Destined by fate update Thursday 29 June 2023

Destined by fate 29 June 2023: Sayuri gets into a taxi excitedly hoping to reach home back soon and meet Kanha. Kanha looks at Sayuri’s pic and thanks her for evoking a feeling of love in him. He looks at his bike and recalling Sayuri’s wish to learn bike driving thinks he will teach her bike riding. He notices Sayuri returning home and hugging him excitedly and then realizes its his imagination and he is holding a servant.

Destined by fate 28 June 2023

Servant says it happens when wife visits her parental home. Kanha nervously asks him to get back to work.During lunch, Dhanrajj tells Saroj that Kanha works at a lightning speed. Saroj notices ink on Kanha’s finger and asks about it. Kanha nervously says he had to sign some papers. Nakul taunts Kanha. Dhanraj says hey got new contracts after Kanha joined the business and blesses Kanha to take their business to new heights.

Tej and Dhanraj miss Sayuri and say she brought back happiness in their house. Kanha says she will return by evening. Saroj hopes Anjali comes before Sayuri. Saroj questions Kanha about Anjali and insists him to continue his friendship with Anjali and asks if he would have married Anjali had he not married Sayuri as Anjali dreams of marrying him since her childhood.

Kanha says maybe he would have, but there is no use talking about it.Sayuri returns home and stands sad hearing that. Kanha thinks he is still imagining Sayuri. Saroj grins thinking her plan worked and she played her evil game at the right time. Nakul informs Kanha that Sayuri has really returned home. Kanha excitedly runs to Sayuri and tries to pick her bags. Sayuri carries her own bags and touches Devraj and Tej’s feet.They ask why did she return early from conference.

She says her session got canceled, so she returned home early. Saroj hopes Anjali comes there and makes Sayuri more jealous, but Anjali doesn’t come.Sayuri’s family plans for her birthday. Indu gets worried for Sayuri and describes how Saroj untied her mannat thread in the temple and prayed god to separate Kanha and Sayuri. Bhanu comforts her. Saroj calls Anjali and asks why didn’t she come home as Sayuri had gone to Delhi for 2 days.Anjali says she is ill. Saroj insists her to come home and hopes she lures Kanha and gets Sayuri outof Kanha’s life.Kanha notices Sayuri upset and questions her.

Sayuri says she came between him and Anjali. Kanha realizes that she overheard his and Saroj’s conversation and tries to explain that Anjali is his past and he fell in Sayuri’s love. Sayuri continues to feel upset. Kanha continues his explanation and leaves room. Anjali calls Sayuri and wishes to meet her alone.

Sayuri feels something wrong will happen. Kanha looks at the greeting card he hand made for Sayuri and hopes to propose her tonight during her birthday celebration. Sayuri walks down recalling Anjali’s call and bumps on Saroj. Saroj as usual curses her and accuses her of snatching Anjali’s love forcefully.

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