Timeless love update Tuesday 27 June 2023

Timeless love 27 June 2023: Dev and Vidhi do the aarti. Amba looks shocked. Dev takes cheque book from Sangeeta and writes 1 lakh Rs. Urmila says I will take half. Hariprasad tells Dev that they can’t take the money and asks him to buy bangles from the outside shop, and keep it for Milapni Devi. Dev says I had forgotten that you are Vidhi’s Papa and she got honesty from you. He asks where is the bangles seller? Hariprasad asks Vidhi to take him to the shop keeper. A lady asks Amba who is she? Amba says you are married and I am married.

Timeless love 26 June 2023

Dev likes green bangles. Vidhi asks him to take red bangles too. Dev asks the amount for it? The seller says 100 Rs. Dev doesn’t have money and asks Sangeeta to give 100 Rs. Sangeeta gives money to him. Dev pays the seller. Vidhi tells Dev that if she can say something, if he don’t get angry. She says its ok if you don’t keep the bundles, but shall keep some money, so that he don’t need to ask anyone. The Pandit ji asks Dev to tie the bangles and open it when his wish gets fulfilled. Dev ties the bangles. Amba buys the similar bangles and thinks you have asked for family’s happiness,

but I am going to ask you, my only happiness. She prays to Devimaa to give her Dev. Dev prays to Milapni Devi to make everything fine between Abhimanyu and Priya. Vidhi prays to Milapni Devi that Sir shall get a life partner who gives him much happiness. Seema gives prasad to everyone. The bhajan mandli sings bhajan. Vidhi tells Dev that she don’t know how many times, she shall thank him. He asks her to make the list. Laali comes there and tells Dev that she is Bimla’s friend. She says she is unmarried like him. Dev coughs. Amba ties the bangles.

Dev tells Vidhi that he will leave. Urmila asks where will he go and holds his hand to take him inside forcibly. Bimla asks what happened? Laali says she is not letting me speak. Hariprasad comes there and asks them not to do drama. Urmila threatens to cry, when Bimla warns her. Dev asks her not to cry. Urmila takes him to room. The bangles tied by Amba falls down. She doesn’t see and goes. Everyone is hearing the bhajan. Urmila asks Dev to sit. Dev sits on the sofa. Urmila introduces golden to him and says she is very talented. Golden gives her intro holding the porcelain bowl.

She says Mama thinks I am of gold and that’s why calls me golden. She tells that she has done a course in cosmetology. Urmila says she has no back logs. Golden tells that she can do any work and says your company will be praised if I work there. Dev says ok, I will think.Urmila asks him to take interview. Dev says I will ask you a question. He says think that you work in a company, and your colleague got the deadline to finish her work else she will get in problem, and you have some free time. Golden says I will think about myself and will do my work. She says why to think about others.

Dev asks Vidhi, what she will do in such a situation. Vidhi says I will help my colleague and do her work, later I will do my work. She says we shall help each other so that everyone shall prosper. She tells that the jagrata happened with everyone’s effort. Dev says excellent, this is team work. He tells that people thought competition and professional to another level and have forgotten humanity. He says Vidhi has explained to us beautifully. He asks Golden, if she got idea how Vidhi got the job. He appreciates her for saying truth and didn’t make any story. Urmila praises her and asks Dev if Golden is passed.

Dev says I didn’t say and asks them to give resume in HR dept, then he will see. Urmila asks Golden to give short introduction. Golden breaks the bowl. Dev asks what did you do? Golden asks him to give ring. He says ring? She says shortcut, first break the bowl, get the ring and then job. She tries to take off ring from Dev’s finger. Urmila asks him to give the ring. Dev says your daughter is talented, but. Vidhi folds her hands before Dev. Urmila tells Dev that her daughter shall get a chance.

He asks her to give resume in HR, I will see what to do.Hariprasad comes there. Dev says I will leave now. Seth ji comes and asks Hariprasad if he is Dev ji? Dev says yes and greets him. Hariprasad takes Seth ji to do darshan. Laali comes out and takes selfie with Dev. She says I will post it on social media and asks him to like it. Dev says 100 percent. Vidhi tells Dev that he had told her to thank with calculations, but her heart is not agreeing. She says let me thank you. He nods his head. Vidhi thanks him for telling her about her mistake and says she is feeling light.

Dev gives credit to Sangeeta for clearing the misunderstanding. Vidhi thanks Sangeeta and hugs her. Hariprasad apologizes to Dev for misunderstanding him to be electrician. Dev says he shall know this work too. Bimla gives prasad to Dev and Sangeeta. Dev and Vidhi see Amba there.

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