Timeless love update Thursday 29 July 2023

Timeless love 29 July 2023: Vidhi keeps a letter in Dev’s cabin and is about to go, when he comes and asks what is she doing here? He picks the letter and asks what is it? Vidhi asks him to read it after she goes out. He asks her to be confident and reads it, in which Vidhi asking him to rethink about his decision, as one employee is hurt and other had just recover.

Timeless love 28 June 2023

Dev asks her not to question his decision and go to do work.Hariprasad comes to the jewellery store and requests Seth ji’s son to give him work. He asks him to ask Sethji about him and says he is trustworthy and honest. Seth ji says there is something in you, that Dev Raichand came to your house for Jagrata. He says there is only cleaner place in the shop. Hariprasad says he will start work from today, recalling Dev’s words.

Kanika and Yogesh feel insulted. Just then peon brings chair. Kanika thinks it is for her and sits. Dev says it is not for you and tells that it is for that employee who had leg injury. Anaya thanks him. Dev asks her to thank vidhi for bringing this to her notice.Kanika and Yogesh come to Dev. Dev tells them that there is some problem in accounts. Kanika says there might be error, I will sort it out.

Dev says he has called Vidhi for that. Vidhi comes there and thanks Dev for giving discount in punishment. Dev asks her to thank him altogether. Vidhi asks what does he mean? Dev says he has to make an important announcement and goes out. Kanika says she was scared about this. Dev announces that Vidhi will become permanent employee after today and secondly Vidhi will be the signatory for all the expenses happening in office. He says Vidhi will note down all the expenses,

and no bill or receipt will be passed until Vidhi checks it. He says even if I want money from company account, then I have to take written permission from Vidhi and if she thinks that it is unnecessary expense then she has authority to refuse to give me money. He says this is company’s new rules, and says whoever breaks the rules, they will not get punishment but their accounts will be cleared. Vidhi is surprised. Dev asks Vidhi if she wants to thank him.

Vidhi says Sir, thank you..and says I don’t have big thank you. She says what to say? Yogesh and Kanika are shocked. Yogesh congrats her. Vidhi thanks her. Sangeeta brings a box. Dev gives it to Vidhi. Vidhi asks if it has sweets. Dev says you are indori that doesn’t mean that you will think about sweets. He says it has laptop in it and says he is giving her a big responsibility, and she needs this for the work.

Hariprasad sweeps the floor and asks the new accountant if the work gets done in it, looking at the computer. The guy asks him to concentrate on work. Vidhi gets emotional and says laptop for me. She thanks him. Dev asks Kanika to explain Vidhi’s job responsibilities to her. Kanika asks Rishabh to make Vidhi understand her responsibilities. Vidhi asks why are you upset? Kanika asks her to do as she says.

Yogesh tells Dev that he is with him since 15 years and he gave important work to Vidhi. He says how it would look if he goes to approve his bills. Dev asks why are you worried and says loyal employees shall not worry. Yogesh says you are biased with her and asks him to think. Dev says I trust Vidhi. Kanika says Vidhi has hold on Dev.

Yogesh says until we do something about her, we shall not do any fraud in company’s account.Vidhi comes home and tells that she got permanent job in office. She shows the letter. Seema hugs her and asks Vidhi, why your stomach is hard. Vidhi says she has to note down all the office expenses and shows the laptop. Hariprasad tells his condition that Vidhi shall leave the work if he says once.

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