.

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