Timeless love update Monday 22 January 2024

Timeless love 22 January 2024: Priya saying good morning Amba ji and gives her coffee, says you shall drink it after having a peaceful night. Amba says I couldn’t sleep all night. Priya says your morning will be good and shows the newspaper. Simmy is practicing to dance. Amba asks about the music.

Priya says Simmy is dancing for the charity event of Dev and Vidhi for Balghar. Amba asks her to find out about whoever is coming and tells that she shall know before putting the bomb. She asks her to do as she said. Vidhi teaches the song to the balghar kids. Priya comes there with Simmy. She tells Vidhi that time has come to defeat the fear and meet the family. Abhi tells Satyavati and Dev that Priya is also involved about this house auction. Priya comes there and admits that she had given idea to Amba for this auction. Abhi gets angry and vents out his anger on Priya. Satyavati also is upset with her. Abhi says he is silent because of Simmy and asks her to go. Vidhi goes behind Priya. Priya says she deserves this behavior of Abhi. She tells about Amba’s plan to get the details of the event, and tells that she wants to ruin it. Vidhi says she will give it.

Priya tells Amba that Vidhi has spent all the money on the costume and shows the visiting card. Amba says Vidhi will not get anything. Vidhi teaches the ramp walk to the kids. Chitra comes there and offers to teach them. Vidhi says ok.

Jai calls Vidhi and says he thought to come to the event. He says he hopes that there will be no remedies of saas and bahu Vidhi asks him to come and check.

Dev talks to his father’s portrait. Vidhi comes there. Dev is also upset with Priya and tells that they have just balghar. Vidhi says it will not be left. She then asks him to trust Priya and her, and says we are on the right track. Later in sleep, Vidhi thinks to save her. Dev comes to Vidhi and asks her to talk to Anirup about the event, and asks her to have breakfast and medicine. He says this event will be the best charity event. Later Vidhi comes to Milapni Devi temple, and says whenever something good happens, our happiness gets snatched. She thinks to make the event successful anyhow, else she can’t save Balghar. Hariprasad and Bimla come there and asks Vidhi about her problem. Just then Milapni Devi drops the flower. Vidhi smiles.

Yogesh tells Amba that he is the CEO, but he doesn’t have signing authority. He says he has made her bail papers ready, but it got rejected. Priya thinks she has to stop them else Yogesh will stop Amba from doing auction.

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