Timeless love update Monday 26 June 2023

Timeless love 26 June 2023: Bimla tells Dev that Vidhi wanted his betterment though. Dev says I know, but Vidhi has spread this misunderstanding about Mrs. Raichand and that’s why she has to clear it infront of everyone. Vidhi says everyone will get angry on me, I don’t have courage to say them. Seema asks golden, what happened? Golden asks why did Vidhi faint? Seema says she was hungry since morning and fainted, and asks her to let the air come. Golden goes.

Timeless love 25 June 2023

Dev says you know why I gave you a job, as I saw truthfulness and honesty in you, which you haven’t seen. He says just you have to clear the doubt. Bimla says Dev ji is saying right and says I will come with you. Vidhi apologizes to Dev. Dev apologizes to her for not giving her a chance to clarify and firing her off the job. Vidhi comes out and says I want to say something to everyone. Everyone is busy in the jagrata.

Peeli asks everyone to be quiet for sometime as Vidhi wants to say something. Vidhi tries to say and coughs. She says I want to tell you all that. The lady asks if Dev ji and his wife will come late. Other lady says we will welcome them and start the puja. Bimla says shall I say? Vidhi says no I did a mistake so I shall tell. Dev asks her to say. Vidhi says Dev’s Sir wife is not coming. Everyone asks why she is not coming? Dev asks Vidhi to say. Vidhi says Dev sir is not married, she don’t have wife and there is no Mrs. Raichand. Everyone gossip what does she mean?

Laali thanks Milapni Devi for saving her love. Vidhi says I misunderstood and thought that he is married and will come with his wife. The ladies ask if you have played with our emotions to lied to invite us all. They asks if Dev Sir will not come. They scold Vidhi and Hariprasad. Hariprasad apologizes to them. They tell that wrong thing have happened with us. Dev asks why are they worried? They say you are electrician, why are you interfering? Vidhi says he is Dev Sir. They get happy to know that he is Dev. Dev says I am Dev and wanted to come here without coming in anyone’s sight,

as someone had told that the way I wear the clothes, I will be seen from the Moon. He says I am happy that the misunderstanding is cleared and now you all shall not have any problem with Vidhi. He says today is Milapni Devi’s day and jagrata so we shall do that, forgetting everything. A guy says we had prepared to welcome you. Dev says you can welcome me.He is standing on the door. Everyone makes the flower petals fall on him from the box.

Laali says she wants to go and do his aarti. Peeli stops him. Vidhi thanks Milapni Devi for making everything fine.Amba is coming to the jagrata and thinks her years long wait is going to end. Dev smiles. Bimla does his tilak and aarti. Hariprasad, Kalumal, and others make him wear the garland. Dev gets inside the house. Amba comes there. Hariprasad tells Dev that everyone made arrangements to welcome you and asks him to say few words. Dev says hello everyone. He says whatever he say, will say from heart and asks them not to think that he is lecturing them.

He says he will talk about dharm. He tells that he is not talking about religion, and tells whatever they do, they shall bring honesty in it, and says then you will win. He says I don’t ask anything particular from work, I do my work with honesty and hardwork and whenever I get stuck, I pray to God to show me the right way. He says we shall do hardwork and shall leave the result on God. He says life is not easy and asks them to pray that when they have hard times, they shall overcome it with smile.

He says be an owner of the company or the sweeper of the same company, the one will be prosper who do work with honestly and dharm, and says try until you succeed. Amba also hears him and smiles. Everyone claps for him. Amba thinks I will try until I get you. She hears Laali telling that Dev ji is not married, I am married, and says his look and suit sparkles her eyes. Peeli asks her to be quiet.Hariprasad asks Dev to do the puja. Dev asks Hariprasad to do the puja first, as Milapni Devi is like his mother.

He says I am guest here, and says the kids shall do the puja of their mother first. He asks Hariprasad to do the puja. Pandit ji tells Dev that his character is big like his name. Driver brings almonds halwa and gives to Dev. Dev gives the halwa canister to Pandit ji. Pandit ji says Maiyya has done the arrangements of bhog and asks Urmila to take her halwa, which has no ghee or almonds. Urmila scolds her husband. Hariprasad and Bimla do the aarti first, followed by Urmila and her husband. Neighbors do the aarti then. Dev takes the aarti and do aarti. Amba imagines doing aarti with him.

Someone asks Amba to move and her imagination ends. Vidhi sees camphor finishing in the diya and thinks to add it to the diya. She comes to Dev and puts some camphor in the diya, and lights the other baatis. She holds the aarti while lighting the diya. Amba looks shocked.

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