Destined by fate update Sunday 6 August 2023

Destined by fate 6 August 2023: Sayuri asks Rashmi if she really loves Nakul. Rashmi asks why is she asking this, if she thinks her and Kanha’s love is love and their love is a joke. Sayuri says she didn’t say that. Rashmi says she and Nakul are sure about their love. Sayuri says she should have informed about to her mother and grandmother and says Saroj would never accept their relationship and would create problems, but she believes Kanha will handle Saroj. Rashmi says Saroj has changed and accepted their relationship yesterday itself. Sayuri says she is just asking her to be careful and assures her that she and Kanha will handle the situation. Rashmi leaves. Sayuri thinks Rashmi never reacted like this before, did she say something wrong.

  • Destined by fate 5 August 2023

Kusum walks to Saroj and says she needs sandalwood paste. Saroj says its kept there. Kusum notices a covered thali and leaves room after taking sandalwood paste. Dhanraj notices her lost in thought and asks reason. Kusum informs him about a covered thali and says Saroj is up to something as she is silent without any reaction. Dhanraj says he never understood Saroj till now, how will Kusum understand her. He prays god to let today’s celebration pass on peacefully.

Next day, Sayuri and Kanha get each other ready as Radha and Krishna. Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan Hai.. song plays in the background. Saroj and Bhanu perform Kanhaji’s pooja together followed by other family members. Kanha and Sayuri join family. They then dance on O Radhe Radhe Tere Bina Krishna To Lage Adhe Adhe.. song. Kusum notices Saroj nervous and asks if she is hiding something. Saroj says no. Dhanraj gets office accountant’s call and he ignores it. After Kanha and Sayuri’s performance, everyone dance for them.

Kanha announces Nakul and Rashmi’s performance. They both dance happily on Koi Makhan Saroj walks towards Rahmi. Rashmi stands afraid. Dhanraj excuses guests. Whole family requests Saroj to relax and not get angry. Saroj says she accepts Rashmi and Nakul’s relationship. Indu is shocked hearing that. Kanha reveals that Nakul and Rashmi love each other and asks Nakul to speak. Nakul says they both love each other want to marry with Indu’s blessings. Indu stands speechless. Saroj gifts her bangle to Rashmi and says she is her DIL from hereon. Everyone rejoice hearing that. Kusum says she made them tensed and should have revealed her plan beforehand. Tej says today is a very auspicious day. Saroj says she lives for her children’s happiness and can sacrifice her life for them. Kanha asks why was she giving such a buildup then. Saroj blesses Nakul and Rashmi. Rashmi tells Sayuri that she was wrong about Saroj and shouldn’t frighten her unnecessarily from hereon. Saroj grins at Sayuri. Sayuri senses Saroj is up to something.


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