Titli starlife update Saturday 6 April 2024

Paresh and Dadi scolding Titli a lot. Titli cries and says I went to ask about the bridal dress. Dadi asks her to blacken their faces. Paresh says get poison for me. Jaishri says I know she made a mistake, but its not a big mistake. Dadi says ask her to not do any drama, get married and leave from here.

Jaishri takes Titli with her and asks why did you do this, there would be many things you won’t like there, we will make mistakes but you have to understand. Titli says sorry, its my mistake, I think a lot, I m much emotional. Jaishri says stop crying, baraat would be coming. She hugs Titli.

Rahul dances in baraat. Bhairavi looks on. Titli gets ready. She says get Rahul’s watch from my bag, I forgot to give him. Chintu says it’s a costly watch. She says we can make calls and attend calls also. Titli prays. Bhairav calls Rahul. Titli sees wife calling on the watch. She is shocked. Jaishri welcomes Rahul. Bhairavi goes after Rahul. Jaishri apologizes to Rahul’s mum. Rahul’s mum says I m not upset. Titli prays to Kanha and says do something and bring the truth out.

Chintu asks Rahul to come for pics. Bhairavi says I have to talk to him. He says you have to take Titli’s permission to talk to him. He takes Rahul along. Rahul’s mum signs Bhairavi to stay quiet. Bhairavi gets upset. Titli comes to the mandap. She recalls Rahul’s promise. She prays. Bhairavi sends a pic to Rahul and messages him. Rahul checks the message on his phone. Titli checks it on the watch. She reads, Rahul is marrying her only to get a child. She sees Rahul and Bhairavi. Jaishri asks Titli to come. Rahul goes to make Titli wear the garland. Titli steps back. Rahul asks what happened. Titli says seven rounds are taken just once. Everyone looks on. He asks what do you mean. She asks how can I marry a married man. Dadi asks what are you saying. Titli says I couldn’t see the truth before. Paresh asks what truth. Titli says Rahul and Bhairavi’s relation truth, she isn’t his Bhabhi, she is his wife. Everyone is shocked.

Paresh asks what nonsense, who told you. Titli says this watch. Rahul and Bhairavi worry. Titli says it’s a smart watch, its connected to Rahul’s phone, it has Rahul and Bhairavi’s pics and also the message which she has just sent to Rahul.

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