Timeless love update Wednesday 28 June 2023

Timeless love 28 June 2023: Bimla gives prasad to Dev and Sangeeta. Dev thanks them for giving him so much love and respect. He says tonight will be memorable. He asks Vidhi to come tomorrow to office on time, says it is your decision to do job or not. Dev sees Amba and gets surprised. Amba smiles. Dev ignores Amba and goes with Sangeeta. Amba smiles. Vidhi comes to Amba. She says you. Amba asks why are you surprised and says you have invited me?

Timeless love 27 June 2023

Vidhi says I thought you as Mrs. Raichand. Amba asks do you want me to leave. Bimla asks Vidhi who is she? Vidhi says she is Dev Sir’s relative. Bimla says I will bring prasad for you. Vidhi says you are welcome, and asks Amba why she didn’t clear her misunderstanding, and says your name was getting connected to Dev Sir, and you let it happen. Amba asks her age? Vidhi says 21 years.

Amba asks do you ever loved someone? True love which is in your mind, heart, soul and that you don’t stay as you, your whole world will be that one person. She says your happiness, sorrows and tears will get related to that person. She says the love for which right, wrong etc doesn’t bother. She asks did you love someone like this? Vidhi says no. Amba says you will not understand and goes. Bimla brings prasad. Vidhi says she has gone, after saying heavy words.

Bimla gives tea to Vidhi and Hariprasad and takes tea for herself. She feels pain. Seema asks for the chocolate. Vidhi asks her to sip a tea. Peeli brings prasad brought by Dev. Vidhi tastes it and says it is very tasty. Satyavati tastes the prasad and says it is tasty. She tells Dev that she has a feeling that her prayers will be fulfilled and mata rani will send girl for him. Dev says he had asked one important thing from God.

Hariprasad praises Dev to be simple and humble man. He says it seems that he has some relation with us. Laali says she got selfie with him. Seema says he got on the stairs and didn’t say anything. Hariprasad says he has accepted his mistake and came here. Bimla says she will pack his tiffin. Dev tells Satyavati that it is good that she asked him to go, and tells that many people was waiting to welcome him.

Satyavati tells that their houses are small, but there is so much peace and happiness in their house. He says there is so much light in our houses, but their house is sparkling. He says we are four people in the house, they find ways to connect and we find excuses to fight. Dev says everything will be fine, and says it is life and says rich and poor both have problems. He says we will find happiness in these costly bulb. He says everything will be fine Maa and goes to office. Amba calls Satyavati and says she wants to meet her.

Satyavati asks her to come whenever she wants. Amba says ok. She thinks Devimaa accepted us as a couple, now I shall fulfill Devimaa’s wish.Dev comes to the office early morning. The sweeper asks why did he come so early. Dev asks him to keep all the chairs in the storeroom, before staff comes. Hariprasad tells Kalumal tells that he is feeling peace again. Kalumal asks if he will tell the family about losing the job.

Hariprasad recalls Dev’s words and tells that he will go to Seth ji’s son again, and if he doesn’t give him job then he will try at other place. He talks positive. Kalumal says you have changed your perception along with your specs.All the staff comes to the office. Yogesh and Kanika also come. They find the chair missing. Kanika calls Sangeeta. Sangeeta says Dev sir ordered to remove all the chairs from here.

Dev comes there and asks everyone, if this is hotel, college etc. He says you people are doing ragging here, so I thought to give you the same feeling. He says you will do all the work standing. Kanika says work will be effected. Dev says they were gossiping about me and targeted another employee, didn’t think that Vidhi might lose the job, and she lost the job. He says you have crossed the level of humanity and asks if this is humanity. He asks why did you target Vidhi,

as she is hardworking and honest? He asks Anaya and Rishabh, why do they target Vidhi? Vidhi comes there and hears everything. Dev comes to her and asks if she would like to join again. Sangeeta smiles. Vidhi looks at Kanika and says yes. Dev says good. Kanika looks on angry. Dev says you will be part of punishment and says it was your mistake too. Yogesh says you have done mistake so will be punished. Dev says Yogesh, even you will be standing. Yogesh asks why me?

Dev says I know who all was involved. He says this will be the last warning from me to you all and says whoever repeats the mistake, will not be tolerated. He says whoever wants to go, can go if they have problem with not having chair.Rishabh asks Vidhi if she complained to Dev about them. Vidhi says no, and says even I got the punishment.

Anaya says she is right, Dev sir’s anger is justified. Vidhi asks her what happened to her feet. Anaya says she had fallen while coming to office, and says today she has to stand all day and work. Vidhi writes something on the paper and comes to Dev’s cabin to keep the paper. She turns to go and sees Dev standing. Dev looks at her suspiciously.

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