Destined by fate update Monday 4 December 2023

Destined by fate 4 December 2023: Yash suggests Kanha not to attend Sayuri/Sachi and Vikrant’s wedding. Kanha says maybe he will get some clue on why Sayuri is with Vikrant. Yash says he will also accompany him then. Kusum walks to them and informs them about Rashmi’s misbehavior. Yash asks her not to bother about it. Kanha says he will talk to Rashmi after some time. Kusum says she will not tolerate Rashmi’s misbehavior again.

Sayuri thinks what must be behind a closed door and insists Kuku to complete her drawing. Kuku completes drawing and panics recalling Vikrant killing her mother. Sayuri calms her down and asks her to explain what she drew. Vikrant returns home. Rashmi follows him. Sayuri gets anxious seeing him. He says he had gone to plan for their wedding tomorrow. Sayuri asks him to relax and asks if she shall prepare him tea. Vikrant leaves but then returns and says he needs extra ginger. Sayuri asks him to take Kuku to laryngologist to get Kuku’s voice back. Vikrant agrees. Rashmi peeps into Vikrant’s house and is shocked to see Sayuri there. Kuku notices her and points her finger. Rashmi hides and thinks if she is Sayuri or her doppelganger, and if she is Sayuri, she must be planning something and would return to rule over Chaudhry house.

Vikrant returns with a gift for Sayuri and asks her to wear it for their wedding tomorrow and he has a special surprise for her. Kanha looks at Sayuri’s photo and recalls Sayuri telling him that she feels alone whenever he goes away from her. Yash walks to him and says they need to find some proof against Vikrant. They hear Saroj scolding Rashmi for misbehaving with Kusum and rush out. Rashmi refuses allegations and plays a victim card. Kusum says Rashmi instead of apologizing for her mistakes continues her argument. Rashmi says Kusum is arguing instead. Saroj scolds Rashmi again. Yash asks Saroj to let it go. Kusum insists Rashmi to apologize.

Nakul supports Rashmi and says she will not apologize. Saroj says she is trying to correct Rashm for her mistakes. Nakul misbehaves with her. Kanha warns him to stop misbehaving with maa. Nakul misbehaves with even him. Saroj warns him to stop right now. Nakul accuses Kanha for creating a rift between him and his mother and takes Rashmi away.

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