Anupama starlife update Sunday 6 August 2023

Anupama 6 August 2023: Leela asks Vanraj if there is a treatment for paralytic stroke. Vanraj says there is a treatment, doctors have started administrating clot bursting medicines to Toshu. Anupama says Toshu will be fine soon. Vanraj says they can’t say when, doctors told Toshu’s next journey would be very difficult. Anupama says one wait is over and next wait of Toshu’s complete recovery will start. Vanraj says Toshu’s illness will get him into depression, so they need to be around Toshu and make him feel normal tolerating his frustration, anger and unpredictable behavior. Hasmukh cries saying visiting hospital is his age and family will also accept it due to his age. Anupama asks him not to say that. Apne To Apne Hote Hain.. song plays in the background.

Each family member recalls Toshu’s lively nature before and quality time spent with him. Samar breaks down telling Anupama that he was totally wrong that he said that nothing can be bad than this, but a worse happened. Adhik comforts her. Anupama breaks down next and in her style repeatedly blabbers that she shouldn’t cry and should handle her son. She gets Maaya’s call from Little Anu’s phone who asks about Toshu. She says he is unwell and asks her to take care of Little Anu as she can’t stay without her. Maaya aks her not to worry. Anupama asks her not to give burger, pizza to Little Anu as she gets stomach upset. Maaya says she knows as she learnt it from Dimpy and Anuj, she is a mother. Anupama sayys she felt good hearing that and asks her to let her speak to Little Anu once she returns home. Maaya asks her not to worry about Little Anu.

Barkha walks to Maaya and says she got a chance to manipulate Little Anu in Anupama’s absence. Maaya says she can do that in front of Anupama and nobody can stop her, she was away from her daughter and knows the fear of losing her daughter like Anuj, Anupama, and Ankush which Barkha can’t understand. Barkha wants her not to include herself in their family and reminds that she has to leave this house after 15 days. Maaya warns her to mind her own business. Barkha says you too. Kinjal cries hugging Aupama, says she feels weird, and asks how did she feel when Vanraj was in hospital after their divorce. Anupama recalls the incident and says years of relationships don’t end so easily. Kinjal says she forgot Toshu’s mistakes instantly and just remembered his love. Anupama says same thing happened with him and advice her that she will face many difficult situations ahead and should just experience them without thinking much, she will find her answers in them. Kinjal thanks her for comforting her. Anupama says she shouldn’t thank maa and ask her to return home with Hasmukh and Leela and be with Kionjal whole day.

Back home, Kinjal cries holding Pari. Hasmukh comforts her and says Toshu will be fine soon. Kinjal says he has to get well for Pari’s sake. Rakhi walks in. Kinjal hugs her emotionally and asks if she is not angry on Toshu. Rakhi says she still is, but right now, the issue is more bigger than that; she had visited hospital where doctor told Toshu will take a lot of time recover. Leela says she did right by Kinjal to comfort her. Rakhi says she wants to take Kinjal home. Vanraj slips. Anupama holds him and offers him coffee. Vanraj says Kinjal’s face is coming in front of his eyes; he warned her not to trust Toshu anymore and leave him, but she didn’t. Anupama says because Kinjal still loves Toshu. Vanraj asks why?

Rakhi says she shouldn’t say this but wants to take Kinjal home. Leela yells that she wants to break their house. Rakhi says whatever happened was unfortonute, Kinjal was anyways divorcing Toshu, why should Kinjal waste her life by becoming Toshu’s nurse, she can’t waste Kinjal and Pari’s lives here and wants to take them home right now. Anupama tells Vanraj that there is still a bonding left between Toshu and Kinjal, a woman tries her best till the last resort to maintain that bonding. Vanraj says Kinjal is like Anupama who didn’t leave their family even after his and Leela’s atrocities towards her. He continues to talk emotionally and breaks down more saying that Toshu wanted to live a rich life, but can’t even live a normal life now. Kinjal refuses to go with Rakhi.


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