Imlie starlife update Tuesday 11 July 2023

Imlie 11 July 2023: Imlie tells Atharva that he must be hungry talking, so she will prepare a sandwich for him. They hear a glass breaking sound and rush out. Rudra and other family members also gather hearing sound. They all notice Chini lying on the floor. Imlie rushes to Chini and asks why did she get out of her room. Chini says she didn’t want to disturb her and hence came out to pick water herself. She apologizes everyone for troubling them. Shivani says Imlie should apologize instead as she took Chini’s responsibility. Atharva says Imlie had brought coffee for her as he is working till late night. Chini says its her mistake that she should realize that Imlie is Arto’s wife now. Imlie says she shouldn’t have left Chini alone. Atharva asks Imlie to stay with Chini and leaves greeting her good night. Imlie sadly walks with Chini while Chini smirks.

Next morning, Keya visits Chini and praises her for her conspiracies. Chini says she loves Arto and knows that Arto is unhappy with Imlie, so she is trying to get Imlie out of Arto’s life. Keya says she knows if she truly loves Arto or behind his money, they both want Imlie to be out of this house and should succeed in their plan. Atharva rushes for work. Imlie offers him sweet curd. Atharva says it has lots of calories. Imlie says it has lots of Seeta maiya and Gowrishankar’s blessings and forcefeeds him. Atharva’s cousins taunt him for having calorie dense sweet curd from Imlie’s hand. Imlie asks Atharva to have breakfast and go. Chini thinks she will spoil Imlie’s food.

Imlie prepares dalia/porridge for Chini. Chini demands aloo parantha. Imlie says porridge his healthy and goes to get carrots. Chini mixes something in porridge. At the dinner table, Atharva takes Rudra’s blessings. Rudra says he would be happy if Atharva does business enthusiastically in a similar way. Imlie serves dalia to Chini. Chini says it has different color and smells different. Shivani checks it and yells at Imlie. Atharva says Imlie can never do any mistake any eats dalia to prove him wrong. He starts feeling uneasy. Family gets worried. Divya accuses Imlie. Chini feels happy thinking everyone will hate Imlie and kick her out of the house soon. Atharva says he is fine and felt uneasy as its too hot, dalia has extra chilli powder, they can prepare another dalia for Chini. Rudra scolds Divya to stop accusing Imlie repeatedly and scolds even Chini for doubting his sister and says he would be happy if Chini gets well soon and leaves his house.

Imlie also says she felt bad when Chini doubted her. Chini thinks why didn’t Atharva fall ill with the dalia. Imlie goes to check on Atharva and finds him ill. Atharva says someone must have mixed something in dalia by mistake, he knows Imlie is innocent and doesn’t want anyone to accuse her. He says his parents trust her immensely and she should keep this issue a secret. Imlie calls doctor and informs him about Atharva’s condition. Doctor says its good that Atharva vomited out toxic food, she can feed ginger to Atharva till he sends medicine. Imlie walks to kitchen to bring ginger and hears Devika ordering servant to bring ginger from market as only 1 piece is left. She drops ginger in tea. Imlie runs and holds it. Devika says she need not worry about Chini as she sent soup for her.

Imlie rushes to Atharva with ginger ignoring Chini. Chini frowns. Atharva condition betters after consuming ginger. He discusses about the conspiracy he faced 2 years ago during his last DJ competition and says someone conspired against him even today by trying to harm Chini. Imlie asks why would anyone harm Chini, she will investigate the mater and asks him to get well soon. He checks time and says its late, now organizers will not listen to his music. Imlie blames herself for his loss and says she will do something. He asks what will she do. She asks him to just trust him.

Imlie tells Atharva that if he can’t attend the meeting, she will bring the meeting to him. Atharva asks what will she do. She says she doesn’t know, but he should trust him. Devika tells Rudra that Atharva has some important meeting, but didn’t come down yet. Rudra says Atharva just wants to fulfill his adamancy, he wanted to become a musician instead of a businessman going against him and once he became a musician, he is not concentrating on it. Devika says a mother will always support her son. Rudra says he wants Atharva to concentrate on family business, its good that Imlie came in his life or else his life would have been a disaster. Chini interferes and says she supports in his thoughts that Atharva should concentrate on business. Rudra says he doesn’t need opinion from an outsider regarding family issues, Atharva is wasting his time on music, but its okay as Atharva’s wife will handle him.

Door bell rings. Chini goes to check. Courier boy delivers medicine. Chini checks and asks who ordered it. Imlie snatches medicine from her and rushes away saying she ordered it. Chini googles medicine details and thinks even if Imlie is trying to hide, she can’t hide the truth that Atharva fell ill after having dalia/porridge. Imlie serves medicine to Atharva and leaves on her mission. Atharva rests. Chini barges in and gets angry on him for supporting Imlie and having a medicine mxied dalia prepared by Imlie. Atharva asks how does she know. Shew says she saw a weird looking bottle in kitchen and shows her fake concern for Athara. Atharva as usual falls for her lies.

Imlie visits event producer, introduces herself as Atharva Rana’s wife, says Atharva wanted to attend the meeting but fell ill suddenly, and requests him to visit her home and listen to Atharva. Producer says he is a producer and not a doctor and refuses to help her. At Rathore mansion, Rupali expresses her concern for Chini and hopes she doesn’t interfere in Atharva and Imlie’s lives. Anu walks in and says she came to take Chini’s clothes as chini can’t wear old fashioned Imlie’s clothes. Rupali warns her to stop manipulating Chini. Anu taunts her and leaves.

Imlie disguised as producer’s driver picks him up. Producer asks driver to take him to some restaurant. Imlie says there is a new place named Rana Da Dhaba where he will get tasty food and hear ear pleasing music. Producer identifies her and gets out of car. He threatens to file complaint that she tried to kidnap him. Imlie requests him to listen to Atharva’s music and watch his hard work and then decide. He asks what about food. Imlie says he can send her to jail if he is not impressed. He says he heard about Aatish/Atharva’s crazy fans but seeing a crazy wife for the first time. Imlie says music is Atharva’s prayer and convinces him to visit her home.

Chini serves juice to Atharva and tries to manipulate him against Imlie. Atharva hopes Imlie brings producer home. Imlie walks in with sad face. Imlie asks why is she wearing weird dress. Atharva asks if producer came. Imlie acts at first and then smiles and says producer is waiting for him downstairs. Atharva feels happy. Imlie introduces family to the producer. Atharva thanks Imlie for going overboard to help him. Imlie says a person can go to any extent for love and dear ones. Chini stands jealous seeing that. Imlie goes to take Atharva’s pendrive and prays Seeta maiya for help. Chini hears her hiding and thinks she will not let Imlie get a project for Atharva.

Rana family serve food to producer. Imlie gives pendrive to Atharva. Ripu fixes pendrive in a laptop. Family wishes Atharva all the best. Keya asks Chini if she easily gave upChini asks her to just wait and watch. Ripu plays pendrive and finds it empty. Atharva checks and says its not his pendrive. Imlie says she found only this pendrive in his room. Chini recalls replacing pendrive.

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