Titli Starlife update Saturday 27 April 2024

Titli thinking of Garv. He calls her and says I got icecream for you. She goes to the balcony and sees him. She says anyone can see you. He says I have come to meet my would be wife. She says I can’t come there, Baa will scold me. He says I will come to you. She says no, it will be a problem, wait, I will do something. She drops a basket. He says I won’t fit in this. She says its for icecream. He puts the icecream tub in it. He says I will come tomorrow. She says vanilla flavor. He says yes, its my fav. She thinks I don’t like it. She says I like it, your choice is my choice. He smiles.

They eat the icecream and thinks I can’t hurt your heart, this vanilla flavour doesn’t look bad today. They smile. Its morning, Garv and his family come to Titli’s house. Koel and Manikant

comment on the locality. Jaishri asks the children to clean the house fast. Hiral goes. Paresh asks Chintu to do it fast. The door bell rings. Jaishri says I will get Titli. Paresh welcomes them. Koel says this house is so small. They get seated.

Koel jokes on the house. Garv and Titli leave. Baa asks why didn’t your husband come. Dadi says he is here. Baa asks where. Jaishri says Titli told me everything, I will tell you later. Manikant wipe cleans the glass and drinks. Maina says he gets allergy soon, so he is careful.

Garv smiles seeing Titli’s room decorated with flowers. She asks Garv to meet her family, her parents. She shows the pic. She says this is my childhood memory. He sees a hero’s pic and asks who is he. She says he is my fav hero. He gets angry hearing her words and tears the pic. She asks what did you do.

He says I gave exit to fake hero, because real hero has entered your life. She says this room is small, unlike yours. He says you are imp to me, just you are imp. Manikant says girl’s family bears the expenses, we did Monica’s marriage well. Paresh says we will do our best. Manikant says my big clients and relatives will come, I want the marriage to be grand. Paresh says sure. Garv holds Titli. She says anyone will see. He says let them see. Manikant says tell us if there is any money issue. Jaishri says no. Garv says we will take a selfie, its our first official meeting with our family, come close. He holds her and takes a selfie.

Manikant says you should keep costly almonds for baraatis, not these peanuts. Garv comes and says peanuts are tastier than almonds, uncle, welcome baraatis with peanuts. Paresh smiles. Everyone talks of Titli and Garv. Alpa says we will give few tola chain to her and she will be glad, she is from a small family. Koel scolds her. Manikant and everyone come. He goes. Alpa and Maina argue. Koel asks Garv to go and thank Manikant. Hiral says they are very rich people, we have no match with them. Chintu says we will manage, Garv doesn’t think like his family. Paresh says the family will be good. Manikant comes to meet Dada ji. He sees Garv’s childhood video. He smiles. Garv comes and looks on.

Manikant says when a child is small, he trusts his dad and wishes to get the sky, I have always tried to fulfill your wish, you forgot everything, you have grown up, you think I m wrong, I just want you not to make any mistake, I m there with you, I will handle you if you fall. He goes. Garv cries and gets emotional.

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