Aparajita Zeeworld update Thursday 6 July 2023

Aparajita 6 July 2023: Aparajita is hiding from Mohini and is on the wall with Disha. Aparajita thinks I know Mohini was behind hiring that joker but I have to go to my kids right now. She hides from Mohini and starts leaving from there. Akshay comes outside the place after following Mohini. Mohini is leaving the place and finds a purse there. Aparajita is leaving the place and finds Akshay there,

Aparajita 5 July 2023

she hides from him. Akshay is about to see her but she hides behind a box so he goes inside. Aparajita leaves from there. Disha finds Chhavi bleeding and cries. Bappi comes there and asks what happened? Disha says Chhavi is unconscious. Bappi asks another neighbor to call the doctor.Mohini is about to open the bag but Akshay comes there and says what are you doing here? Mohini gets scared. Akshay says I saw you leaving the house and thought you were up to something, I know you are planning a surprise. Mohini sighs. Akshay says what is this place? Will you arrange a party here? He finds a bag with her and says what is this?

Mohini says this is cash for this place. Akshay says this much cash? Mohini says you are doubting me? The renter didn’t come yet. Akshay says sometimes I don’t know if you are hiding something, I am not doubting you. Mohini says you shouldn’t have followed me. Akshay says I wanted to know what surprise you are planning. Mohini asks him to leave, she will come back later on. Akshay says sometimes I think maybe you are taking advantage of my trust.. I am joking. He says I will go now, he leaves from there. Mohini thinks this joker is playing with me.

Aparajita comes home and finds some neighbors there. She enters the room and finds a doctor checking Chhavi. He says I dressed up her wound. Disha cries and says her hand was bleeding. Bappi says she cut her hand because you denied her wedding. Aparajita says I know my kid, she can never do something like this. Disha says I didn’t find any knife there.Veer is in his room. He recalls how he got angry when Chhavi said she loves her mother and can’t cheat her. Veer got angry and took out a knife, he told her that you can’t love anyone else more than me.. you are mine and everyone should know that. Chhavi tried to stop him but he cut his hand and tried to apply his blood on her forehead, she tried to stop him but mistakenly gets her hand cut by his knife.

Chhavi asked him to leave. He left and Chhavi fainted. The flashback ends. Veer cries and says I should call her.. no Aparajita might get suspicious.The doctor tells Aparajita that I don’t think it was a suicide attempt but only she can tell what happened to her. He says she fainted because of a shock, she had panic attacks before but she fainted this time. If she doesn’t wake up by tomorrow then it will be a problem, he leaves.

Bappi comes to Akshay and says Chhavi attempted suicide but Aparajita doesn’t want to believe it. Akshay is shocked and goes from there.Aparajita sits with Chhavi and says how can I tell you that what you want is not right for you. Akshay comes there and rushes to Chhavi, he says what happened? papa is here, you didn’t need to do this. Aparajita says she didn’t do anything, her hand got cut mistakenly. The doctor said she didn’t do it deliberately. Akshay asks why is she sleeping? Aparajita says she had a panic attack. Akshay is emotional and says she is in pain because of you,

you put so many restrictions on them, I will do anything for Chhavi’s happiness and I won’t let you stop me now. Aparajita is hurt and leaves from there.Aparajita cries and recalls Akshay’s harsh words that she doesn’t care about her kids’ happiness. Disha comes to her and asks why is she crying? Aparajita says you also think this is happening with Chhavi because of me? Disha says don’t even think that, who told you this? She goes to Chhavi’s room and finds Akshay there. Akshay is sadly carassing Chhavi’s face and silently cries for her. Aparajita and Disha look on. Aparajita gets a call and leaves from there.

Asha calls Aparajita and asks if everyone is okay? Aparajita says yes, everything is okay here. She ends the call. Aparajita and Akshay are sitting with Chhavi. Aparajita puts cold clothes on her forehead. Akshay helps her. Aparajita silently cries for her. Akshay says I am sorry, I said harsh words because I was worried for her. He asks if this happened before? Aparajita says she had been having panic attacks since childhood. Akshay says it never happened when I was around. Aparajita says you don’t know many things. Akshay looks on.

Akshay tells Aparajita that he never saw her having panic attacks. Aparajita says you don’t know many things, she started having panic attacks after you left. Every year she would wait for your phone on her birthday. Chhavi whispers Veer’s name so Aparajita and Akshay both reach out to her, their hands touch so Aparajita moves away. Akshay says you should have told me about her condition. Aparajita says with which right? you left us. Akshay says she will become fine, do you remember you used to sing a song when she would get ill in childhood. Aparajita says we used to sing it.

They both recall Chhavi’s childhood and how they were a happy little family. Aparajita starts singing for Chhavi. Akshay recalls their moments and starts singing also. They both hug Chhavi.Disha calls Dadi and tells her about Chhavi. Mohini and Niya come to Chhavi’s room. Mohini finds Akshay lying on the bed Aparajita. Akshay moves away seeing her. Mohini tells Aparajita that you wanted to use your kids to bring Akshay back to you? Aparajita says he is their father and he can come to meet her anytime, I didn’t call him here. Mohini tells Akshay to come home.

Aparajita says he is their father and he can stay here if he wants to. Chhavi wakes up and asks for water so Akshay rushes to her. Mohini shouts at Akshay to come home with her, this Chhavi can die. Akshay gets angry and slaps her.. it turns out to be Mohini’s dream. She asks them how is Chhavi? Aparajita says she will be up soon. Mohini asks Akshay to come home. Akshay says look at her condition? I am her father and I will stay here till she becomes okay, you should go home. Mohini glares at Aparajita and leaves from there, Niya goes with her.

Mohini comes home and is angry. She tells Niya that he shouldn’t have talked to me like this, he is there when we have our anniversary in some hours. Niya says he was just worried about Chhavi. Mohini says you always take this side, just leave me alone for some time. Niya hugs her and leaves from there. Dadi comes there and says you have no heart so you can’t see how Akshay worries about his daughters, God won’t let you celebrate your anniversary when you have hurt so many people. She leaves from there. Mohini says Akshay has to come back to me at any cost.

Aparajita sees Akshay sleeping besides Chhavi. She sees his head falling so she puts a pillow under his head and sadly looks at him. She leaves from there.In the morning, Akshay wakes up and checks Chhavi’s fever. Mohini calls him and says happy anniversary. He says you too, Chhavi doesn’t have fever anymore. Mohini says great, then you can come home as you must have not slept whole night. Akshay no, I slept well as Appu had put a pillow under my head. Mohini gets angry hearing that. Chhavi wakes up and calls out for Maa. Akshay ends the call and rushes to her. He says I am here, he makes her sit down. Chhavi says I want tea. Akshay says I will bring it. Mohini calls him again but he doesn’t pick up.

Akshay looks around the house and asks Disha where is Aparajita? She says she went to the mandir. He comes to the kitchen and says I will make tea for Chhavi. Disha says Maa will make it when she comes back. Akshay says its not difficult, I will make it. He tries to look around for items but can’t find them. Disha glares at him. Akshay asks for milk so she gives it to him. Akshay asks for some ingredients, she helps him. Akshay tries to make it but she stops him and tries to make it herself. Akshay asks if she has made kesar tea before? She looks away. Akshay says we can take help from internet, he puts a video and they both make tea together. Disha smiles after tasting it. Aparajita comes back and sees them bonding. She smiles seeing that.

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