Destined by fate update Friday 7 July 2023

Destined by fate 7 July 2023: Sayuri passes by a sari shop. Kanha shows her a sari and asis if she liked it. She ignores him and pass on. He brings his bike. She recalls requesting him to teach her bike driving. He says he will drop her to college and while returning home teach her bike driving. She walks away ignoring him.Anjali gets happy hearing door knock and thinks Kanha came. Nakul walks in. Anjali feels disappointed and asks why did he come here. Nakul says he came to take her to doctor’s clinic. Anjali refuses to go with him. He feels Anjali is trying to create a rift between Kanha and Sayuri.

Destined by fate 6 July 2023

He asks Anjali which search engine she used to research howmany sleep pills she should take to attempt sucide and not die. She gets nervous and asks what rubbish he is talking. He says why a dying person would call someone repeatedly and inform that she is dying and wait till the person reaches there to save her. Anjali gets tensed and stands speechless.

Sayuri waits for auto after college. Her colleague informs her there is a transport strike. Two goons try to flirt with her. She warns them that her husband will beat them to pulp if he sees them troubling her. They get afraid and drive their bike away. Kanha claps from behind and praises her for handling the goons well. He offers to drop her back home, but she refuses again.

Kusum tells Saroj that Anjali’s tricks on Kanha will not worka s Kanha is in Sayuri’s love and if Sayuri also determines to get back her loves, she will attain it any cost. Saroj asks what shall she do now. Kusum says they should make Anjali stay permanent in this house.Anjali th inks she knows how to handle Nakul and says Nakul doesn’t know anything as he never fell in love. Nakul says love is a feeling.

Anjali says she remembered Kanha when she was dying. Nakul says even then she was a fool to create this drama. Anjali accepts that she can go to any extent to get back Kanha. Nakul says she cannot consider friendship as love and warns her to stop interfering between Kanha and Sayuri or else she will fall flat on her face. Anjali shouts that Kanha belongs to only her and she will not spare anyone who tries to interfere between them.

Nakul laughs and warns her not to interfere between Kanha and Sayuri or else she will repent. Anjali thinks Nakul will bear the wrath for challenging her.Kanha insists to drop Sayuri home with a joke. Sayuri tries to frighten him threatening to call goons and get him beaten. Kanha says he loves her and would continue to love her till his death. At Sayuri’s house, Indu and Bhanu feel concerned for Sayuri and Kanha’s relationship. Pihu informs them that Anjali is staying at Kanha’s house since 2 days and she feels its Saroj’s conspiracy to send Sayuri here.

Indu gets worried more. Bhanu comforts her saying whatever conspiracies Saroj makes, she will realize soon that Sayuri is the best match for Kanha.Anjali frightens Saroj saying her father will file a complaint on Kanha if he finds out that she attempted suicide because of him. She says her father will ruin even the whole business and destroy their house. Kanha continues to insist Sayuri to sit on his bike.

She refuses. Kanha gathers passerby ladies and says his wife is angry on him for a simple issue and doesn’t want to return home. Ladies try to convince Sayuri to go home with Kanha as he loves her immensely.

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