Lost in love update Saturday 20 January 2024

Lost in love 20 January 2024: Ishan returns home fuming in anger. Surekha asks what happened, if that girl submitted documents and got admission. Ishan says that woman Isha personally came and got that girl’s admission, he can’t withstand that woman’s face.

Asmita says he shouldn’t say that for his mother, she must be having her own issues that she helplessly left him alone. Surekha shouts at her not to call Isha as a mother. Ishan says he used to sit near a window and wait for his mother, but she never returned. Surekha comforts him and says if Shantanu had not called Isha there, she wouldn’t have dared to come there; it’s all happening because Shantanu didn’t divorce Isha yet. Shantanu walks in and asks how could she even think that he will divorce Isha. Yashwanth walks in shouting at Shantanu. Shantanu says he is not a kid that he forces him to do things. Shantanu says Ishan is getting affected and orders him to either divorce Isha or leave their house.

Vinu informs Bhavani that Savi’s principal gave Savi’s TC to Isha. Bhavani asks how can the principal give TC without family’s consent, didn’t he warned her not to. Vinu says there are other people also in the family. Ashwini walks in. Vinu says Bhavani helped Isha get Savi’s TC. Ashwini warns him it’s enough now. Kiran yells at Savi for insulting him in college. Savi says why did he try to prove her a thief when Harini herself gave her bangles. Kiran says Harini’s jewelry belongs to him and she doesn’t have right to give it to anyone. Savi says it’s Harini’s stree dhan and she can use it the way she likes.

Kiran threatens to call Bhavani and inform her what Savi did. Harini pleads him not to. He calls Bhavani and informs that Savi is here and did a lot of drama here. Bhavani asks him to kick her out of the house as she is no one to her and she has only Harini and Vinu as her grandchildren. Savi takes phone and requests her not to say that, she got college admission and slowly will set things right. Bhavani starts feeling dizzy. Family holds her, and Vinu treats her. Bhavani continues to curse Savi. Savi calls Vinu and asks how is Bhavani. Bhavani yells her not to call them again and curses her. Ashwini takes phone and asks Savi not to call them for a few days. Savi cries recalling Bhavani’s hatred for her.

Ishan while lying on bed recalls how Isha supported Savi. His inner voice emerges ands tells him that he loves his mother and wants her attention. Ishan denies. Inner voice insists him to call his mother and speak. Ishan picks his mobile, but then refuses to call Isha. Their argument continues.

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