Timeless love update Tuesday 23 January 2024

Timeless love 23 January 2024: Vidhi telling the kids that all the children shall do these dance movements. She asks them to practice. Amba tells that the person betraying her, don’t get the place even in hell. Priya thinks what to do?

Yogesh tells that he tried a lot to get bail, but was rejected. Priya tells Amba that Yogesh has always been helpful to them and asks her to give him a chance. Amba says ok and gives visiting card of the tailor, asking him to prove his loyalty. Abhi tells Vidhi that the dresses are not yet send. Vidhi calls the tailor, who promises that the clothes will be delivered by 3 pm. Vidhi asks Abhi not to take tension. Anirup asks Vidhi to see the stage as it is ready. Vidhii looks at it and says wow. She says I just hope that event shall be good. He gives participant and guests list. Vidhi sees Amba’s name in guest list and asks him. He says he has invited whoever he knows. Vidhi checks the performer’s list and says they are also performing, the event will benefit. She sees Jai Shah’s name for dance, and thinks she misunderstood him. Anirup goes. Vidhi thinks to save the event. She asks the kids to give the best performance. The guy comes there. Vidhi goes to him. The guy says you got notice to pay the tax. Vidhi says she will pay by evening and asks him not to tell anyone.

Dev tells the reporters that he is related to Balghar since his childhood. Amba comes there with Yogesh. The reporter asks Amba if she is here? Amba tells that she is always first when the matter is about charity. She says she is a part of the event.

She asks Dev if he felt bad. Dev says no, anyone can come for this event. Vidhi thinks Amba has come to spoil the event which she will not let her do. The reporter tells that the event is about to begin. Vidhi thanks the guests for coming there and tells that the children will feel a big change today. Jai comes there and says you will get the charity for sure. Vidhi tells that what is valuable is their time. She says my family is thankful to you all for coming here. Yogesh tells Amba that he will do and do a small blast. Vidhi tells that they will be live on social media and will get an amount for the views, and will help the children. Yogesh bribes someone and goes to costume room, and cuts the dresses. Vidhi calls Dev on stage for the prayer. The kids pray and sing the song while Dev is standing with them. Vidhi asks the girls to go backstage. Satyavati shows the torn clothes to Vidhi and others. Vidhi gets tensed. Priya tells that she had checked the box. Abhi blames her for the malfunction. Satyavati finds the notice and asks Vidhi, why she didn’t tell them specially Dev. Vidhi says she didn’t want to give him stress and asks her not to tell him until the event happens.

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